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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I have an issue for last 3 weeks. I wrote couple of emails to customer support but I find that their answer is not logical and against information about setting smoke screen. I use German destroyers (Z-46-, Z-52, Z-23, Maas and Gaede) Problem is; I follow an enemy ships, they are visible depend on their concealment distance on normal circumstances (normal weather, no fired, not behind mountain) for example 7 KM to me a battle ship. As you know none any of battleship has concealment 7 KM, they should be visible and they are. If I start to shoot, they will see me, so, as a normal destroy player, I set smoke for safely fire. Than this big battleship is disappear / invisible!, even some carrier too! Main purpose of set smoke is for runaway or safely fire from smoke area, but if (some) battleships and (some) carrier are disappear/invisible, how can you runaway (bec you dont see them where they go) or how you can shoot them if you have no target? Customer support says that, if I'm in my own smokescreen area and if there is not another ally in this area than enemy ship will be not spotted by my teammates so they can be disappear! From my side is this cant be logical answer. If I cant runaway and cant shoot, what is the purpose / gain setting smoke? But their answer are not changed after couple of email and they suggest me to write in this website that may be some game developer can see / monitor this issue. I send replays to them, when enemy is visible and when i set smoke enemy ships are disappear even they said its normal! I enclosed some replay with time stamp on file name, but answer are not changed. And this issue was not more than 1 year, its start last 3 weeks. Any information / ideas welcome. Regards, Peter amalgi disappear less than 6 KM udalgi in smoke 20200620_235645_PGSB108-Bismarck_38_Canada.wowsreplay carrier disa. 10 20 between 08 25 20200621_050950_PGSD109-Z-46_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay Dis ship agains carrier alaska time 10 40 20200620_180629_PGSD110-Z-52_37_Ridge.wowsreplay Dis ship smolenks time 08 04 20200616_011727_PGSD109-Z-46_15_NE_north.wowsreplay dis ship time 15 42 20200620_172944_PGSD110-Z-52_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay dis ship york time 07 45 20200617_001753_PGSD109-Z-46_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  2. ollonborre

    Z-46 struggle

    So far the German DD line have been a blast. The Gaede is pretty good, I adore the Maas and the Z-23 is also a barrel of fun. But I just can't seem to get the Z-46 moving past the "meh" impression. On paper it should be good. Good guns with decent range and nice velocity, great torps, stealth is on par with most other same tier DD's, nice HP pool and Hydro. But there is some not so nice fineprint attached to the paper stats. The guns are good, but the turret placement is awkward with 1 turret in front and 2 in the back meaning chasing is annoying. The HP pool can easily vanish since it is so fat and loves to arm BB AP. The Hydro, while better than on the Z-23 is not that much better, meaning that even if you face a lower tier german DD for example the distance it has to cover to also spot you is neglible at best. Now it might look like I'm complaining, and in a sense I am. But I still think it is an alright ship. I just struggle to get consistent results out of it. One game you get blapped by radar/hydro/plane/BB AP and HE before you even have the time to consider popping smoke. And other games you run around torping and stealthcapping everything without competition. The Z-23 and Maas I could pull consistent results in, and it was fun to contest caps and chase down other DD's and torping what was left. In the Z-46 it feels like I have to be so very careful I sometimes don't even dare to go into caps since I'm not sure I can get out alive. So any suggestions? Or is just a big l2p issue when you hit tier 9 DD's?
  3. Muy buenas! Jugando con el Z-46 me he percatado de un pequeño detalle respecto de su torre B, para que no sea solo yo el que ve cosas, pongamos una serie de fotos: Si os fijáis la torre B, es decir, suponiendo el barco en una distribución de torres A (proa) BC (Popa), no entiendo por qué no gira 360º. No veo dónde golpea para no poder girar 360º. Se ve claramente que no pega en esas balsas que tiene delante, ya que los cañones quedan por encima, insisto con esta foto: No entiendo por qué tiene que ponerse a girar esa torreta para el otro lado cuando con un giro de... ¿10-20 grados? puede apuntar hacia el otro lado. ¿Qué opináis vosotros? Un saludo!!