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Found 55 results

  1. Hello again everyone, today I'm featuring a recent video from one of my clanmates Geodimikara going nuts in his Yamato doing over 320k damage getting 6 kills in the process in a really nice demonstrationon how to play the legendary Japanese battleship Yamato in an offensive pushing manner. I hope you all enjoy the video and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7 My YouTube Channel link once again is Carbine Carlito I hope you feel free to drop by check out this and some of my other videos and Good Luck and fair seas to you all.
  2. [SPAM-] Sexy Pantsu Armored Militia Ce clan est un clan orienté FUN avec un minimum de niveau où on ne fera aucune compétition de façon sérieuse. On jouera comme on le souhaite et sans prise de tête. Liste des Responsables du clan Commandant : Youti_Dieu_du_SC Commandant remplaçant : Sea_Fox / Silverwolf63 Second : Elitefatal / loliguardian/ In_the_Navy / GaelusRex / Nardof / PyRoZz_1 Notre hymne Objectif du clan Play for fun Division loufoque Aucun entrainement Aucun style/méta de jeux imposé Clan battle : récompense ligue tempête Les bonus Critère de recrutement - Discord obligatoire Il est recommandé pour une meilleure intégration le clan d'avoir : - stat en progression - 3500 partie mini - 5 tier 8 non premium - Présence discord 2 jours mini - Pour participer au CB avoir un Tier 10 croiseur ou CA + stat moyenne (53%) Période d’essai 2 semaines pour avoir le tag ingame Toutes les autres candidatures seront étudiées Diplomatie / extérieur Pour infos : - Ce n'est pas la peine de nous proposer des entrainements . - Nous accepterons toute confrontation fun avec règle drôle ou autre. Sinon le discord reste ouvert a tous les autres tant qu'ils respectent les règles établies du discord de clan. Conclusions Nous ne pouvons pas croire ce que nous ressentons quand nous sommes sur wows, Nos folies font disparaître la tristesse, Alors prenez vos navires, n'ayez pas peur de montrer votre talent, Spamons le monde avec les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel, Propageons nos créations et noyez le forum de nos délires, N'ayez pas peur d'essayer un angle différent, Parfois, les idées peuvent provenir des yolostyle, Nous serons votre guide, suivez-nous dans une aventure, Nous allons conquérir les esprits et étonner le monde ensemble, Nos bêtises ressemblent au paradis, Un tel yolo skill est un joli cadeau à voir, J'espère qu'un jour nous partagerons des souvenirs, Tu spam le monde et nous jouerons nos mélodies.
  3. Hallöchen euch allen, nach den beiden erfoglreichen Sink the Bismarck Events, gibt es nun ein neues und zwar: Operation Ten-gō Die letzte größere Offensivaktion der Japanischen kaiserlichen Marine und auch im 2. Weltkrieg. Diese Offensive war als Entlastungsangriff gedacht, doch leider schlug sie fehl, da die japanischen Schiffe durch Luftaufklärung entdeckt wurden und ebenso durch Luftangriffe versenkt worden sind. Dies besiegelte auch das Ende der Schlachtschiffe und bestätige das die Flugzeugträger nun die Meere dominierten. Aufstellung USA: 2-3 Tier 8 Fleugzeugträger, 1x Midway 2 BB bis Tier 9 3 Schwere Kreuzer bis Tier 9 4 DD bis Tier 10 Japan: 1 Yamato 4-5 IJN Kreuzer bis Tier 9 6-7 IJN DD bis Tier 10 Map: Okinawa Ziel ist es das die Amerikaner die Yamato versenken und die Japaner versuchen dies mit letzter Anstrengung zu verhindern. Es werden 3 Runden gespielt, nach Möglichkeit sollte nach Runde 1 durchgewechselt werden, das so gut wie möglich jeder mal die US und Japanische Seite gespielt hat. Sonderpreise gibt es für Yamato und den ersten CV Abschuss und für den meissten Verursachten Schaden (Da bitte Screenshot im Discord in den dafür vorgesehenen Channel hochladen und auch die Schadenszahl als Kommentar dazuschreiben!) Natürlich werden nach der letzten Runde für alle Teilnehmer die leer ausgegangen sind noch 6x 500 Dublonen verlost und ebenso unter allen Zuschauern. Falls jemand einen Preis spenden möchte, teile dies mir bitte vorher mit, danke. Das Paswort wird zuerst im Discord bekannt gegeben, danach im Stream, sprich sollte großer Andrang herrschen, haben so die User im Discord einen kleinen Vorteil. Die Teilnehmer Zahl ist leider auf maximal 22 beschränkt. Ich freue mich auf eine rege Teilnahme! Wann und Wo das ganze Stattfindet: Freitag 28. Juni 2019 ab 22:45 Discord: https://discord.gg/rEFzwDe Stream:
  4. Hi all, New "Yamato" 3D model also brought (unwanted) armor changes... This was posted on Reddit! The "Yamato" in v0.8.2 The "Yamato" in v0.8.3 And @Sub_Octavian responded: Leo "Apollo11"
  5. Damage winratio für Yamato Zeugt die abhängigkeit der winrate von der Fähigkeit damage zu machen. 2 charts 1)Spieler mit mehr als 150 gefechten in der Auswertungswoche 2) Spieler mit bis zu 50 Gefechten in der Auwertungswoche Beide trends sind sehr ähnlich. Ein Yamato spieler muss rund 90 k dam erreichen um eine erwartung in der wi rate von rund 50% zu haben Die rote linie zeigt wo beide trends die 50% winrate schneiden Wie man sehen kann ist das Bestimmtheitsmaß für 150 gefechte beträchtlich erhöht. Solch Auswertungen hatte ich bereits schon mal vor 3 jahren gemacht. Im Vergleich zu damals hat sich das Bestimmtheitsmaß sehr deutlich erhöht.
  6. Introduction Hello! This is my fourth guide in my "how to" series. Links to my other guides: -> How to play Großer Kurfürst -> General guide on how to play Battleships -> How to play Montana Today I'll write about the oldest tier 10 Battleship in World of Warships: Yamato. A Battleship which has definitely been hit by "power creep" so to say, but it still holds its place as a extremely valuable tool for area denial. I'm making this guide with help from people of |OP| and people like @strangers123 (although Strangers absolutely dislikes the ship) Captain's Skillbuild As I said earlier Yamato is a ship that has greatly changed over the lifetime of this game. While the older builds often recommend a secondary based build, this is definitely not a thing you'd want to do now. There are 2 builds that I would see as usable, an AA build (questionable/very situational) and a tanky build. Personally I'd recommend using the tanky build since the AA build totally doesn't play in the Yamato's strength. Preventive Maintenance is there to avoid your turrets getting destroyed. While Yamato turrets are really tanky it does help, since your turrets turn so slowly it's likely that they will get hit in the side while turning. Direction center for catapult aircraft could be picked for extra torpedo spotting but I personally prefer having my main battery guns not break on me in combat, but it's up to personal preference. In the contrary Expert Marksman is a MUST HAVE on the Yamato, if you are going for the reload upgrade on your ship your gun turret traverse will slow down to a whopping 82 seconds (for a 180° turn) if you wouldn't use the Expert Marksman skill. While using it will bring that back down to 62 seconds (note that Isoroku Yamamoto is being tested with enhanced expert marksman making this even more valuable) Adrenaline Rush will help to increase your DPM (Damage per minute) once your hp goes lower (thrust me, it will). This will make you incredibly dangerous since your reload will drop down to +-23 seconds when you are at 50% HP. Basics of Survivability, a mainstay in tank builds, is a skill that will decrease fire and flooding duration, which is incredibly useful given that Yamato will be the focus of many cruisers. Superintendent will give you an extra heal which obviously helps in prolonged games, giving you an extra batch of repairable HP. Fire Prevention does the same as Basics of Survivability in helping you survive HE focused fire, it limits the max number of fires you can have on your ship, making the 2 most easy to hit fire zones into one big zone (the front and back of the midships) Concealment Expert is a skill I use on all my Battleships because it is just so valuable, it allows you to disengage and heal back up (in most cases). It can greatly stretch your lifetime in a battle where you are being pushed. Ship Upgrades Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Or for Manoeuvrability (Which I prefer) Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 4 is really the only one of these upgrades that could be disputed. While Damage Control System 2 is very useful for tanking, I do prefer Steering gears mod 2 to help your ship turn. Yamato really needs to be able to turn to avoid exposing it's weak frontal citadel which I'll talk more in detail about in the next point. General Playstyle Yamato is as I said one of the older Battleships in the game and it does show. Compared to all her tier 10 counterparts she still has a very easy to hit citadel because it sits quite high in the water. The octagonal shape of her citadel also makes it so that Yamato can get quite easily citadelled even when angled. In the picture below I indicated what I am talking about with a blue line. When Yamato is angling like this, that panel sits at a flat angle compared to you, making it easy to penetrate given that you are in a Battleship are ship with a high enough calibre to do so. This is why I prefer the stearing gears modification over the damage control, it allows you to more easily hide this weakness. Because when you are sitting completely bow on to an enemy Battleship, the only other Battleship that is able to penetrate your hull is another Yamato. For it's play style Yamato greatly depends on her massive guns, but these also limit her in some points. Yamato is great at denying complete areas of the map by sitting bow on and stopping enemy battleships from pushing into her, this will make her a priority target of most cruisers, hence why I recommend using the tank build. It is better to wait out the first few minutes of the battle to see where you are most needed, the thing you do need to keep in mind is that you need support. Yamato is a Battleship that works incredibly poorly when unsupported and has great difficulties getting out of harms way unlike Montana or Kurfürst who can more easily turn around. Unlike these ships Yamato doesn't have a lot of firepower in the back of the ship and is also relatively slow. You should see Yamato more as a fortress, once it sits somewhere where it has secured its flanks, it is incredibly hard to dislodge her from her position. Her 460mm guns can overmatch the bows of all enemy battleships that could come to assault her, making pushes against her not an easy task at all. Carriers and destroyers will be a pain to deal with as they can launch attacks from angles that Yamato has a hard time defending, although her very impressive torpedo bulge will definitely take a lot of the sting out of torpedoes. Try to keep the enemy in front of you while withering them down and push when your team is ready. Whatever you do, don't brawl, your slow turret traverse will make it very hard to track enemies, even battleships at close range, on top of that your number 2 turret cant aim down over your first turret at short range, diminishing your damage even more. And when enemy battleships get around you and get you angled they will start reliably citadelling you in the spot that I mentioned before. What you should do when the enemy starts pushing in is trying to back off by putting your ship in reverse, this will give you more time to deal as much damage as possible. When you know you are going down, taking someone with you with a ram could also be an option you are willing to take. Try not to use your back turret when you are closer than 15 km unless the enemy really isn't paying attention. When you are able to use your back turret, this also means that you expose that weak spot in your citadel. (you basically need to outweigh your risks and rewards) On top of this try to stick to targets that are in front of your guns, thanks to the very slow turret rotation you will lose a lot of time if you switch targets very often. In short: Don't give broadside, get a good position with your flanks relatively secure (preferably close to your own destroyers for support), unload accurate 460mm shells until your ship runs out of hp or you need to start pushing, try to limit turning your guns, do not brawl and don't forget that your citadel has a weird shape. Outro As all my other guides I will try to keep updating these, if you have any points you would like to see added, please do leave them in the comments. Feedback is always appreciated and I will try to implement it as soon as possible. Have a nice day! Kathy.
  7. Immoxb

    Which is better?

    Hey guys! I am currently choosing between the Republique and the Yamato. Since I have a hard time deciding, I saw my shot to start a thread and let you guys help me! So, what are you guys thoughts on the Yamato and Republique? Pros and cons? Their playstyle? I know myself I like agressive playstyle (Montana and G.Kurfürst are my current T10 BB's.) So let's get the discussion going
  8. Giorgio_marksman

    Yamato- How to position?

    I just got the Yamato (2 days ago) and I only have around 10 battles in it. The second was fairly good (140k damage) but in all the others I only have 70-90k damage done per battle. All of the time I think i’m out of position, sometimes i’m too far behind and can’t deal a lot of damage before the match ends and others i’m too far in front and get killed with 60-70k damage done. Most of the matches I loose around 20-30k credits. Any help on positioning? Thank you very much guys!
  9. WindSplitter1

    Inbound weaboo.

    Hello, everyone. First post here. I am currently installing WoWS. Though I've tried it before and kinda liked it, I never got the hang of it and dropped it. The toxicity and general poor game balance/design plaguing WoT are kinda depressive and after checking out WoWS stats, I must say it looks a much better environment. With that said, being the target the Yamato, I'd like to know what insight you have for someone who will venture themselves in Battleships. >I have prem acc but that's as far is the initial investment goes. >No intention of rushing through Tiers, got burned really bad on WoT because of that. >Am reading the Wiki at the moment. Total newb, still. Umm... In WoT you say "Roll Out!", whatever Ship counterpart that is, insert here. :)
  10. Hi all, Interesting observation: If you put HSF "K117" cammo on Yamato and then disable the HSF special cammo viewing in port (via cog on ship carousel) the HSF "K117" cammo for Yamato will automatically dismount! Hmm... strange... was this intentional or it is a bug? Leo "Apollo11"
  11. Greetings fellow captains! Habe mich an einem Funny Moments Video zu WoWs versucht, da ich auch so schon mit anderen Leuten aufnehme. Außerdem sind dann die ganzen Replays endlich mal zu gebrauchen Ist zwar aktuell nur ein Video zu Warships aber weitere sind geplant. Hoffe euch gefällts! Man sieht sich auf den virtuellen Meeren! DrPatex
  12. DeleteCV

    Stealth Montana vs Yamato

    Was playing my Montana on stream, testing a full concealment build when I ended up against a Yamato I recognized, also captained by a rank 1 player, so I knew he'd be fairly good. Ended up being a rather interesting cat-and-mouse game where I use my stealth and maneuverability to avoid him as much as possible while dealing damage against everything else. Thought it was a fun game worth posting.
  13. NoMoreFreeNicknames

    Nerf Yamato!

    Wydało się Najnowsze screeny z supertestu. Widać, że grzebią przy nim
  14. What is it with Yamato and its bow. Time again i take 20-30K damage from being hit with 2-3 shells in the Bow. Not under the guns or anywhere near anything important. I have started to aim for that part of Yamatos myself. I have also seen this on a few other ships where I do massive amounts of damage from hitting them in the bow section far forward of the guns. Its pretty redicolous imo.
  15. brandon9850


    ok so please bare with me, this is a one off post, as i dont give info or vids often but i was looking on youtube at some videos of warships when i noticed this documentary of the yamato and i though it was quite interesting. So here it is... https://www.youtube....h?v=oyWHLR7-Mmw
  16. Zamuchryshkin

    IJN Yamato - ART

    Hello, men! Here is a new art for you. Today it's related to IJN Yamato... Original: http://i.imgur.com/F9QBgGe.jpg
  17. I quickly made a short animated film loosely based around the battleship 'Yamato' for a university project. I'm trying to get as much feedback on it as possible, so if you could fill in the very quick survey at this link [ https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LF5VRPH ] as well then I'd appreciate it. Thank you I should point out that this was made over only a few days, just using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, and is only loosely based off the story of Yamato and doesn't try to be historically accurate or factual.
  18. Hola buenas, el motivo de abrir este post es si pudierais comentar vuestras impresiones acerca del nuevo comandante especial que regalan en las misiones, Isoroku Yamamoto. Que diferencias tiene con los comandantes normales y que ventajas ofrece llevarlo puesto en un barco. Y bueno, ya de paso si no es mucha molestia, que me dieseis vuestra opinión acerca de las habilidades de comandante mas óptimas para el acorazado Yamato, si hacerlo a secundarias o a supervivencia. Os dejo las dos builds que veo mejor para ese barco, pero agradecería cualquier consejo o sugerencia. Saludos y mares tranquilos. -Build a secundarias: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0000100000100010100010001000100019 Build a supervivencia: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0000100000100010100001000100000119
  19. Hi all, From Reddit: Almost 50K Secondaries damage to "Yamato" in 40 seconds from IFHE Secondary build "Grosser Kurfurst"... I always thought this was just a myth... Leo "Apollo11"
  20. pour équilibré les 2 tier X, le montana étant un projets qui n'a jamais abouti, je trouve pas sa juste pour le yamato,que lui soit la a la limite c'est pas trop grave, mais alors ajouté en recherche les amélioration "élément" que le yamato a eu pendant la seconde guerre mondial ou alors ajouté le super-yamato qui lui aussi était en projet de construction, avec c'est canons 500mm et autre.
  21. Rokko1v

    yamato secondary build?

    ahoy, i was wondering how much sense a yamato secondary build would make. the idea that a ship, that is a beast by default such as the yamato, could just sail past dds and melt them without the use of main guns...while still remaining powerful, does amuse me. take the 3 modules that are for secondaries plus advanced firing training and manual secondary control? or would the viability of the ship suffer too much?
  22. Rokko1v

    yamato or conqueror?

    ahoy folks, quick question.. im about to grind a bb line and im torn between yamato and conqueror. i get mixed messages from youtube etc about how well they perform. i have fun with both lines tier 5 and 6 so far but effectively only really time to grind one out. what would you suggest as first tier x battleship?
  23. Lolomatic1701

    Yamato or Großer Kurfürst

    Yamato or Großer Kurfürst I know I am far away from tier 10 but I want to know which one i should get so I can choose which line I go down Please explain why each is better :D
  24. I don't know if i should free Xp the rest of my way to the yamato or not, so i need some opinions on what to do. So at the moment im saveing up free Xp for the "money printer" itself, but i am ever so close to getting the yamato(aka spacebattleship, aka supreme flagship, aka hotel). Im not really having problems with the Izumo i seem to be doing pretty good in it,but im not sure if i should use my free Xp to get the yamato now or just grind through the izumo and get the Xp needed. So i need your guidance people of the Forum