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Sighted ships; sank same.

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The Short and Extremely Satisfying Battle of the Solomon Islands


On patrol off the Solomon Islands in the battleship SMS König Albert, accompanied by the light cruiser HMS Caledon. Day 23:


Received reports of hostile forces consisting of one (1) battleship and one (1) light cruiser; decided to investigate.


With no indication of an enemy destroyer escort, we went into the sound from the southwestern point of Middle Island, where we encountered the light cruiser Bogatyr. The Caledon opened fire with her main guns and launched torpedoes, whereafter we rounded the headland in our König Albert and sank the Bogatyr with our opening salvo. (Note: I really must send a crate of sparkling to the chaps at Wilhelmshafen; not only for their outstanding paint job but also on account of those magnificent guns.)


We pressed on through the Sound of Weeping Cruisers and encountered the battleship Kawachi, which was attempting to round Western Island but turned around to give battle when we approached. The enemy fired several salvoes of High Explosive ordinance, which set fires on many places of our ship but fortunately failed to hamper our combat capabilities in any way. We kept firing Armour Piercing salvoes to good effect, and as the enemy sailed by on the port side, we landed two hits in her citadel which conveniently exploded, sinking the Kawachi and thus ending the engagement.


Oberleutnant Biermann has taken the yawl and is out searching for survivors. After careful deliberation, I have decided to open the last bottle of Riesling I brought with me from Schönbrunn; we are running short of ice as it is and it probably will not keep for much longer. Meanwhile, three cheers for the Kaiser, and schnapps for the crew!


Großadmiral Karl Fertig

Commander of the SMS König Albert


P.S. On a side note: With most sea battles being fought with forces of twelve or seven ships on each side these days, I do find these little early-morning, two-on-two engagements rather cozy and refreshing from time to time!

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