Captains,   As we receive a lot of questions regarding the US cruiser split and how the changes will affect the ships in your port, you will find a rough breakdown here. As we already did with the Russian DD changes, we will make sure to do all changes in a way that you benefit from them.   A ship to be replaced will remain available to the player in stock configuration on the new tier (In the Port if it was purchased or in the researched state if it was researched). The replacement ship will be added to the player's account together with a port slot (if the replaced ship has been purchased) or will become researched (if the replaced ship has been researched). Replacement of modules will be carried out by means of adding similar modules for the new ship to the player's account, or by reimbursement of their cost in XP (added to the new ship) and credits. For the replaced ship, its Commander's specialization will be changed to the ship of the corresponding tier in the main branch. For the second ship, a new Commander will be added to the player's account and bonus Commander XP. (This is based on the new ship's tier, not the original commander's level) If a purchased permanent camouflage was mounted on a ship to be replaced, it will remain mounted on this ship and a new permanent camouflage (for the added ship) will be added to the player's account. Exceptions: Permanent special camouflages for Cleveland and New Orleans will remain with the ships and will NOT appear for ships taking their place in the new tech tree. As these camouflages are specific to the model, they cannot easily be transferred or duplicated.   There will be a detailed ship-by-ship breakdown in the upcoming patchnotes, but please feel free to ask any questions here.