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[DD445] Recruitment: Member benefits!

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Hi all,


We are a small clan, focussed at low key playing. We offer bonusses, which is the main selling point. In WoWS its downright dumb not to be in a clan, since you can get ships cheaper, with discounted upkeep just by playing.


So; what do we offer?

- Tier 5& 6 discounts (10%)

- Cruiser, destroyer and battleship upkeep discount (10%)

- 3% US ship XP bonus


- Active player base, even though small

- Highly experienced staff, willing to train you & take you for divs

- Extensive knowledge of the game


- English as main language

- Nederlands ook mogelijk

- other languages welcome, though not actively spoken.


- TS3 not in active use, but being set up. 

Contact me for more info or apply straight away. 


- Activity: weekly. more is better.

- Preferrably 1 or more tier 8, even better is tier 9 and 10 also. 

- Sportsmanlike behaviour.

- Willingness to learn, i don't like noobs who wanna stay bad at the game. 

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