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New clan, we're called Moor Often Than Knot, so your call if you wanna join a clan with a pun for a name (It says what kinda people we are. All 2 of us at the moment)


We have no friends so we're looking for anyone-no specific preferences, good, bad, as long as you can play without sailing into an island every 40 seconds then you're fine, though preferably have a tier 5 at minimum.


We're not focused on clan battles, though I suppose it's a possibility if we get enough people in. Will mostly be doing randoms and divisions.


You don't have to speak to us, if you just want in for clan bonuses then that's fine, though we are a new clan, with 2 people, so we're pretty under developed *wink wink*


Either reply on here and I'll try to get to you, or message    Nazurick    or     Defiant      on steam and we'll get to inviting you.



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