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In need of tips for playing Henri IV in ranked

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Played this ranked season with my two T10: Zao & Henri. I think I got the hang of Zao quite quickly and enjoyed the gameplay. Henri however as been a constant disappointment.


- Low damage

- Low kills

- Negative earnings


I know the ship must be competitive since some top clans are using it in CB & Competitive but I really fail to see how to play it. 

- With such small teams, the only I found to farm BBs without seeing the whole enemy team targeting me was to hide behind rocks but even then, the DPM is not impressive

- Hunting DDs is more like getting hunted by DDs

- Hunting CAs seems to be semi-successful but for that you need to be either lucky or the game is already won


Generaly I like to push quite close with cruisers so I also tried to stay afar when I understood that pushing was a bad idea put staying in the back felt like being afk...


I did not play that many game wuth H4 (was carried by nice teams but even then I must admit negative earnings tend to make me nervous): any tips on how to play the speed & well any other strength really to make something useful with H4 in ranked?

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It's a ship to be played as a flanker and a kiter.


It's used in CB because it's easier to flank a coordinated team that have something more important to do than focus a single cruiser kiting away. Basically it's used as a DPM machine, much like Zao. It's not a good ship for getting close.

And honestly, it's not a ship for ranked. Ranked isn't Competitive nor CB. You'd be better off playing Zao.

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Don't go off of CB strats, as those are built around teamwork and cohesion, where ships play drastically differently than in randoms or ranked. 

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