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Looking to join a clan

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Hello hello. 

So I've been playing WoWS for a little while now, and I feel as if I want to be part of a clan. I am looking for a clan that can help me improve upon my own gameplay, as well as to play with in Divisions, because playing together is far more fun than playing alone. The clan I'm currently in invited me, but they are incredibly inactive and I don't ever get to play with them. 


I don't want to go as far as to say that I'm a particularly good, but I'd say I'm pretty decent. I play almost exclusively US Cruisers, currently have Des Moines research and building credits to buy her. 


As for activity, I play almost every day, at least a couple of hours, and I am happy to use discord for voice communication whenever possible. 


Thank you for reading and considering me. 


Oh I almost forgot,


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