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Found 7 results

  1. _Agenor_

    Yueyang X tier

    Temat Poświęcony niszczycielowi X Yueyang Niszczyciel X poziomu Yueyang ma obecnie najlepsze parametry kamuflażu ze wszystkich okrętów na tym poziomie: standardowy zasięg wykrywalności wynosi 7,4 km (5,8 km w przypadku konfiguracji skupionej na maskowaniu) z morza, 4,2 km z powietrza i 2,6 km po wystrzeleniu głównych dział w dymie. Torpedy głębokowodne na pokładzie okrętu Yueyang cechują się zasięgiem wykrywalności 0,8 km i potrafią trafić cel znajdujący się nawet 13,5 km od okrętu, podróżując z prędkością 68 węzłów. Wyrzutnie przeładowują się w 136 sekund. Torpeda głębokowodna wystrzelona przez ten okręt X poziomu może zadać do 17 900 PW uszkodzeń-żródło info https://worldofwarships.eu/pl/news/common/anchored-in-asia/
  2. Atorpad

    RPF for Yueyang

    Hi I see people using RPF on yueyang. is it useful? beacuse most of the times DDs are in the front line and you can not torp them !
  3. Mishipeshu

    Friendly suggestion

    Dear Wargaming, Please do yourself and us a favor and stop wasting perfectly functional T10 ships. Here's a simple exercise: just search yueyang in this or any other topic and take the time to read the comments... oh, the rage... oh, the hate... Btw, I want my 5k dubloons back from my permanent camouflage i bought for my Yueyang, and now you can take her from my port and shove her deep in your private parts. Sincerelly, Mishi
  4. Micander

    Yueyang - echt jetzt?

    Eine Sekunde reload auf die Geschütze, 20 Sekunden auf die Torps? Geht's noch? Manchmal könnte man meinen WG spielt das eigene game nicht.
  5. loppantorkel

    Legendary upgrade: YY

    Just played first battle with it. Didn't think it was an upgrade beforehand and looking at a concealment nerf from 5.8km to 6.5km (since it's slotted at the same place as the concealment module), it certainly doesn't feel like a buff now with it equipped. Buffs are 10% gun reload and torp reload. First impressions: Works great if there are no radarships or dds around. If you try cap now, which you probably still have to, you'll be comfortably outspotted by most other capping dds, eating more damage before you see what's spotting you, if you manage to spot the dd at all, while also doing less damage to the enemy dds since they'll have plenty of time to get away. I think even Z-52 outspots you which isn't good. You may do 10% more damage to bbs and non-radarships which is nice, but not worth it imo. You still want to be at a range between 7-10 km for landing shots most accurately and that's a fairly narrow span. I've only tried it with smoke module since this is how I played Random games before. I'll go ahead and try with radar for a few times now. Edit: Tried the Legendary module for around 10 games, mostly with radar now. Still feels like a downgrade in comparison to the concealment module. The ship is still very playable, but not as good. Final verdict: Not worth it in the current form and slot.
  6. Quetak

    Gearing vs Yueyang - height

    Can someone explain why nearly same ships have so different profile? I mean why is gearing so much higher in water? Are deepwater torps so heavy weight or what - if its this case then I must point out that US soildiers are heavier than asians. Is WG planning to change Gearing to have at least similar height to Yueyang and not double?
  7. Kaseko

    Gearing - Yueyang

    the Gearing from the beginning was always very high in the water however, with the release of the Pan Asian TX Destroyer the Yueyang it showes even more the Gearing is only be a very slight imporvement over the Allen M Sumner class which the Yueyang is as you can see the Gearing should look be a bit lower in the water as it is now the Yueyang is too low however and both Destroyers should have about the same waterline as Fletcher