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David Buoy's Bois [Recruiting] [EU & NA]

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David Buoy's Bois

(pun intended)






Much like the name hints, we are a small and close group of friends that mainly play the game non-competitively. Our intention is to keep it this way, but always welcome new and enthusiastic members looking to join us. This does not however mean that we don't like to win or don't aim at to win -- quite on the contrary. The majority of us have, however, only just recently started playing and mainly play it every now and then to relax. We are nonetheless grinding our way through the tiers, playing all different types of ships for their respective nations, and joining us would let you do that, too, but in a friendly and fun environment.



Our Goal


An obvious main goal is to both progress and advance in the game, of course, but more importantly, we are looking to have fun. Once, and if, we have enough members, we will also undoubtedly start to take part in clan battles and more. As of right now, however, we are just looking to expand our small community and help each other grind our ways into to tier X.



Requirements for Joining


Due to our desire to remain a smaller community, we have some requirements for joining the clan, which are listed below;

  1. Must either be EU or NA
  2. Age 18+ *
  3. Proficient in English


*Exceptions can be made but cannot exceed -2 years. The basis for rejection if denied will not be provided.


What We Offer


We provide the following for and to members;

  1. Teamspeak3 for communication
  2. Bonuses in regard to research, experience, and more
  3. Daily games, ranging from tier III to VI



How to Join


Either leave a comment below or PM me.








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