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What's the use of the Target Acquisiton System Modification 1?

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Well I changed from Concealment System Modification 1 to this, there is written you get +20% spotting range. I translated this, I loose -10% camouflage (on DD), but enemies near me will also loose +20% camouflage, for example enemy Shimakaze 5.6 km max camo will change 6.8 km, so I will spot him earlier and all enemies in my range.


But enemy Des Moines' and Shimikazes camo stayed 10.5 and 5.6 km, so I do not understand what is the use of this upgrade then? What does mean +20% spotting range technically?


Thanks for your answers.

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The upgrade does several things:


+50% to assured aquisition range


Everything that is within this radius of the assured aquisition range of your ship is automatically detected and rendered on your screen. It does not matter if the opposing ship is in smoke or behind an island.

Assured aquisition range is by default 2km for every ship, so you also will be seen at 2km.

With this module you increase this range of your ship to 3km. So you will detect and render any ship within a 3km radius


+20% Spotting range


Spotting range was formerly called maximum aquisition range.

It is represented by the grey cone on your minimap and is a circle around your ship. Only what is inside this circle is actually visible on your monitor, ("gets rendered"). This affects both allied ships/planes and enemy ships/planes if they are detected. Additionally your ship is only able to detect enemies that are inside your spotting range.


It does not affect the enemx ships detectability range in any way



+20% to the aquisition range of torpedoes:


Torpedoes have their own detectability range (here in the dropdown is a complete list: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Torpedoes#Reaction_Time)


This range is actually affected by your modules and captain skills, not the one of enemy ships).

So this module adds 20% to the detection range of the specific torpedo coming at you. Other things that affect this are Hydroacustic search and Vigilance




If you play a DD I would not advise to use this upgrade, since detectability is your main asset as a Destroyer. There are a few exceptions ofc where you can think about it (Russian gunboats for example) but even here the Concealment upgrade or the Steering gears are usually the better choice.

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