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Found 86 results

  1. Why the USS Montana is perfectly fine as she is and does not need a buff ​I am bound to stir quite an argument with this, I am sure, but let me first present my arguments as to why I believe this. One thing is certain, the Montana is certainly not noob friendly, a welcome thing, in my eyes, in a game that is becoming increasingly noob friendly and bland. In continuation of this, the Montana caters to a different playstyle than her famed competitor - a playstyle which is far more dynamic than the dull bow-tanking playstyle of the top tiers. When taking apart the arguments most often thrown around on why she needs to be buffed, it becomes apparent that she is in no way inferior to Yamato. Neither does she seem to be to her german counterpart, though it should be said that I have no experience playing said ship. ​Like many battleship players, the first line I completed in the game was the Japanese battleship line, culminating in the Yamato. This was partly because the Yamato is undoubtedly one of the most famous battleships ever built, but also partly because more or less every forum post concerning the T10 battleships agree that the Yamato is a beast, albeit with weaknesses, as with all ships, and vastly superior to the dreadful Montana which is in dire need of a buff. (This was quite a while before the release of German battleships.) Thus I never bothered purchasing the Montana until recently, after having researched and played most ships in the game, and though I've had her researched for quite some time. The following arguments all assume that you're playing with a concealment build, which is in my opinion, playing to her strengths. Many of the points also tie in with each other. "I receive citadel hits too easily in my Montana" There is a reason for this. You are not playing her right. You should at no point show your broadside to the enemy when detected. Montana plays quite similar to the Amagi, a ship that I remember thoroughly enjoying. You have a menacing broadside, but it comes with a weakness. If you've reached Tier 10, there is no excuse whatsoever for not knowing this information already, as well as being more than competent at angling your ship. When angled, the Montana is surprisingly sturdy, taking minimal damage, even from a Yamato. Counter-arguments to this are of course that you're not able to fire your rear turrets when angling. Again, you've made it all the way to Tier 10, you should be familiar with wiggling your ship at this point. This is why the concealment build is so potent on the Montana: while undetected, you are able to show enough side to release your devastating broadside and being able to angle back before the enemy has a chance to return fire. Playing with the concealment build, get the rudder shift upgrade to aid in this - you don't need reduced repair on fire and flooding. If there are enemy battleships that have the opportunity to return fire instantly, let them fire off their salvos before you reveal your location with a deadly barrage of shells not even the Yamato can match. "The Yamatos guns are more accurate than mine" Yes, the Yamato has the most accurate battleship guns in the game, but the Yamato never really goes for a stealth build and often spends large portions of the game bow-tanking. Thus, the Yamato can only fire six shells at the time. That means that even with laser accuracy (which no battleships have), the Yamato is completely reliant on a substantial part of those six shells to hit. The stealth Montana on the other hand, doesn't have to depend on only six shells. Yes, she has worse dispersion, but the sheer volume of shells she puts out counters that. If you are bow-tanking in a Montana and only using your two forward turrets, or three turrets in case you're slightly angled, for the majority of the game, you're not playing her right. "Yamato is more manoeuvrable" Montana is actually quite comparable in terms of rudder shift and turning radius. This is assuming you're using the rudder shift mod as mentioned earlier. What mitigates the difference in favour of Montana is her detectability as well as speed. She has a much easier time disengaging and can trust her concealment to the point where she can turn undetected if not in the middle of the action (where you shouldn't strictly be as this leaves you vulnerable to flanking as well). The Yamato, for reasons unknown, is often more frequently targeted by enemy ships, including DDs, and suffers from worse concealment and might find turning and showing the side towards the enemy significantly more punishing. Not even the Yamato is immune from devastating blows to its sides. The Montana is 3 knots faster than the Yamato. This may not sound like much, and this might be slightly subjective on my part, but I find that I have a much greater ability to support my team in the Montana, owing to the superior speed, and I am less likely to be left behind by my cruisers (who often have an inclination towards advancing in the opposite direction the moment an enemy ship is detected on the horizon). This speed also lets you choose between more targets and as a Montana, nearly always on the move, you have a far greater selection of targets than the stationary bow-tanking Yamato, to which a torpedo attack or rain of fire is often inevitable. Fun-factor Finally, perhaps the most important point, the Montana is, in my opinion, infinitely more fun to play. She is a throwback to the fun of lower tier battleships while packing a significantly bigger punch. She offers an alternative to the boring and frustrating gameplay you often get with the Yamato, her vulnerable sides only offering more excitement, punishing the lousy players who shouldn't be sailing battleships in the first place. (It is also very satisfying to watch her shred enemy planes, though how she compares to the Yamato in terms of surviving aircraft carriers is debatable.) As you've probably noticed, none of the points above deal with one on one duels with Montana's counterparts. The thing to understand is that in many ways, the Montana plays similar to a Japanese cruiser or a stealth Missouri/Iowa. You are very vulnerable from the sides and you don't want to be caught brawling. Montana plays much more as a supporting ship and can play a much more significant role in aiding your team (by taking out cruisers and lower tier battleships more effectively than the Yamato). Your sea legs and concealment allow you to traverse the maps without too much difficulty helping your team secure capture points and strategic positions. However, and any tips are welcome to add to this, if you do find yourself in a one on one duel with the Yamato, your best bet is to close the distance and do a drive-by. This will negate the Yamato's superior armor and her turrets will be unable to keep up. As soon as you get close, lock your turrets to one side, pointing out from the middle of the ship, and as you pass the Yamato's citadel, let Montana's twelve guns tear her apart. This usually, if not always, results in a one-shot. I cannot give any advice against the Grosser Kürfurst as I have yet to end up in a pure one on one with one, but your best bet is probably to keep your distance and let your superior dispersion tip the battle in your favour. I have on numerous occasions completely wrecked enemy Grosser Kürfursts (including citadels at around 16 km range) by staying at range and angling between volleys, taking almost no damage in return. Again, any tips are welcome! Disclaimers: There are without doubt players out there far more capable than I am. I only play ranked to earn the commemorative flag every season. Playing intelligently and aiding my team are things I find more important than anything else. I have a 58% win rate in my Yamato and a 67% win rate in my Montana (along with a 2.5 destruction ratio and 1996 average XP). I have completed both the Japanese and U.S. battleship lines and I have the Bismarck from the German line without much interest in getting the Grosser Kürfurst for now. (I have also completed the US DD line, the IJN cruiser line and I am tier 8-9 in all other lines with the exception of the Russian and RN cruiser lines.) This post was not meant to say that the Montana is superior to the Yamato, but I would argue that she is not inferior either and can hold her own quite well when in the hands of a capable player (which I think everyone sailing a tier 10 should be). Also, a point often overlooked is that different ships suit different people and playing styles. If you are unable to make a ship work, you either stick at it or find another ship to play. It would be a shame if they buffed the Montana and that the fun of playing her somehow got lost in order to satisfy those who have no business sailing battleships at all.
  2. [SPAM-] Sexy Pantsu Armored Militia Ce clan est un clan orienté FUN avec un minimum de niveau où on ne fera aucune compétition de façon sérieuse. On jouera comme on le souhaite et sans prise de tête. Liste des Responsables du clan Commandant : Silverwolf63 Commandant remplaçant : Sea_Fox Diplomate : Youti_Dieu_du_SC Second : Elitefatal / No_SKILL_ALL_LUCK /Sawron_Lord_Of_Pouah Notre hymne Objectif du clan Play for fun Division loufoque Aucun entrainement Aucun style/méta de jeux imposé Clan battle : récompense ligue tempête Les bonus Critère de recrutement - Discord obligatoire Il est recommandé pour une meilleure intégration le clan d'avoir : - stat en progression - 500 partie mini - 1 tier 8 non premium - Présence discord 2 jours mini - Pour participer au CB avoir un Tier 10 croiseur ou CA + stat moyenne Période d’essai 2 semaines pour avoir le tag ingame Toutes les autres candidatures seront étudiées Diplomatie / extérieur Pour infos : - Ce n'est pas la peine de nous proposer des entrainements . - Nous accepterons toute confrontation fun avec règle drôle ou autre. Sinon le discord reste ouvert a tous les autres tant qu'ils respectent les règles établies du discord de clan. Conclusions Nous ne pouvons pas croire ce que nous ressentons quand nous sommes sur wows, Nos folies font disparaître la tristesse, Alors prenez vos navires, n'ayez pas peur de montrer votre talent, Spamons le monde avec les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel, Propageons nos créations et noyez le forum de nos délires, N'ayez pas peur d'essayer un angle différent, Parfois, les idées peuvent provenir des yolostyle, Nous serons votre guide, suivez-nous dans une aventure, Nous allons conquérir les esprits et étonner le monde ensemble, Nos bêtises ressemblent au paradis, Un tel yolo skill est un joli cadeau à voir, J'espère qu'un jour nous partagerons des souvenirs, Tu spam le monde et nous jouerons nos mélodies.
  3. Giorgio_marksman

    Yamato- How to position?

    I just got the Yamato (2 days ago) and I only have around 10 battles in it. The second was fairly good (140k damage) but in all the others I only have 70-90k damage done per battle. All of the time I think i’m out of position, sometimes i’m too far behind and can’t deal a lot of damage before the match ends and others i’m too far in front and get killed with 60-70k damage done. Most of the matches I loose around 20-30k credits. Any help on positioning? Thank you very much guys!
  4. Introduction Hello! This is my fourth guide in my "how to" series. Links to my other guides: -> How to play Großer Kurfürst -> General guide on how to play Battleships -> How to play Montana Today I'll write about the oldest tier 10 Battleship in World of Warships: Yamato. A Battleship which has definitely been hit by "power creep" so to say, but it still holds its place as a extremely valuable tool for area denial. I'm making this guide with help from people of |OP| and people like @strangers123 (although Strangers absolutely dislikes the ship) Captain's Skillbuild As I said earlier Yamato is a ship that has greatly changed over the lifetime of this game. While the older builds often recommend a secondary based build, this is definitely not a thing you'd want to do now. There are 2 builds that I would see as usable, an AA build (questionable/very situational) and a tanky build. Personally I'd recommend using the tanky build since the AA build totally doesn't play in the Yamato's strength. Preventive Maintenance is there to avoid your turrets getting destroyed. While Yamato turrets are really tanky it does help, since your turrets turn so slowly it's likely that they will get hit in the side while turning. Direction center for catapult aircraft could be picked for extra torpedo spotting but I personally prefer having my main battery guns not break on me in combat, but it's up to personal preference. In the contrary Expert Marksman is a MUST HAVE on the Yamato, if you are going for the reload upgrade on your ship your gun turret traverse will slow down to a whopping 82 seconds (for a 180° turn) if you wouldn't use the Expert Marksman skill. While using it will bring that back down to 62 seconds (note that Isoroku Yamamoto is being tested with enhanced expert marksman making this even more valuable) Adrenaline Rush will help to increase your DPM (Damage per minute) once your hp goes lower (thrust me, it will). This will make you incredibly dangerous since your reload will drop down to +-23 seconds when you are at 50% HP. Basics of Survivability, a mainstay in tank builds, is a skill that will decrease fire and flooding duration, which is incredibly useful given that Yamato will be the focus of many cruisers. Superintendent will give you an extra heal which obviously helps in prolonged games, giving you an extra batch of repairable HP. Fire Prevention does the same as Basics of Survivability in helping you survive HE focused fire, it limits the max number of fires you can have on your ship, making the 2 most easy to hit fire zones into one big zone (the front and back of the midships) Concealment Expert is a skill I use on all my Battleships because it is just so valuable, it allows you to disengage and heal back up (in most cases). It can greatly stretch your lifetime in a battle where you are being pushed. Ship Upgrades Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Or for Manoeuvrability (Which I prefer) Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 4 is really the only one of these upgrades that could be disputed. While Damage Control System 2 is very useful for tanking, I do prefer Steering gears mod 2 to help your ship turn. Yamato really needs to be able to turn to avoid exposing it's weak frontal citadel which I'll talk more in detail about in the next point. General Playstyle Yamato is as I said one of the older Battleships in the game and it does show. Compared to all her tier 10 counterparts she still has a very easy to hit citadel because it sits quite high in the water. The octagonal shape of her citadel also makes it so that Yamato can get quite easily citadelled even when angled. In the picture below I indicated what I am talking about with a blue line. When Yamato is angling like this, that panel sits at a flat angle compared to you, making it easy to penetrate given that you are in a Battleship are ship with a high enough calibre to do so. This is why I prefer the stearing gears modification over the damage control, it allows you to more easily hide this weakness. Because when you are sitting completely bow on to an enemy Battleship, the only other Battleship that is able to penetrate your hull is another Yamato. For it's play style Yamato greatly depends on her massive guns, but these also limit her in some points. Yamato is great at denying complete areas of the map by sitting bow on and stopping enemy battleships from pushing into her, this will make her a priority target of most cruisers, hence why I recommend using the tank build. It is better to wait out the first few minutes of the battle to see where you are most needed, the thing you do need to keep in mind is that you need support. Yamato is a Battleship that works incredibly poorly when unsupported and has great difficulties getting out of harms way unlike Montana or Kurfürst who can more easily turn around. Unlike these ships Yamato doesn't have a lot of firepower in the back of the ship and is also relatively slow. You should see Yamato more as a fortress, once it sits somewhere where it has secured its flanks, it is incredibly hard to dislodge her from her position. Her 460mm guns can overmatch the bows of all enemy battleships that could come to assault her, making pushes against her not an easy task at all. Carriers and destroyers will be a pain to deal with as they can launch attacks from angles that Yamato has a hard time defending, although her very impressive torpedo bulge will definitely take a lot of the sting out of torpedoes. Try to keep the enemy in front of you while withering them down and push when your team is ready. Whatever you do, don't brawl, your slow turret traverse will make it very hard to track enemies, even battleships at close range, on top of that your number 2 turret cant aim down over your first turret at short range, diminishing your damage even more. And when enemy battleships get around you and get you angled they will start reliably citadelling you in the spot that I mentioned before. What you should do when the enemy starts pushing in is trying to back off by putting your ship in reverse, this will give you more time to deal as much damage as possible. When you know you are going down, taking someone with you with a ram could also be an option you are willing to take. Try not to use your back turret when you are closer than 15 km unless the enemy really isn't paying attention. When you are able to use your back turret, this also means that you expose that weak spot in your citadel. (you basically need to outweigh your risks and rewards) On top of this try to stick to targets that are in front of your guns, thanks to the very slow turret rotation you will lose a lot of time if you switch targets very often. In short: Don't give broadside, get a good position with your flanks relatively secure (preferably close to your own destroyers for support), unload accurate 460mm shells until your ship runs out of hp or you need to start pushing, try to limit turning your guns, do not brawl and don't forget that your citadel has a weird shape. Outro As all my other guides I will try to keep updating these, if you have any points you would like to see added, please do leave them in the comments. Feedback is always appreciated and I will try to implement it as soon as possible. Have a nice day! Kathy.
  5. WindSplitter1

    Inbound weaboo.

    Hello, everyone. First post here. I am currently installing WoWS. Though I've tried it before and kinda liked it, I never got the hang of it and dropped it. The toxicity and general poor game balance/design plaguing WoT are kinda depressive and after checking out WoWS stats, I must say it looks a much better environment. With that said, being the target the Yamato, I'd like to know what insight you have for someone who will venture themselves in Battleships. >I have prem acc but that's as far is the initial investment goes. >No intention of rushing through Tiers, got burned really bad on WoT because of that. >Am reading the Wiki at the moment. Total newb, still. Umm... In WoT you say "Roll Out!", whatever Ship counterpart that is, insert here. :)
  6. ABED1984

    How to get HSF Yamato Camo?

    I've read some posts regarding the HSF Yamato camo but couldn't get a clear answer on how to unlock that camo. I've checked my missions list but didn't find anything about the HSF camo.
  7. YukiEiriKun

    Went to Kure again...

    So .. I went to Kure again. Looked at the dock where Yamato was made. And the 1:1 mock up bow section they have made of the Yamato there. But since we are getting submarines for our Halloween event, I decided to go to the Japan Maritime Self Defend Force Submarine display that they have next to the Yamato museum. :) The museum .. or display, is free admittance, which was a (somewhat) pleasant surprise, I would have gladly payed for the entrance but they did not want my Gaijin-money. :D At the lower level, there was some information of the forming of IJN (and JMSDF): 1889 - Naval station and Kure 1916 - Pre JMSDF History 1954 - Birth of the JMSDF 1976 (my birth year! yay!) - Growth of the JMSDF 2012 - The 60th Anniversary and the Future of JMSDF All very interesting if you are interested .. but I wanted to see the "not-so-float-botes", i.e. submarines. To my dissapointment, this truly was JMSDF excebition and there was almost no mentions about the second world war and the IJN. Poor japanese people are as shamed (as the germans) of their history. Well ... winners write the history and so on... There was a BIG Know your BOTE!! cross-section of the bote "JDS Akishio", a diesel-electric Yūshio-class submarine. This is the same bote (Iron Whale / 鉄のくじら館 (Tetsu no Kujira Kan)) I was about to enter. Most of the excebition was focused of the after-war mine destruction and such, which is understandable. After the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events, Japanese people have been very .. peaceful. Still they put up these great "peace" museums for their great machines of war, not to boast, but to remind everyone how destructive wars are. :) Still, there were comparisons of the old IJN Myoko and the modern JMSDF Myoko as well as the old IJN BB Ise and the new JMSDF Ise. Many others as well, but these were the closest to the WoWs, so I did not take pic's of the others... :-/ Also they were showing how gatling guns were used as anti torpedo armament even though I'm pretty sure gatling guns were way POST WW2. :) But hey, a gatling gun! :D Interior shots, and a shot through the periscope can be found from my JDS Akishio folder here. And if you are into Formula 1, I've uploaded some vid's here. No need to comment or upvote, they are there just for my entertainment, not for any kind of monetization. :)
  8. Oderisson

    Yamato/musashi AA buff

    I have a suggestion. Yamato was introduced into the game 3 years ago, there have been some new interesting and unique ships introduced into the game in the meantime and maybe we could spice up this ship a little with unusuall buff to AA. As some people may, or may not, know real-life Yamatos 460mm guns were actually dual-purpose. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Shiki_(anti-aircraft_shell) While making the guns dual-purpose would be simplest way this wouldn't actually spice things up. Also I have a feeling CV players would be grumpy. I am thinking more in the way of Defensive AA. The like that Hood has (but not as obviously broken). For balance purposes lets say it has only one charge (Yeah, I know, that means 3 charges with superintendant and premium). Maybe it could even replace spotter/scout plane. What are Your opinions? I think this idea is interesting way to differentiate Yamato from other X BBs.
  9. Rokko1v

    yamato or conqueror?

    ahoy folks, quick question.. im about to grind a bb line and im torn between yamato and conqueror. i get mixed messages from youtube etc about how well they perform. i have fun with both lines tier 5 and 6 so far but effectively only really time to grind one out. what would you suggest as first tier x battleship?
  10. I believe that the Yamato Model should be updated to HD standards. Here's my reasoning: 1. Yamato is one of the oldest ships in the game and its hull hasn't been updated since the Closed Alpha Test.(Please correct me if I'm wrong.) 2. It would appear that the Yamato's model has a very low polygon count, especially at the ship's aft.For example, Directly behind the main rudder I frequently get hit by torpedos despite there being very little hull and at a very small depth. A refference picture is provided.(In the picture please note the gap between the end of the ship and the ship's rudder). Again, please correct me if I am mistaken at any point. 3.The WoWs Team have outdone themselves with the quality of the Musashi and since some of the updated models have been passed over to the Yamato from the Musashi, I think its about time the kind of hybrid model that is the Yamato currently should be completed and updated as soon as possible. 4. Considering the Yamato's historical backround and the fact that it is the only Tier X Battleship to have been built and seen active service I believe it would please a lot of Yamato players, including myself, to finally see this incredible feat of engineering rightly displayed in digital form. I would like to thank the WoWs Team for giving us such a good game and small steps like this can make this game even more immersive.
  11. Up_The_Donald

    Stop shooting my Yamato

    I like the Yamato. I play solo and not in divisions meaning my win rate is just under 50%. That isn't fair. I average over 100k damage per game with no support and no love. That isn't fair. My win rate would be higher if people stopped targeting me. There are other ships on my team to shoot at but I am targeted. That isn't fair. My ship looks lovely. I've got two flags, the HSF flag and camo and the Yamamoto pennant. When my ship burns it looks all grimy and charred like a dirty BBQ. That isn't fair. I've got big guns. Really really big ones and I want to use them. If I'm being targeted and having to survive I can't get the citadels and dev strikes that I really enjoy. That isn't fair. Please all, spare a thought for my Yamato. Shoot the Conqueror instead. Up The Donald
  12. Yamato- Legenda marynarki wojennej Japonii, okręt posiadający działa kalibru 460mm, teoretycznie największy i najbardziej zabójczy pancernik na świecie, ale... I tak właśnie zaczyna się cała historia tego okrętu w grze World of Warships. W obecnej "mecie" Yamato jest praktycznie najmniej granym pancernikiem w grze. Ma to oczywiście swoje powody, kiedy World of Warships wyszedł jako otwarta beta mieliśmy do wyboru 2 nacje: amerykańskie i japońskie okręty. Montana straszyła każdy napotkany okręt potencjałem wystrzelenia 12 pocisków o dobrej penetracji w stronę wroga ściągając mu dużą część HP bądź też likwidując go w całości jedną salwą, Yamato natomiast był okrętem któremu wszystko jedno czy okręt jest ustawiony frontem czy bokiem, bo pociski 460mm i tak przebijały się przez okręt. Po czasie panowania USA i IJN przyszedł czas na pancerniki niemieckie, brytyjskie i francuskie, całkiem możliwe że niedługo zawitają też do nas włoskie pancerniki... Jak Yamato sprawuje się obecnie? - Wypada najsłabiej porównując go z innymi pancernikami. - Conqueror może dostać znaczące obrażenia, a jego regeneracja HP i tak sprawi, że trzeba ten okręt "zabić" dwa razy - Montana może spokojnie wyjść z każdej sytuacji nie będąc za to zbyt mocno ukaraną, przy czym jest też dosyć zwrotna - Grosser Kurfuerst nie otrzymuje obrażeń w cytadelę z bliskiej odległości, przez co może zawracać nawet na otwartych wodach i ucierpi na tym ewentualnie na tyle mocno, że będzie mógł wyleczyć obrażenia od penetracji (50%) - Republique ma świetny pancerz i penetracje tego okrętu od frontu są wręcz awykonalne Yamato natomiast MUSI polegać na całym zespole, ustawić się perfekcyjnie na mapie osłaniając swoją burtę od wszystkich pancerników i niektórych krążowników (Moskva i Henri IV), które mogą przebić się w jego cytadelę. Yamato w przypadku skrętu na otwartych wodach zostaje momentalnie usunięty z bitwy przez okręty wroga. No w porządku, ale co jest tego powodem? - Powodem tego jest jego cytadela, która jest umieszczona nad linią wody (cytadela burty) oraz jego heksagonalna cytadela na dziobie okrętu, którą wyżej wymienione okręty z łatwością mogą penetrować, dodatkowo Yamato ma bardzo duży promień skrętu i jedyną opcją dla niego jest zajęcie pozycji i cofanie się bądź też przyspieszanie. Zmiana pozycji w trakcie bitwy, kiedy Yamato jest pod ostrzałem jest praktycznie niemożliwa, co powoduje, że Yamato szybko idzie na dno , więc nie dziwi tutaj spadająca aktywność tym okrętem. Wargaming dodał kapitana Yamamoto Isoroku, który świetnie się sprawuje na okręcie Yamato... okej, ale parametry okrętu pozostały te same, dalej jest najtrudniejszym pancernikiem do grania i dalej zostaje daleko w tyle za swoimi klasowymi rywalami. Skoro w nadchodzącym patchu 0.7.4 Shimakaze dostosowuje się do panującej mety i jej kamuflaż zostaje zmniejszony do minimalnie 5,59 km, to czemu Yamato dalej pozostaje swoją własną wersją sprzed 2 lat? Czyżby Wargaming zapomniał o swoim japońskim gigancie kiedyś siejącym postrach i zniszczenie, a dziś wywołującym uśmiech, bo mamy darmowy cel do palenia, torpedowania i do trafiania cytadel? Jeśli o czymś zapomniałem, podzielcie się proszę spostrzeżeniami, póki co dziękuję za uwagę i przeczytanie tego co mam do powiedzenia na temat japońskiej legendy marynarki wojennej, Yamato. Pozdrawiam i powodzenia w bitwach! [BTT-W]szatan3434
  13. Hi all, Anyone using HSF "K117" cammo instead of "normal" Permanent cammo "Type 20" for Yamato? http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage "Type 20" -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -50% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +20% credits earned in the battle. +100% to experience earned in the battle. HSF "K117" -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -50% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +50% experience earned in the battle. +50% Commander experience earned in the battle. Leo "Apollo11" P.S. What about HSF "Y118" cammo for Musashi - anyone knows how to get it?
  14. Hi all, Interesting observation: If you put HSF "K117" cammo on Yamato and then disable the HSF special cammo viewing in port (via cog on ship carousel) the HSF "K117" cammo for Yamato will automatically dismount! Hmm... strange... was this intentional or it is a bug? Leo "Apollo11"
  15. Updated: 2018-05-28 Hi! So a while ago I downloaded and edited Secession's Imperator Nikolai I's custom white-and-gold skin, turning it into a black-and-gold and a black-white-and-gold skin. After that, I started editing skins of my own, making a whole bunch of them. So here's my custom skin collection... Previews: Files: Russian Empire/Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Okhotnik - Imperial Russian Navy: http://www.mediafire.com/file/f0ek6t4k9tatiw0/Okhotnik_-_Imperial_Russian_Navy.rar Aurora - Imperial Russian Navy: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6u00slid55lksiu/Aurora_-_Imperial_Russian_Navy.rar Svietlana - Imperial Russian Navy: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g50y1668z1tvoyn/Svietlana_-_Imperial_Russian_Navy.rar Imperator Nikolai I - Black and gold: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w3dl6q1rt9d2h9d/Nikolai_sec_mod_v1.12_(black-and-gold_edit).rar Imperator Nikolai I - White, black and gold: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3b68vu18y3d3v76/Nikolai_sec_mod_v1.12_(Black-white-and-gold_edit).rar Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya - Imperator Nikolai II: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5bint1wgme722ai/Oktyabrskaya_Revolutsiya_-_Imperator_Nikolai_II.rar Germany: Dresden - White and orange camo for B hull: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ulg8mh0nkfk7g4s/Dresden_-_White_and_orange_camo_for_B_hull.rar Nassau - German grandfather: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8pw6pnowjd60tbt/nassau_skin_(white_%26_orange).rar König Albert - Very slightly improved prema-camo: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z9bw4x2la1f92id/König_Albert_-_Very_slightly_improved_prema-camo.rar Bayern - Non-Buddhist post-Axis defeat compliant cross: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ah959o3c2m9h7et/Bayern_(yellow_turrets%2C_light_grey_hull%2C_not-a-swastika).rar Gneisenau - Dance Dance Revolution: http://www.mediafire.com/file/435fl7c76f1jdbd/Gneisenau_-_Dance_Dance_Revolution.rar Bismarck - Embrace the bias: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sdx6mavuh0462u0/Bismarck_-_Dance_Dance_Revolution.rar SMS Admiral Tirpitz: http://www.mediafire.com/file/797tb7xrwdfbsvn/SMS_Admiral_Tirpitz.rar Friedrich der Große - Post WWII-compliant skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/td5m4q2svlm4cl2/Friedrich_der_Große_-_Anti-buddhist_propaganda.rar France: Jurien de la Gravière - possibly historical skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c9d833t89fp5lq9/Jurien_de_la_Gravière_-_possibly_historical_skin.rar Algerie - Fleur d'Acier(ish): http://www.mediafire.com/file/d56oqvqbjs73kj3/Algerie_-_Fleur_d'Acier(ish).rar Turenne - As historical as this ship gets: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3e76bl5a0zxzd59/Turenne_-_As_historical_as_this_ship_gets.rar Courbet - Historical(ish) skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c30g4oceodw3d4b/Courbet_-_Historical(ish)_skin.rar Bretagne - Historical(ish) skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fotlr8lgtxsxwrz/Bretagne_-_Historical(ish)_skin.rar Dunkerque - FTFY Fleur d'Acier: http://www.mediafire.com/file/km0vevl1zm9nqfo/Dunkerque_-_Fleur_d'Acier_cammo_(no_french_colours_on_the_sides%3B_wooden_deck).rar Dunkerque - Fleur de lis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bbms1u913qs9oj7/Dunkerque_-_Fleur_de_lis.rar Lyon - SS Normandie knockoff TOTALLY ORIGINAL DESIGN: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ado9wnnrgei6rgb/Lyon_-_SS_Normandie_knockoff.rar Richelieu & Gascoigne - High contrast République camo: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zz7zce8j33qqktb/Richelieu_%26_Gascoigne_-_High_contrast_République_camo.rar Richelieu - Fleur de lis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nrdzh56gv262vrp/Richelieu_-_Fleur_de_lis.rar Super french BB skin super pack: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4kv7vao84e29l3c/Super_french_BB_skin_super_pac.rar/file - Includes Richelieu (A hull included) Gascogne Alsace France République Italy: Duca d'Aosta - - - - - Something something white skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ffra5w20e9sgwcs/Duca_d'Aosta_-_Something_something_white_skin.rar Duca degli Abruzzi - Something something white skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pa1642x23g6ajjd/Duca_degli_Abruzzi_-_Something_something_white_skin.rar Giulio Cesare - - - - - Something something white skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1d3tpdav2mfer9a/Giulio_Cesare_-_Something_something_white_skin.rar Roma - - - - - - - - - - - Something something white skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yua7dzmppesavtd/Roma_-_Something_something_white_skin.rar United Kingdom: Iron Duke - Dazzling new look: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7i01e113ws1a1ne/HMS_Iron_Duke_-_Dazzling_new_look.rar Warspite - Fascist dazzle: http://www.mediafire.com/file/trg6m2yte00b573/HMS_Warspite_-_Fascist_dazzle.rar Hood - Fleur d'Acier knockoff Rule Britania: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ihwkg7j3d5afj2/HMS_Hood_-_Rule_Britannia.rar Japan: Kawachi - Because this ship deserves some love (and a f**kton of buffs): http://www.mediafire.com/file/dvn93n2ajjorexc/Kawachi_-_White_hull.rar Myogi - The Mikasa style menace: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a840nx24oa8vack/Myogi_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Ishizuchi - Mikasa style christmas special: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8v347yz3v3a000s/Ishizuchi_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin)_-_copia.rar Kongo - Attack of the Mikasa style: http://www.mediafire.com/file/al13hbqgw2h3hnq/Kongo_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Fuso - Revenge of the Mikasa style: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hx56b766a6uqbt2/Fuso_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Mutsu - And now for something completely different: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7jd1na1klc75vds/Mutsu_-_Something_something_white_skin.rar Ashitaka - Premium One: A Mikasa style story: http://www.mediafire.com/file/iit9qc1pkbda03x/Ashitaka_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Nagato - A new Mikasa style: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2gv30j1cbrmusii/Nagato_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Amagi - Mikasa style strikes back: http://www.mediafire.com/file/muj35cidui3589d/Amagi_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin).rar Kii - Return of the Mikasa style: http://www.mediafire.com/file/va48mebuxs03vsa/Kii_(Mikasa-style__white_and_black_skin%2C_plus_darker_Kobayashi_skin).rar Musashi - Empire of the Rising Sun (RA3): http://www.mediafire.com/file/02cslm300dmhy2p/Musashi_-_Empire_of_the_Rising_Sun_(RA3)_-_copia.rar Yamato - Empire of the Rising Sun (RA3): http://www.mediafire.com/file/1cajqqq5im5tus2/Yamato_-_Empire_of_the_Rising_Sun_(RA3).rar HSF Musashi & Yamato - As seen on TV: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pabeeyawp9ca4dl/HSF_Musashi_%26_Yamato_-_As_seen_on_TV.rar Russian Federation (North American Subject Republic): St. Louis - Great White Fleet skin for B hull: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0q47rtpovu1s1jy/St._Louis_-_Great_White_Fleet.rar South Carolina - Great White Fleet: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jic9w0apkl0vp76/South_Carolina_-_Great_White_Fleet.rar Arizona - Historical camo from USS Oklahoma: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qllmflx38qrdrdq/Arizona_-_Historical_camo_from_USS_Oklahoma.rar Missouri - Make America Great Again (AKA the Trump Wagon): http://www.mediafire.com/file/yiu3uh12sluetax/Missouri_-_Make_America_Great_Again.rar Notes: Also, a quick guide to removing permanent cammos: First, you need to put this file into the \Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\ folder: http://www.mediafire.com/file/356nv1mjpp9mmdq/camouflages.xml Then you open it as a text file and open the search tool (Ctrl+B). You search for a key word matching the ship's cammo you want to edit (hint: look at the name of the skin files; some ships have names completely different from their in-game names) Here I'll look for the Aurora, which for some reason they put under the name "avrora" with a "V". You keep hitting next until you find something like this: If the ship has more than one permanent cammo, like the Tirpitz, you'll find them one after the other: Below that you'll find four lines reading "<color0>" thru "<color4>" with a string of numbers. You only need to change those four lines of numbers from whatever values they have to "0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000". Then you save the file. And you're done! Now the cammo is invisible, but you still enjoy the bonuses it offers. Warning: Unlike skins, which you can change, add or remove while running the game and see the changes on your ships by just selecting another ship, then going back to the ship you want, this doesn't work with the game running. You need to close the game and launch it again to see the change. Enjoy!
  16. Hi all, From Reddit: Almost 50K Secondaries damage to "Yamato" in 40 seconds from IFHE Secondary build "Grosser Kurfurst"... I always thought this was just a myth... Leo "Apollo11"
  17. Bracciofortebraccio

    Corazzate tier 10 (anche per ranked)

    Buongiorno, per chi usa le corazzate nelle ranked, quale tier 10 preferisce? Lo chiedo perchè sono al rank 10, e devo decidere quale corazzata acquistare (usando buona parte della mia free Xp): Yamato o Montana? Con inglesi e tedesche sono indietro, non le posso sbloccare. Con le francesi sono addirittura alla Courbet... Però se queste sono migliori delle statunitensi o giapponesi, ditemelo, che non spreco frre Xp e resto rank 10 a guardare gli altri che scalano la classifica...
  18. Rokko1v

    yamato secondary build?

    ahoy, i was wondering how much sense a yamato secondary build would make. the idea that a ship, that is a beast by default such as the yamato, could just sail past dds and melt them without the use of main guns...while still remaining powerful, does amuse me. take the 3 modules that are for secondaries plus advanced firing training and manual secondary control? or would the viability of the ship suffer too much?
  19. HunterHamburg

    HSF Yamato Tarnungs Boni

    Moin Moin, Ich vermute zwar das mein Thema kein eigentlicher Bug im Spiel ist aber ich hätte das Thema gerne geklärt. Ich habe mir inzwischen die Tarnung der HSF für die Yamato erspielt. Dazu habe ich mir die Tarnung für die Musashi für 5k Dublonen gekauft. Erstere ist mit dem Beenden der HSF-Sammlung zu erspielen. Und ich vermute das dieses der Grund ist für "angepasste" Boni bei dieser Tarnung. Dieses finde ich aber gerade im Vergleich zur HSF-Musashi Tarnung für mich etwas verwirrend. Die Musashi mußte ich mit "Free XP" erkaufen, also im besten Fall keine Dublonen einsetzen - dort ist eine Premium-Tarnung dann inklusive. Für deren HSF-Tarnung muß man aber wie oben erwähnt 5k Dublonen hinlegen. Bei der Yamato muß man die Premium-Tarnung ebenfalls für 5k Dublonen erkaufen. Dafür kann man sich die HSF-Tarnung halt erspielen. Nun ist mir halt aufgefallen das gerade diese "erspielbare" Yamato Tarnung im Vergleich zur "erspielbaren" Musashi-Premium Tarnung verringerte Boni auf Basis-XP sowie eine Änderung in Bezug auf Wartung/Creditverdienst hat. Ich weiß nicht ob dieses ein Bug ist oder "working as intended", gerade das hätte ich gerne von @Sehales, @dies_ari, @Crysantos oder @MrConway geklärt bekommen. Falls es schon ein Topic darüber im Forum gibt habe ich es mit der SuFu leider nicht gefunden.
  20. SkullBreaker007

    Should I start IJN BB's line

    Hey now that I have been olaying us bb's for quite a while I am about to get the tier vii bb colarado( havent heard good things about it) So far the USN BB's have been somewhat disappointing except for New Mexico. Now after a ling time as im just about to get Colarado I hear its probably the worst US bb. Im thinking of checking out the japanese battleship line and hear it has some nice midtier bs . I just have 2 questions 1. Is it better for now to focus on US bbs and get to iowa or montana or shoild I start checking the ijn bbs? 2. A dumb question but I have the ishizuchi battleship does that mean I can research kongo ir do I have to get myogi for that. I dont have access to my PC so I cant check out.
  21. Oni_land

    Neue Yamato Tarnung

    Hi ich habe heute die high school fleet sammlung abgeschlossen, jedoch die yamato tarung habe ich nicht erhalten, hat jemand das selbe problem gehabt?
  22. _Xaero_

    Yam turret armour still bugged?

    So I saw the patch saying they fixed that bug that gave a small part of the guns that 125mm armour, but on the layout (print screen provided) it still shows it's there. Visual bug or is the armour for the guns still bugged? :P
  23. how is it possible that this went through without any notice ? @Crysantos i wondered why my turrets gets knocked out that often .... this applies as well for yamato didnt had the blood pressure for checking other ships Srsly, this is not what i paid for, what now WG ?