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You need to play a total of 50 battles to post in this section.

I want to ask and learn something.

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Destroyed ships,

With this ship, you are just playing the game by turning around and running away.

Anladığım kadarıyla kimse zevkine değil now everyone is just playing the result.

How do you enjoy playing like this. ? Do you forget that it is just a game

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I think you may have used Google translate to ask a question, but it didn't result in a question we can really understand.

I think you are wondering why people retreat from battle, despite this being only a game.

I also think you are referring to a particular class of ships, but am not sure.

Perhaps you could try again?
It is a bit hard to answer this question now.

Although I can say that there are sometimes valid reasons to disengage, or kite.

If you can't win, it is better to retreat and wait for backup, instead of going all-in and losing your ship.

A lost ship can't fight any more and every loss of a ship costs the team points.

That said, there are also moments where the team has to push, has to support each other, or the game is lost anyway.

Sometimes it is hard for people to tell which is which.

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Yes, good question, glad you ask.


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I hope this helps!

Your welcome!

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