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[RTRUK] Task Group 317.8 may be looking for you!

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Task Group 317.8 is always looking for members.

We are part of a Wargaming clan playing all three 'World of ...' games.

Its is an english speaking clan and the name is that of the major British force at the Falklands war.

The last big sea battle and to honour all those who did his duty for freedom there.

It is not for people from the UK only! As long as you can make yourself understandable in and understand english, it's ok!

To join, simply apply for the clan.

There are some simple rules I would like you to stick to.

:Smile_child:          In order to join our clan, you must be 18+ years.

:cap_horn:  Discord is our major mean of team communication. To install this free program, look for it at https://discordapp.com/download

:cat_cool:      To join our clan there, ask one of the members in the game chat. You will need a microphone and a hearing device for that. DO THIS FIRST AND CONTACT ONE OF THE TEAM MEMBERS BEFORE YOU APPLY!

:cap_like:            Navy people are gentlemen (well...mostly). RTRUK wants you to be nice to others. No matter how frustrating your game may be going and no matter how annoying others treat you.

:cap_book:             You can join under certain conditions. Demands for joining:

  •     You have to have played 300+ battles.
  •     Your stats are not interesting to us. We will train you up.
  •     Have at least 4 tier 6 ships of different types. This means you can skip the type you absolutely dislike.
  •     We want you to have a tier 8 NON-PREMIUM SHIP as soon as possible.
  •     Always get in contact when joining WoWs with team mates. We do not like people who do not socialize!
  •     Accept clan members' invites to division in order to help you level up.

:Smile_sad:              Don't BRAG about your stats, we know WG does not have a very good matchmaking ideology and we all have different play styles.

            :Smile_playing:              Be active on Naval Battles, but always contact someone before you select your battle there. We have people who are specialized in certain ships.

:Smile_honoring:             Answer to messages in the game chat. Check your messages there BEFORE logging out. People not responding to any messages without reason, will be removed from the clan.

:Smile_izmena:       We are leveling up and not many players have tier X ships yet. Clan battles will be there if at least 7 members have tier X ships.

:fish_book:            Training etc. will not be done yet at fleet level. We are growing and we need a thorough sea-training before going to war together. By now we do mainly the division stuff. But we're working on it!

:Smile_coin:           In WoWs there are benefits of being part of our clan. Ships can be researched and bought cheaper. Therefore we ask you to be active in the game and socialize with other clan members.

:cap_cool:              Do you feel fit enough to join? Contact zeeschuimer or one of the other officers you can find on the WoWs website. Do not just apply, we absolutely want to talk with you first.

:Smile_popcorn:     We have clan meets annually at Tank Fest in Bovington (UK), as we originate from World of Tanks. This is a full weekend of being together in a very nice atmosphere. As clan member you will always be informed.



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