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Looking for clan

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Hi there all I am looking for a clan or a group of players that are either still leveling or grinding for new ships.  As i do not have a teir 10 and know that I am far from clan wars ready. I am currently at teir 5-7 ships at the moment.


I really dont want to join one of them multi game clan, as I have seen many times there member are bolstered by people that play other games and never really play this game.

I am really just after a good group of people that enjoy this game and are working torwards there end game or willing to wait for me to level up, As palying while chatting does help the grind go a bit faster.


I have the usually TS, Discord and working mic


thanks all



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hi bl00d,


we are a causal clan, and some of us are still grind for ships t5 or above. and im sure the rest will be happy to join for some mid tiers from time to time.


feel free to give me, barrazinga, chibisaur a msg in the forum or in game, and we can talk there!



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