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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, i already opened a ticket with the support, but i would like to understand and share with you your direct experience about the referral system that we can find here ----> http://playtogether.worldofwarships.eu/ well... scrolling the page you read that you and your friend can have advantages from that.. I have tried to give the invitation to my friend, but he didn't receive nothing. Or the invitation link doesn't work correctly, or something else didn't work well. any ideas?
  2. Bonjour, nous sommes un nouveau clan sur world of warships, nous recrutons sans conditions, mis à part un minimum de maturité ^^ L'importent sera de s'amuser ensemble d'évoluer la base à notre rythme et de jouer un max ensemble. Posséder un casque serai vraiment utile pour tout le monde mais pas obligatoire =) Pas de restrictions d'entré au niveau des Tiers mais si vous possédez du Tiers VIII mini c'est mieux voila une bonne journée à tous. postuler InGame ou laisser un message avec votre pseudo inGame en dessous.
  3. FURYofFIRE123

    problem with WoW launcher URGENT

    Yea ok, so i accidentally deleted my Wow whilst doing a major cleanup of my mac, however i had only deleted a few files, i tried to recover them but it didn't work so i deleted all of the files and started over again, when i left it to download and came back i clicked play only for this to occur. Can someone tell me why this happens and what i can do to fix this, i really wanna get playing again...
  4. GuderianDK

    German Tech tree

    I would love to see a German tech tree real soon... is this in any way in the works already or does that come much later?
  5. Bartholomew_Thorne


    Bugün Arp Hiei gemi görevini bitirdim.Daha sonra sol tarafta teslim edildi filan yazdı kutunun içinde.Ancak gemiler arasında yok.Oyunu kapatıp açdım halen yok.Mod filanmı indirmem gerekiyor oynamam için ?
  6. MaRu2015

    Ikonki i sygnały.

    1.Mam pytanie czy to błąd w tłumaczeniu, czy rzeczywiście zainstalowanie tego sygnału obniża sprawność mojego okrętu? I po co taki sygnał instalować? 2. Co znaczy/daje uruchomienie tej ikonki ze screena?
  7. armageddon2101

    probleme payement

    dsl jai fait un sms jai jamais eu le code dsl si je me suis trompe dans le sujet je sait pas encore comment le fofo fonctionne le fofo merci de maider cordialement
  8. General_Montgomerie1966

    Force H_Royal Navy Looking for new shipmates

    Ahoy there ship mates, Force H_Royal Navy is looking for new clan members, willing to help build a brand new clan in to a tough fighting unit. There are few requirements to join, but all we ask are, You are English speaking as Force H is UK based, That you play regularly, You are willing to join in Operations, and Ranked battles, and at some point have a Microphone once a TeamSpeak channel is set up, but that is not a deal breaker. The main thing is to have fun in the game with your clan mates. Apply in game at: Force H_Royal Navy. Tag is FH_RN. See you on the high seas, and good hunting. General_Montgomerie1966
  9. Hounds

    That wierd/funny lucky shot

    So yesterday for the fourth time (for me), i got that odd lucky shot. I was rowing along in my Fuso tossing shells at a stubborn cruiser, i fired a broadside to get him off my back. And as i shifted view to manouver, i suddenly hear i have sunk an enemy destroyer. Apparently a destroyer had received that broadside instead of me missing the cruiser, i must admit to thinking i must have mistaken a cruiser for a destroyer. Another battle and i am enjoying my Fruitcake, a cruiser is giving chase so i fire some torps to make him turn. Suddenly a destroyer crosses my enemy cruisers path and is the recipient of some nice torps, i bet he was just as suprised as i was. So dear community do you have some similar lucky shots?

    Wich faction have the better BB?

    I have tier Nagato, New Mexico and Scharnhorst and I want to star other line of bb but I dont know what is better, ¿ English BB, french or germans? Thanks to all the people who answer my question.
  11. Bonjour à tous moussaillon, Alors voilà, après avoir créer et gérer un clan sur World of Tanks au grade de Chef, je me décide aujourd'hui à la création d'un clan sur World of Warships. Le nom du clan : Starks Navy Les objectifs du clan sont simple : - Partager notre passion - Jouer ensemble - Former une équipe pour monter dans le classement Je ne possède pas encore de TS mais le mois prochain je ferai le nécessaire pour en prendre un ! Les conditions de recrutement : - être un minimum mature (Majeur de préférence) - Avoir de l'expérience sur WoW, ou WOT - Avoir au moins du T7/T8 - être présent et motivé - Avoir l'esprit de compétition Je recherche aussi 1 voir 2 personnes pour m'épaulé dans le recrutement et la gestion du clan ! Voilà si rejoindre le clan vous intéresse n’hésitez pas à laisser un message sur ce post et je prendrais très rapidement contact avec vous et je me ferai un plaisir de vous accueillir dans le clan ! à très vite sur les Océans ! Xolights.
  12. Pro_Zac

    Old fart looking for clan

    Old fart from UK with shot to shrap reflexes barely clinging to 51% WR and not bothered seeks others for lasting teamspeak coordinated strikes. On 7pm to whenever, more often than I should.
  13. stefko98

    Unified premium account

    Hello guys, i need help,if i buy premium account ingame,in world of warships with gold, will i get premium account on WOT? p.s is there good soul to log in on my account in WOWS and take premium for 3 days. Thank you!
  14. I became aware about some suspicious actions in plain battle. I like this game, it's free, I understand, but: 1. Too many stealth ships in unlimited time spoils the battle. No one to battle with, or ship is suddenly appearing and destroys your ship... 2. Game was playing OK, but after latest updates has rendering issues. Freezing frames, lags in ship movement, terrain or water vanishing... 3. In battle, this is an issue that makes me nuts: I destroy a ship (under my firing range and under my shells) - no reward; I buy an component, they make me pay again... 4. But most of it is that the game, when my team is on the verge to win, suddenly ends!!!! With no real basis in the battle to finish!!! In my opinion, bots from/in game, ruled by WOW, try to overrule/posses the game, to make us to pay. OK. it's understandable, it's a game TO BE PAID FOR, a new concept, of course. But don't stick your hand on my wallet, thus forcing me to pay. BTW, even if I was willing to pay now I'll pass over because the game itself it is unreliable and has issues. If you want proof, i will externally record and post online every battle I think as suspicious.
  15. Akagi_Kai

    World of Warships - Clans

    I'm not sure if i'm posting in the correct place or if this topic has already been discussed. But i'm mainly wanting to know, when EU clans are finally going to be enabled. I think the NA servers of WoW have clans enabled, I think. But either way, i'd be nice to get into a group of nice people and play some WoWarships together. Any word on this at all?
  16. angelaofa

    kod zaproszeniowy

    Łapta kod zaproszeniowy CDTTA-TCSCC-GNDKS-BDVAR diana + 500 dublonów + miejsce w porcie kody dostępne w cd action - zaproszeniowy + do wot`a z czołgiem i 3 dniami premium pozdrawiam i wesołych świąt
  17. Honestly... You moved from a tier tier & 8 to tier 7 Now you have at all tier 6. guys you are destroying the game. I though you had it nailed at tier 7. and World of tank ( ranked battles are sullbhit at tier X only ..... now you do this, You release a few tier 7 premiums at the last ranked battled. we all slaved awat and got tier 7 ships to play and now we have to drop back down to tier 6. Please make your mind up. do you want to keep players and have us continue to spend money ???? please set your tier on ranked battles and leave it at that ........