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Whatever Floats Your Goat [WFYG]

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Good day, Captains and fair sea!


Whatever Floats Your Goat is a fairly new clan formed among friends to benefit from the clan bonuses. (Dem oil)

We've been playing mostly for fun but now are looking to grow and are fairly interested in starting some clan battles soon.


We have some rules:  

  • Join our discord server here - What's the point if we'r not going to communicate ? May as well continue with random battles.
  • Be fairly active - At least once a week for beginning. We are looking to get into clan wars, as long as we have player slots inactivity would NOT get you kicked. 
  • Be a decent human being. - If you need explaining on this, better look for a different clan.
  • No raging - You are having a bad day? Ok. Don't ruin other people's days. 
  • Reasonable English - Perfect English is NOT required, but be able to communicate on a fairly reasonable level. Some of us are not native speakers. 


If you'd like to join us feel free to:

  • In-game PM CO or XO
    • CO - StronkRusianTenkKempBush
    • XO - Just_The_Doctor
  • Join our Discord and poke an Officer
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Let's sing some ships together and float goats !


Best Regards










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