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Found 3 results

  1. Okitank

    IJN standard grey camouflage

    Hey! There is something I wanted a lot on my japanese ships: A grey, neutral paint counting as a camouflage, as IJN almost never painted its warships. So my question is: why wouldn't you add a standard grey camouflage as an IJN premium camo? Being able to sortie your ship IJN grey, and still have the bonus of a camo? I hate to have to disable all camouflages by mods to enjoy my IJN ships, most of your job on the other navies paintings is awesome. Examples would be; - Yamato in Kure grey. - Hiryuu grey with hinomaru as a camo. -Cruisers and destroyers grey with a certain number of white stripes on the funnel, as the IRL distinction. Why? Because most of the IJN warship have never been painted, and especially not in the fantasy green you put on them. (Exceptions being the Nagato when she was disarmed, the Zuikaku whose camo is wrong in game and inverted with Hiryuu that never had a camouflage, the Myoko, and Taiho.). When IJN started painting its ships green, it was because of the ineluctable loss in fall 1944, so they were camouflaged at anchor, painted green to confuse US bombers that were now on range. Is it really good as a symbol to sail a ship that carries no hopes anymore? Well then, that's all for me. Happy new year, tho!
  2. Pivke

    Inaccurate ship models

    Hi i opened this topic for discussing ship models that might need adjusting or changing. im sure the warships experts have found quite a few inaccurate models that they want to bring attention to. i dont know too much about ships in general, but i have managed to find quite an obvious one. IJN Kuma cruiser. it doesnt have a scout plane, but it carries scout plane parts (the wings and the slides) on the deck. it would be nice to replace them with something else. because its just odd to have plane parts and no scout...
  3. so, this are the stats for the Montana's bbs aa (in this case i'm talking about the 40mm bofors) you have 19x4 guns, with a dps of 342 and this are the one's of the iowa 1945(full upgraded one), you have 18x4 guns, with 360dps. I don't think that this is the case of a balance issue ( also because the one that have the weaker aa is the tier10), but i can't understand if the mistake was in writing it ( so the dps of the Montana should be sligtly higher), or is that they put the wrong damage in it.