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Looking for a casual EU clan [CLOSED]

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I found a clan. No more need for invites!



Hello folks,


I'm looking for a low/medium sized clan with decent stats to play with. (And maybe even learn from)

Up until now I've primarily played solo and wish to expand a bit to play with others in random, ranked of CW battles.

Have been playing WoWS off and on for the past years, even participating in the beta.


As for my own stats: 

  • 390 random battles played with a w/l ratio of 55%, 24 ranked battles with a w/l ratio of 63%
  • I primarily play BB's, CL's or CV's
  • Own the Bismarck (need the funds to buy the F. Der Große)
  • Own the Pensacola
  • Own the Independence
  • Own the Prinz Eugen

More can be found here: http://www.wowstats.org/stats/eu/doomdutch/


(Also, please no Dutch clan.)


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Good evening everyone, just wondering if anybody wants and extra person to join their clan. Reason I am leaving mine is because our commander who is 60-70 years old may have died considering he has not played for over 80 days and everyone else is not taking it seriously with a deputy commander being way too pretentious. If you want me to join I'm more than happy, I have MONTANA , CONQUEROUR and MINOTOUR. Here are my stats also - https://wows-numbers.com/player/540182748,J0LLY0LDCHAP/


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