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Looking for a new Clan

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Hello all,



since my current Clan basically disintegrated due to CW-related drama, I guess I am now looking for a new clan to join.



My strengths:


-Am quite good in Cruisers and battleships, decent in Destroyers and Carriers

-Know the game mechanics by heart

-Almost never get tilted

-Had good success playing the rental Cruisers in CW (currently at T8 on their lines)


My Weaknesses:


-I'm not good at CW tactics, need instructions on when to be aggressive and when not

-I have a full time job

-I can't really play and hold a conversation at the same time

-German Humor with lots of shitty puns



What I'm looking for in a Clan:


-Active Players with a sense of humor

-Reaching Typhoon League, preferrably while having fun

-Grinding Operations together so I can get rid of the 100+ sets of Economy Signals


What I'm NOT looking for:



-Overly serious competitive mindset and compulsive stat-padding


-Six people being forced to sit around for several hours because none of the other qualified players can be assed to play CW anymore

-Defeatist Attitudes

-did i mention Drama?


many thanks to everyone who sent a message - I met lots of great people today and it's been a very difficult decision, but I think I might have just found the right Clan for me.




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Fun, I am gonna haunt you forever... muhahahahaaaa


nor, srsly

have fun and be engaged. I hope you get a nice new family in which you have to endure less pain.



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