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Found 50 results

  1. Maybe you know this - I didnt. Have a laugh or take it seriously to be informed. Heres my short story of CV returns. I was not aware that Tier1 ship XP cannot be used for anything, if the following ship is already researched. After selling and buying the CV Midway a few times during the rework + 15 to 20 carrier captain resets which had either been charged dubloons, free XP or captain XP where the charge type is decided more or less by the charge system randomly, got free XP from WG for return chaos with the Haku, performed a few Midways sales (and sold all other US carriers) and rebuys and finally have 6.4 million ships XP on the Tier 1 Eerie class as final outcome which can not be used for anything... As the Wargaming rules are that you can only use ship XP to research the next tier (Tier 2) with Tier 1 ship XP. Pointing out that the Tier1 ship tooltip has the wording "Research next tier ships", gets ticket replies stating general WG terms of service and that Tier1 ship XP can only be used to research Tier2 ships. If you have Tier 2 already researched, all Tier 1 ship XP is wasted according to WG support staff. Trying to research any other ship in the US or Japan branch does not work, if Tier 2 ships or the next connected ship to Tier 1 has been researched. Now the best: Re-purchasing the entire US/JP CV line only works with free XP - I sunk another 800000 Free XP on that to have my Midway back. In my opinion, this should be possible with the Tier1 US Erie ship XP ! Ignore in-game text content and tooltips, they can't be relied on. Old 5.4 Million Tier 1 screenshot, its 6.4 Million Ship XP now on the Erie. ---------------------- Updated note from me, 20/03/2019 UTC19:26 If CV carriers have been researched, then returned (more than once), why would they need to be researched again ? In case of CV carrier returns...Charging nearly 800K of free XP over and over again for the CV research of the line seems odd and unfair to me. The system of returning research XP for the US/JP currently to the unusable Tier 1 ship XP is a big disadvantage to the usual games research system, IMHO. IMHO a CV ship once researched should remain researched.
  2. wilkatis_LV

    Shooting down planes & rewards for it

    S_O on a Q&A stream with a Russian CC: Shooting down planes currently doesn't give any rewards. No xp or credits. They likely will be re-introduced when the meta stabilizes and better balance is achieved. Sir_Nelson, MrConway and Crysantos on Balance Q&A #2: Shooting down planes gives rewards, it always has. Values probably are reduced compared to what they were previously. Uhh, which one is it then?! These are 2 completely contradicting answers about the same thing within a few days of each other. Another typical case of "The C in Wargaming stands for Competence"? @Sub_Octavian *pretty sure Sir_Nelson isn't on EU forums so can't tag him* @MrConway @Crysantos
  3. Geckkoo

    View Free XP Without Doubloons

    Hi all I might be missing something here but why does it not show up how much free xp you have available to convert unless you have doubloons? As soon as I have doubloons it shows any elite ships that have free xp but when I have zero doubloons it just says "purchase doubloons to use for conversion" without showing the amount of free xp. I know you can check and add it up on each ship individually but I would have thought this info would still be displayed with or without doubloons? Like I said i might just be missing something (apologies if this is obvious!) and I had a scan through the forums but couldn't see anything about this. Cheers
  4. Siegfried_S

    Battle XP Calculation

    Is there or will there be a look at reworking the current XP calculation model. The current model is rewarding damage and is causing players to ignore the base target of any game to win (sinking ships and capping)
  5. Yesterday I had a game with a friend, in which: - I did NOT do lot of damage (I did less than my friend for example) - I did NOT do more kills than others did - I had NOT a huge potential damage taken - NO cap ribbons at all I believe - I had no medals nothing special And yet I ended up top Base XP. This was interesting as it countered everything I knew about Base XP! could not explain why and me and my friend went thinking what it could be... But we couldnt figure it out! He had more damage dealt than me, more caps, more everything! Still he ended a few spots lower in that particular game! How can a player with less damage, less kills, less caps and less potential damage taken, end up top BaseXP earner??? WG is not telling us everything! If you have any information on this please share with us, thanks cheers.
  6. Hi, lets see some high figures on credit, xp or even Com XP, got lucky with this http://i.imgur.com/GapG4oP.jpgall bonuses up including the dragon flag , would have been extra 5% if i had the NA server flag
  7. MS_Surface

    That 426K DMG Gearing replay

    I was just trying to understand this. Recent Gearing game with Premium account:(RECORD || 426K DAMAGE || GEARING - World of Warships - ) 4285K base XP 426K DMG after bills are payed: 591K credtis no cammo or modifiers used ------------------------------- Nov. 2016 game, also Premium:(World of Warships - Gearing Torpedo Whisperer - ) 2896K base XP 124K DMG after modifiers and bills: 615K Without modifiers (inc. permanent cammo): around 450K credits --------------------------------- So the difference between a 4.3K base XP + 426K dmg battle and a 2.9K base XP + 124K dmg is around 140K credits? Does this mean that a battle like: 1389 base XP and 300K dmg (diferences between both battles) would give, after bills and modifiers:-200Kcredits? Somehow this doesn't look fair for the first player but maybe i'm missing something.
  8. Hi all im just wondering what people think about the the reward system and grinding, feel free to drop some suggestions, strategies and thoughts. XD
  9. Hey fellow captains, something weird that I just noticed now that I logged in.. in the new profile summary (pretty sweet if you ask me) I have a different average xp number, significantly higher than the one in the webpage summary.. so what's going on, should I bring out the calculators or what?
  10. Hi, anyone else noticed that XP from capping/blocking magic circles in epicenter were drasticaly reduced (or maybe removed completely)? In past when you were blocking circles whole game, did some decent dmg and won, you were rewarded with lots of XPs (usualy 3k+). And now? You are risking for nothing (except win ofc).
  11. Butterdoll

    halloween ships /christmas

    I was wondering, what will happen to the special ships xp gained while playing the Halloween operation par 1 and two? after the end of the operation, the modules that we bought for the special ships will go to our inventory. but what about the xp? and... Is there going to be another special operation at Christmas? what is the usual? thank you.
  12. Hentai__Senpai

    New economy in 0.4

    So what do you players think about the new ecomy and research cost comming up in 0.4? Personaly i think it's too much, just increasing the reasearch cost to every ship twice as much as the prior patch. So anons, tell me about your thoughts.
  13. Ich wollte mal fragen warum das spiel so "Böse" ist und man keine standard xp mit Dublonen kaufen kann, würde gerne die myogi skippen für die Kongo und finde es irgendwie sehr seltsam das man keine xp so regulär kaufen kann bspw das man iXp kauft so um die 20000 und sich dann damit sein wunscchiff freischaltet. hat das einen Tieferen sinn oder versucht man leute so bei schrottschiffen wie der Myogi zu halten damit sie als Kanonenfutter für andere dienen? (Ironie)
  14. Kauvana

    XP conversion discount

    Hello, in the May missions post under the 18-28 May tab, a conversion discount for elite XP was announced. As I checked the game just now, it wasn't active yet. When will it be? I have a boatload of points lying around, eager to unlock the Bismarck in time for the German BB discount. EDIT: Just realised that this discount goes for commander XP. My bad.
  15. I think that in the team score tab, except for everyone's base xp, the damage dealt in battle should be visible. In addition to that I would like to be able to compliment more than 7 players per day.
  16. blackdevil9

    Unified Account

    Hi! I am not sure why you didn`t share free XP with all three games, but I can guess the reason. Too fast advance in Warships... and if that is the problem then why not put limit on spending and sharing that "unified xp" in warships? And this "dublons"... frankly! It pushing me far away from the game! I want gold and unified free xp and I am not alone, there is many more players that don`t wanna` play anymore because of this kind of mistakes! If you declared "Unified accounts" you should give them to us! Only reason I am writing this is that I started to think about leaving wargaming for good and tryin` some other games. Deep down I don`t wanna do that but you keep pushing me away with false promises and no sincere explanation of why you did not deliver promised. I hope you realize that is important to us to give us valid reason for not giving us something you promised, because of that explanation WE (and me) WILL wait and keep playing wargaming games far in to the future! Thank you for your time!
  17. JagEngland

    Just a few newbie questions

    Hello anybody, It was back in 2010 when I played a lot of NavyField. Since then I've pretty much ignored ship games (even though I have great interest in ships) but came back for this - and I love it! I have, however, a few questions: 1. I chose the German tree. I really like their navy (and they have been the most important WW I navy in the game currently). Having unlocked the light cruiser Karlsruhe I realized how bad it is (Dresden seemed best so far). Is there a way to earn the 18.000 xp needed for the Konigsberg on another ship or do I have to grind it (making around 300 per lost and 600 per won match it takes ages)? 2. Is there any information when British ships will be released for the game? They are my favourite navy - and the most important. Thank you. Best Regards, Jag
  18. Daego

    My Commander get no more XP ?!

    ok ok i see it now sry, my mistake /closed /delete
  19. Kampfbaer_das_Original

    Wargamings Pointsystem

    Hi forum Actualy I had a case in the ranked season. A Benson camped the whole time without firing a single shot just took one cap and with spotting damage he was afterwards top xp earner with just this move. Meanwhile other players had over 100k damage.......looks like wargaming has to improve a lot. Does somebody of you had similar experience like I?
  20. Hi folks, a few weeks ago during a weekend there was a discount promoting the conversion of your XP earned from Elite ships to Free XP. The discount changed the normal rate from 25 Free XP to 35 Free XP, per spent doubloon. I dont really need the XP at the moment and was wondering how frequent WarGaming throws such a conversion discount in the game?
  21. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can answer a few questions please. 1. When you unlock all the modules on a ship and research the next one, is there way to have all further xp earned with that ship sent to captain training....like in wot where you can click accelerated crew training upon elite of a tank. 2. Can you swap captains from 1 ship of same nation to another of same nation without any penalties…. in wot you have to retrain but dont see that in wows thanks for taking time to read/reply
  22. Hello all! I just wanted to ask, what is the best option in premium store now, to boost my xp? Recently i bought "The sailmaker's deal" pack, but i'm running out of it (and it was just 50% boost anyway). :( I tought that i'm gonna buy the full flag package, but it's containing too much non economic flags. Not worth the price (for me at least). I just want to boost my xp the best i can. Base and free xp too. So my next thought was to buy "Woman's day" camo, but it's just in (max. of) 50 package. And i'm not sure worth to buy like 4 of them for 40+ eur. :/ Next option is "Viva La france" camo in 200 package for 30 eur or so. But it's just adds 75% boost if i recall that correct. It's a pity that there is no flag packages like "Red Dragon" or "Ouroboros" :( What is your best suggestion guys? I don't have exact money limit, but i don't want to spend (waste) too much (pointless) money either. Thanks for your suggestions! O3EE
  23. Gibt es eigentlich irgendwo schon etwas darüber, wie die XP verteilt werden? Ich habe nämlich das Gefühl, dass die "kills" massiv überbewertet werden. Hatte gerade ein Spiel, bei dem ich mit meinem Tier VI 4 Schiffe versenkt habe aber gerade mal 50k dmg gemacht habe. Dafür hab ich 2105 XP bekommen. In anderen Spielen mit 100k und mehr, aber nur 1 oder 2 Schiffe versenkt hatte ich nie über 2k XP geschafft.
  24. QuintenCK

    Carrier EXP

    Hi everyone! I've noticed something in the game lately. And to no suprise it is the CV EXP system. I have sent a ticket to Wargaming, and they directed me to here. So why not make use of it? As you can see on the picture, I earned less EXP in my Essex, than in my Fuso, altought I did better in most ways in my Essex. And I bet I am not the only one complaining that we have to use premium camo, for CV EXP to become relevant. Take note: On both ships, I ran no other economy flags than the +50% EXP bonus. Both were not my first victory of the day. I don't have a premium camouflage on both ships. So my ideas on it, and how we can improve CV gameplay a bit, by rebalancing CV economy. Some of my ideas: Plane kills give EXP, not much, but they do. So what I would do is increase the EXP earned by these ribbons, after all, your team loves you for killing enemy planes. Example: If we say a single plane ribbon gives 10 EXP, then we could increase it by halve, to 15 EXP. I would increase the base EXP gained by CVs overall a little bit, maybe with 5-10%. The credits earned is very poor, I got more credits in my Fuso than in my Essex, yet the Essex has higher maintenance costs. So I would seriously buff the credits gained from CV gameplay. I don't know how the algorithm works for CV credits, but in general, I would buff it with a serious 20%. Lower the maintenance on high tier ships in general, not by much, but maybe like 5-10%. It would not only please the CV community, but all high tier players. These were some of my ideas. I am open to other ideas and to people who know how to balance it more, write a comment! Thank you.
  25. Rival_Son

    XP Error Japanese Cruisers

    There seems to be an irregularity in the xp needed for the Tenryu Cruiser? If looking from the port screen at the modules on the Chikuma, it shows as 2100xp to the Tenryu, but when looking at the Tenryu in the same screen (after clicking its name) It shows as 2800xp? See screenshots attached.Rival