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randomly not being able to get into a game

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o7 captains,


sometimes the client just refuses to load me into a match and i am unable to reconnect by restarting the client(cant restart my pc, would take too long), this only happend since the last 2 updates. sometimes im able to reconnect, but more often than not its already too late. most of the time i just get locked out tho.


i cant recreate it, it seems to happen at random times (no connection to the workload of my pc, or the runninng time etc), at this point i dont even know what to do anymore.

its frustrating for my and my team all the same, and i often stop playing after that happens...


normally, my game runs decent, in the past at 30-60 frames, now around 20-30 all the time (wich is not the issue here, just want to give a hint on the rig the game is running on)


maybe someone knows why its happening or has an easy solution to get back into the game, that would be nice




09.05.2018 edit: my fps got alot better, around 40-60 again, dunno if there was an update or my pc just decided to upgrade itself.

                              didnt encounter the issue since, except th erandomly long (3 to 5 mins) loading time.

                              port takes ages to load now when starting the game, could be related, dont know.

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Same here. Getting this issue after two or three last updates. Its very persistent and happens almost every time i log in. Its either everlasting load or load into battle after 6 minutes after start.

Happens with mods and without them. I didnt change any of settings after the patches or before them. 

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