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Upgrade slots jumbled sequence in Flamu videos?

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why are the upgrade slots in Flamu's client so often in a different order than in my client?

I may be wrong this seems to be the case even in some fairly recent videos. So not an issue that was changed in updates since the video was published.

It is particularly baffling since in the usual order, the upgrades get consecutively more expensive and valueable from left to right.

For example in the screenshot from the DeGrasse video, which is not very recent but a year old. Second slot from the left has the AA Mod 2, I don't have that ship yet but it should be in the third slot, which is also what the Wiki says.


Engine Boost Mod 1 should be in Slot 2 but is in Slot 3 in Flamu's client for some reason.

Upgrade discussion starts around 21:40.



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