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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, The lines are not equally long, the ships perhaps are less in XP, or fewer modules or hulls to research? Did anyone ever check that out?
  2. Hi, there is quite a strong opinion lately about game beign very forgiving (silver and XP topic only). I am interested how you would like to fix it. As we are discussing it for a purpose of "giving WG reason to make changes" please be civilised. They can ignore many things but if we demand game to be economically harsher they will comply as there is gain for them ;) I can just say that my biggest lost before changes to battle fee was a 300k silver battle in Yamato (I have made 2k+ damage with two overpens and died). After changes my biggest loss was 200k silver in Yamato (I shot down 17 planes, if memory serves, and was sunk by Midway - old RTS times). As I have some event camo for Yamato it is almost impossible to lose silver now. My recent loss was 12k silver in Moskva (I am as bad in it as I was in Yamato). As I am permanently runing premium account in reality I have lost less as prices above are given without premium. I am looking at non premium income to know if I am good enough to play without it. Answer is I am good enough, but now I can be more careless (that is a bad thing actually but makes game more enjoyable.) I am not giving my opinion on subject because I do not have any good idea to share.