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[DBOYZ] Da Boyz recruiting new members !

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Greetings to all sailors !


  For all of you out there that are wandering the seas alone, join us so we can conquer them together ! :cap_look: With not much members, we are currently searchin for more player that are ready to play with us. Our clan is mostly here for having fun with others and connecting sailors from all over Europe while developing skills. With more sailors, we would be able to practice more and play some serious ranked and clan battles. We are an english speaking clan, but, since we are originally from Croatia/ex Jugoslavian area, dobrodošli su i lokalni jezici ! :cap_like:


The request for joining our clan are pretty basic:
  - active sailor (a few times a week)

  - speaking english (ili hrvatski / bosanski /srpski / slično)

  - decency (any type of offending will be punished)

  - minimum tier 5 ships 

  - more than 500 battles

  - win rate about 50 % ( +/- 5%) or more

  - Discord (optional for communication)


There you go ! If you are willing to sail the seas and have some fun, join us ! Contact us over this post or in game:fish_aqua:


Some additional info..

  - as an active sailor, we expect to take an hour or two in the game, a few times a week; inactive clan members are punished unless they have a legit and announced going offline

  - offending or provoking other players is punished; even if you are provoked, reacting to that is not considered okay; report and compliment the other players as they would deserve it

  - tier 5 and 6 ships are most commonly used on the seas so it would be nice to have one or a few; we also use lower tiers but it's still a request to have a tier 5

  - the win rate and the number of battles (along with some other stats) will show us if you are a bit serious player or a new one; we are willing to help other players so they can improve their stats

  - except Discord, there is a Facebook group in plan, so we can communicate easier about the clan info

  - we are always open for some suggestions / ideas 


Your deputy commander,


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