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Improving in WoWs

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Hi all.


I wanted to ask a simple question: how can I approve in WoWs?

If you look at my profile I have terrible stats and look like a wallet warrior, and in all fairness, I sort of was. I now just collect all ships, prem and non prem. If you look closer, my stats have been slowly going up but I've felt no improvement in myself. I feel like a pretty ineffective asset to the team. For me, I feel stagnant in my growth as a player. Nothing has really clicked or happened which has made me improve.
I'm not going to say I've tried everything, because I haven't. But I do watch streamers like Flamu and Flambass and have picked up a couple tips and tricks from those people.

Is there any good advice that any good players/people who have learnt useful tips could share? Many thanks in advance.

Happy sailing!

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