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Found 4 results

  1. Once upon a time, in a game universe known as World of Warships, there was a nation. That nation had a full-grown techtree, with battleships, destroyers, aircraft-carriers, and the branch of our subject today, cruisers. In that line of cruisers, you had something of everything: a patrol boat, light scout cruisers, a protected cruiser, and a whole bunch of line cruisers both light and heavy. At the 7th stage of progress (tier) of the line of ships was the Pensacola class. The Pensacola class was a pretty big shift after the preceding class (the Clevelands), because they had recieved a slower-loading main armament which was heavier. Also, the Pensacola being older, wasn't as well protected and armoured as her predecessor, but that wasn't the main problem with her, as she was reasonably accurate, had reasonable punch and reasonable speed coupled with pretty good maneuverability. No, her main problem wasn't that she had a big citadel or that she had a horrible stock grind. (All the people who are going to be crying that she's way worse than the Cleveland, are welcome to leave right now, you probably just haven't adjusted to the different style of play) No. Her problem was that she could be seen from the moon before even firing her guns. Any of her guns. In fact, she's the only midtier cruiser that get's spotted at the edge of her gunrange. I mean what the [edited]?!? There is no logical reasoning for this. Would this ship be in any way overpowered if it didn't get detected from further away than some battleships?* I really don't think so. Is this supposed to be a paywall or something? This single thing is [edited]an otherwise good ship right over. This ship is the first to get detected and therefore focused in any match ever. There is just no reason for this ship to be hindered in such a way, so pretty please with sugar on top... give her some kind of sensible detection range. *: In the same matchmaking bracket the USS New Mexico (14,2), the USS North Carolina (15.7, same but this one has a fair bit higher range) and HMS Warspite (14,2) have lower detection ranges. /rant
  2. . WE WANT YOU! Right now we are looking for players to join up for Division and Clan battles fights in World of Warships. Players with the right type of mind are welcome to join. What We Offer *Laid back clan with cool friendly clan mates to play with *A say on what do we build, upgrade with oil *Free Cookies if you ask Johnson. *10% of servicing of Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers *-10% of the cost of reseached tier 5 and 6 ships What we expect from you 45% or over win rate 500+ Battles Discord or TS3 18 years or older Active once or twice a week If your interested contact our Recruitment Team Salbogus or Ultra_Bacon in game or leave a reply here See you on the High Seas Captains!!
  3. I had a great match and outflanked the whole enemy team in the first 5 mins, after that some other DD followed me. It was a slaughter for the rest of the battle we only lost 4 ships. I think this time the MM was good (we even had a pinkie) but I am very grateful for asking, data gathering! http://imgur.com/a/ztKDM Senpai noticed us :3
  4. P2Win

    Be honest (Stats)

    Is anyone guilty of looking up other people stat while in game? How often do you guys look at your teammate stats before you know your team is about to get stomped? If these questions are not enough...look at the one under.. How many of you guys actually care about stats? Be honest.