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Ping spikes due to graphic settings

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i7 4712MQ

16gb ram

nvidia 840m

SSD hyperx savage

Resolution 1366x768


So, the problem is like this, if i put directx 11, the game has this ping spikes, not freezes, the game is ok, but there are LAG spikes, no matter if the recent nvidia driver or older,anyway no problem for me, however, if i put directx 9, and put settings to low, i have high FPS and still from time to time LAG spikes,however, if i increase settings better quality, my fps drops to about 50-60fps but there are no more LAG spikes.The internet is out of the question, it works well. All day i've changed settings and all i could see is if i have better quality there are no lag spikes, if i put to very low there are lag spikes like hell and the fps is good!
Btw, i have steam version, and it's installed on SSD.

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Two things, make sure your run fullscreen. Then make sure that Wows uses your 840m and not the onboard graphics card by going into your nvidia controlpanel, I had this issue with my laptop and it fixed my low frames ☺️

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