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Found 4 results

  1. Mr233Bullet

    Critical error

    I have a mac high sierra 10.13.6. I downloaded the lastest version of the game but when I click on the button "PLAY", this happens: Critical error. Error launching game The aplicattion cannot continue. This is the log file: 24/02/2020 20:28:18 User has launched client. Executable: worldofwarships.exe 24/02/2020 20:28:19 ERROR: Failed to launch client. Error(0x0000000b): I don't know what type of error it is, could anybody help me?? :(
  2. Hi mates, we are an international clans of 50 members that start to use also team bravo like a competitive team: " HI mates, do you like to play clan battle game and get a lot of iron and gift for you ??? NC Clan team Bravo is recruiting now !!! answer to your toposgnotto (Topos#1560) and get your chanches ! NC Team Bravo NEED YOU !!!! https://discord.gg/6dsGR8G " Our base is full, and you can get all top clans bonus with us. The players of both teams (A-B) are interchangeable between them, if needed, but one permanent team player, (A-B), (if online), has always a sure slot in the game when his own team is playing. Waiting for you, regard , topos Discord NC server links: https://discord.gg/TpgGdhF
  3. Alright, since this 0.8.11 patch is coming to an end... I'd like to look back at the players that had so many issues with high pings and disconnection throughout the update. I know most players didn't experience any issues and they could focus on the insane PR grind but I'll leave that for the other threads, this is a thread to the ones who were getting kicked out of the battle quite often. WG describes us as "handful of people" and our problem "a solitary issue" but we all know that's BS but even if it was about a few players, shouldn't WG still care? Or it's just a majority thing.. if most people have no issues, who gives a F about the rest who cannot play the game? Is that a WG philosophy? I won't quote all the threads which have been opened in regards to this issue as there are too many, I'll just quote my post in one of the threads where I tagged over 70 players having this issue and you don't need to be an expert to know that for every player that complains on the forum, there are many others who don't so if at least few hundreds of players are "a handful of people" I wonder how good at math WG guys are. Apparently, most affected players are from the Balkan region - Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia. Even though there were players from other countries like France, Netherlands etc. If that's a "solitary issue" for WG then we have more problems that we thought.
  4. becu_59250

    Association compte twitch

    Bonjour les marins d'eau douces! Petite question, comment fait-on pour associer son compte twitch a son compte wargaming?