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New player lf clan

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New to the game, installed a couple of days ago. So far I'm up to tier III-IV in most lines, plus some premiums. Played quite a bit of WoT on console a few years back so not completely new to wargaming.

Offline I'm a 34 year old doctor living in Sweden. Working all sorts of hours. Got a house, wife, son and another child on the way so not looking for scheduled clan battles and stuff every night from XX:XX - YY:YY.

What I'm in the market for is more of a casual clan to keep leveling up my ships in, learn more, enjoy social banter, divisions and some clan perks and stuff like that.

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I see youre looking for a clan, hit me up in the game TheGorilla12, we're looking for new captains to join our EU side in clanAOD.net for world of warships. Check us out at https://www.clanaod.net/


The Angels of Death is a time-tested organization, supporting over 56 major gaming titles in the past 15 years including classics like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and Swat 3.

We’ve lasted this long because of the tireless efforts of people who love gaming, and our community is as diverse as the games we play. AOD is truly a family, and we’ve never stopped growing. 


From first-person shooters and survival games to the most well known massive-multiplayer games, you’ll always have something to play. And there’s no shortage of AOD members playing around the clock from Brisbane, Australia and Osaka, Japan crossing the likes of Norway, France, and Brazil, and dominating the time zones of North and South America.


hope to hear from you



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Its easy, these are our golden rules, follow them, like them!
if you do like them, come join us!

Golden rules
- 30 Days inactive is a kick (come back if your return to the game)
- No discord usage is a kick (voice comms)
- no division play is a kick
- Toxic gameplay is a kick
- Drama is a kick 

if you want to know more:
Ingame: ThephantomNL /  Rane2k5 / adyz
discord: https://discord.gg/BJUAy7M

Just aply to discord, and ask for a invite.
We welcome new and older players!
ps we have not unlimited spots! first come first server policy!

greetings, and Do It Yourself!

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