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UK player seeking Clan.

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Hi all,


I'm an on-off player due to work but I want to become a part of a team to better my skills and to experience the comradarie that comes along with being part of a clan.


I'm still grinding up the levels, my ship levels are (Non premium):



Carrier tier 5.

Battleship tier 4.

Cruiser tier 6.



Battleship tier 5.

Cruiser tier 5.


Premiums include:



Battleship - Arkansas B tier 4 and Texas tier 5.

Cruiser - Atlanta tier 7.

Destroyer - Sims tier 7.

Carrier - Saipan tier 7.



Cruiser - Graf Speed tier 6.



Battleship - Warspite tier 6.



Cruiser - Perth tier 6.


Don't let the presence of the premiums make you think any less of me, just use them to experience different play styles and for crew training.


My in-game name is: shanemartin


Trying to get more battles under my belt.


Thank you for your time and for looking.



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Elite Naval Forces Official Website

If you are interested then register at our website and click on the "Recruitment" tab

Fill the application and answer the questions honestly ;)

We are an international clan including players from all over the world

We also have a feature for on and off players which save them their seats in the clan

Check our "Away Notification Thread" on our website when you register for more info

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