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[SICK] looking for new recruits >50%

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Recruits! Drunken sailors international, [SICK] from drinking vodka shots on the high sea, are looking for new drinking buddies. What we offer is a clan base and there are zero requirements for participation in clan activities. Your only role is to bring in oil but you are of course free to ask other members for divisions and whatnot. There is no active participation in CB and it is not planned either.


Currently at 15 members with 55% average winrate. https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500160845,SICK-Drunken-Sailors-International/


We want:


- Reasonably active players

- Over 50% winrate, when you are new but improving less is ok

- Be respectful, smacktalking in chat is ok, we are all adults, but there are limits

How to join:


- Hit me up in game or send a message through PM on the forums 



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