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Games not ending when the game timer reaches 0

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Hello guys and wargaming team,


after getting send here by the support once again.


We all know the game timer which indicates how much time is left in the current game. It's a pretty handy tool to see how long you have to kill the remaining enemies or how long you have to defend your points in order to win. Sadly, the clock doesn't do its job correctly. In WoT the game ended in the second the timer reached 0:00; so the game ended when the clock reached zero. Sounds logical, sounds as it's supposed to be. 

But here in WoWs, the game still plays 2 or 3 seconds longer than the clock shows; means, once the clock reaches zero, the game doesn't stop and keeps running for a few more moments. So the clock is not accurate at all.


"So what?" you may say now. Sure, in 10.000 games it may not be of any difference, and I, too, wouldn't have even realized it that much if this wouldn't have me lost a match today. After a long losing streak of 11 games I was finally hoping to end this streak. So when the game was finally down 1 ship in each team and about 2 minutes remaining my team was ahead with a few points. As my unresearched Gneisenau is slow I decided to head towards our base and defend it. But the enemy Cleveland managed to get into our cap, cutting of our point supply and I didn't manage to spot her in time. So when the game clock finally reached 0:00, my team was ahead with one tiny point. So when the game was supposed to end, we had won. But then, the game just kept running for a few more seconds, the enemy base ticked again, the enemy got another set of points, and suddenly, we were behind with 1 point, the game then ended, the enemy won.

Sure, this is the "once in a lifetime" event, but still. The game should end once the timer reaches zero, or else we can't rely properly on it.

So please Wargaming team, edit the clock/game timer so that the game ends in the second the timer reaches zero. Losing this game was more frustrating than all the 11 loses before that, because you knew that (even though I didn't play a good match, I know) you should have had won that, you were the winner in the moment that game should have ended, but due to this...bug? Error? Feature? you didn't.

Replay of the match is added (lucky me had that enabled), bear with my Gameplay, just skip to the end.





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19 hours ago, RC_8015 said:

In WoT the game ended in the second the timer reached 0:00; so the game ended when the clock reached zero.


Haven't played WOT for a long time but as I recall the battle actually ends 2 seconds after the timer reaches 0. I forgot whether what happens during those 2 seconds actually affects the outcome of the match, but I don't think so, so it's weird that it does affect things in WOWS. I wouldn't necessarily call this a bug — I think it's a technical restriction to do with latency while the server resolves the match (basically have a phase where it gathers and synchronises every client's final frame, with a timeout period of 2 seconds for slow responses) — but as far as points tickers go I would think the outcome of the match really ought to be set at the 0:00 point.


By the way, are you really so good at math that you worked out that you'd have a points lead at 0:00 and adjusted your tactics accordingly? Even if you are I don't think most players can actually rely on somehow computing that while playing.

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