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Found 21 results

  1. Dear Community ! I'm super new on YouTube and I've just created a channel, in which replays and "live-comments" are shown. I'm fairly unexperienced in this matter, so I need lots and lots of feedback. Any ideas or critics which wpuld help me to improve my videos and editing are much welcome! On this channel, there are only 2 Videos for now - I'm trying to upload more on a regular basis, so there is more to come^^ If you like, visit my channel, check it out and leave a like or sub (if this isnt too much to ask for) :) Here is my lastest video: I'd really hope to build this up step by step with your help for this incredible community <3
  2. Admiral_of_Greece

    Submarines and Update

    1. I am glad that they changed the Speed Icon, it was confusing for me when I started playing, it will be good for new players. 2. I like when they add mechanics in the game, if developers listened to the complainers the game would have only battleships and cruisers. ( I remember about the complaining on dds and cvs -Before the game entered the Steam-, people do not like to get countered, or have their position being disturbed) 3. Submarines will at last make the campers move, personally I will be going strictly for campers and premium ships if the situation allows it -Hate on Smolensk runs deep-. 4. Stream Sniping with Sub-Ramming will take place 100% (Mixed feelings about that). 5. The game becomes more interesting. Many of my shipmates are waiting for submarines in order to return to the game. Edit: 1) All ships must have anti-sub warfare. + Depth water torpedos. CVs included 2) Submarines need a small gun on their top like a machine gun doing very light damage quickly (like 120-150 damage per second/5km at tier X) (as they had in reality, cause torps were not reliable).
  3. Mr233Bullet

    Critical error

    I have a mac high sierra 10.13.6. I downloaded the lastest version of the game but when I click on the button "PLAY", this happens: Critical error. Error launching game The aplicattion cannot continue. This is the log file: 24/02/2020 20:28:18 User has launched client. Executable: worldofwarships.exe 24/02/2020 20:28:19 ERROR: Failed to launch client. Error(0x0000000b): I don't know what type of error it is, could anybody help me?? :(
  4. Guten Tag ihr kleinen und großen Kapitäne! Ich wollte mich gerne mal bei euch vorstellen, als WoWs-Spieler und Streamer :) Seit knapp 2 Wochen spiele ich wieder WoWs...was soll ich dazu sagen..? Das spiel rockt einfach! Aus diesem Grund habe ich mich auch dazu entschieden, dieses Spiel zu streamen! :) Natürlich spiele ich auch andere Spiele.. das gehört hier aber nicht her, also geh ich auch nicht weiter drauf ein. :D Ich streame seit Oktober 2017 und versuche meine Zuschauer mit einer einzigartigen Verrücktheit (Willkommen in der Klapsmühle..) zu begeistern und zu unterhalten. Natürlich versuche ich, wenn es drauf ankommt ernst in den Kampf zu ziehen. Ich nehme so oft ich kann Zuschauer mit auf Seefahrt, damit man mich hautnah sinken sehen kann, traurig, aber wahr. Der beste Spieler bin ich leider nicht..dafür umso zielstrebiger! :p Am besten schaut ihr einfach mal bei mir in den Kanal und überzeugt euch selbst von mir! Und hey.. selbst wenn ich nicht der beste Spieler bin, gefällt euch ja vielleicht meine Art und Weise! :D Ich versuche, wenn es weitestgehend nicht gegen die Regeln hier im Forum verstößt, hier zu posten, wenn ich mit WoWs live im Stream bin, falls dies nicht gewünscht sein sollte, müsst ihr mir wohl oder übel ein "Follow" bei Twitch da lassen, damit ihr wisst, wann ich wieder auf die Jagd gehe.. Hehe. Genug der Worte, taten folgen! Mein TwitchTV Kanal --> KaoruLive Ich bin ebenfalls auf anderen Social-Media Websiten vertreten, dies könnt ihr ultra leicht auf meinem Kanal finden. Ich wünsche euch immer eine Hand breit Wasser unterm Kiel, allseits gute Fahrt! Lg, Euer KaoruLive
  5. Bonsoir tout le monde, Je viens vous présenter mon Twitch. Je stream du World Of Warships avec un fond musical. Parfois je serai en vocal et vous aurez peut-être même l'occasion d'entendre d'autres membres de la Team Delta ! Je vais essayer d'être présent en Live un petit peu tous les jours ! Et j'essaye de mettre une ambiance précise différente en fonction de mon humeur. J'espère que vous prendrez plaisir à venir ! Je stream à travers de l'ADSL en 480p NTSC ^^ Le rendu est moyen mais j'essaye de faire de mon mieux pour le montage et le son ! https://www.twitch.tv/anotherdevdelta Joueur de Battleship (BB) au sein de la LineUp 1 de la Team Delta. Infos et recrutement sur http://forum.teamdelta.fr/ section World Of Warships. Vous pourrez potentiellement me trouver en train de streamer d'autres jeux comme Euro Truck Simulator 2, Project Cars 2, Ride 2, Civilization 6...
  6. Hello [SEK] SeaKrauts fans, we are a WorlfofWarships clan focused on livestreams, replay and news around the game. In our streams, we organize competitions and you have the opportunity to drive in divisions with us and to talk. We regularly report on updates to WorldofWarships, supertest info, patches, and introduce you to new ships. We mainly comment in German, but also have international replays in English. If you like our videos leave a comment or subscribe to our channels to get the latest news. If you have an extraordinary replay and want to comment on it, send us your Replay and all ingame screenshots (+ Captain Skill, Ship Improvement) to our email address. Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/seakrauts Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/seakrauts Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Seakrauts/ FB European Community: WoWs European Community Email: Seakrauts@gmail.com
  7. despair_1

    narai operation bug/issue

    Issue: unable to complete the operation with any success because of one unfindable/escaped transport ship what should happen: team sinks everything on the way to the target zone , team enters the target zone sinks the first set of ships then the second set then finally the third and last sets of ships unless the landing forces beats the team to the punch eitherway would lead to a win with 5 stars. what happens when a bug is triggered: team sinks the enemies on the way to the cove and enter the cove but loose a fair number of the landing troops which forces our hand and makes it to were we have to sink everything in the target area. simultanuosly the transports evac point is at j1 inside the target area here is the issue if the team fails to save 1800 troops on our own transport ships and fail to sink even one of the enemy transport ships the operation is an instant fail. as soon as that one transport ship escapes via j1 it doesnt matter what the team dfoes as that one transport ship is still being classed as in the target area so not only does it fail a secondary objective if forces the failure of the primary objective aswel you can go searching for it after sinking every other ship but you will never find it because its not there. solution as of right now: sink every single transporrt ship on the enemy front make them priority target with he spam it hould at the very least let u kill 2 birds with one stone
  8. Hi! I would like to share the solution for a problem that me and many others (as I could see) have encountered before, with not being able to close the client after finishing with playing. Description of my problem Whenever I wanted to close the client by clicking Escape and than clicking Yes, or clicking X in top right corner, after I would logout from the server, client wouldn´t close, but rather it would just "freeze". I could open Task Manager, but I couldn´t bring it to the front with Alt+Tab or through Windows key or any other method I have tried. This problem was happening on my old computer, but it is happening now on both 2 brand new computers with high specs. All other games are closing without any issues except WOWS. Solution (solution worked on Windows 10 64bit, without any mods installed on a clean system, meaning clean from potentially harmful programs) Solution that is preventing client to "freeze" after closing is that I have to open client with Safe Mode (click on that little arrow next to Play button on client). Few other solutions I have received from Support were to reinstall the game and clean the cache. Hope this helps to someone, as I saw there were mostly no solutions to this problem.
  9. Hey Guys, We are currently recruiting for our clan [RYLNV] The Royal Navy Elite Fleet. We are a British speaking clan of 9 strong, We are a mature bunch of guys (no kids) who love to play and most importantly have a laugh at the same time. We have a paid TeamSpeak channel, so if you wish to join the Clan and want to join in on the fun then please ask us for details of the server details. Thanks, Ice_Marine - Commander Royal___Navy - Deputy Commander SHUG_Sco - Deputy Commander
  10. Evet gençler bilenler bilmeyenlere anlattı, yağmurlar yağdı seller aktı, ali ata bindi, ışık ılık sütü içti derken 18k görüntülenmeyi geçtik. Emeği geçen, takip eden, yorumuyla renk katan herkese teşekkürler. Artık haberlerimi bu post altından da paylaşacağım. Tek tek konu açmak yerine her haberin başlığını ve linkini sizlere buradan duyuracağım. Hepinize çok teşekkürler. Açık Test Güncellemesi #1 http://www.fleetreview-tr.com/2017/01/ack-test-guncellemesi-1.html
  11. DutchDelightsNL

    Did you know................?

    There will always be people who like stats, but did you know you can find your stats for world of warships at: And offcourse you can always find a CC(community Contributor) at; You can always learn a lot from people like; not to forget the Brothers in Arms and if you look for gameplay and laughter (at least i think it is genius) ofcourse if you like to ad a thing just post here...........................
  12. Hi guys . I have been trying to make a movie for World of Warships. If you like it please subscribe to my youtube channel and Twitch or Twitter for more videos. I have been trying now for 4 days to be finished with this video since September 17, it is one year since the game was released to the public. I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much. Sincerely Elladaris. https://www.twitch.tv/elladaris https://twitter.com/ElladarisWoWs https://www.facebook.com/elladarisgeorge/
  13. TxUxRxBxO

    first Youtube video

    schaut mal rein ich finde es ist mal was anderes viel spaß beim schauen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FtTeDwScdQ&feature=youtu.be
  14. I have tried for weeks and weeks to get this game working again but It just keeps refusing to do so. I keep getting this "Unhandled Exception error, Application will be restarted" everytime i try and load the game up. So i went on google to find some possible fixes to my current problem and it's all the same. Absolute shite! I've tried all of your troubleshooting and nothing! from downloading 'Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 Service Pack 7 (SP7)' to changing to 'IE-11', uninstalling the game(I can no longer download it either because of that [edited]irritable error) None of them work! So I am going to make a suggestion to the developers as a whole because this problem Is on all of Wargaming's games, you need to update the launchers compatibility etc. And you really need to fix this on your side of the spectrum because there is fuckall I can do now. it's obvious that your software Is out of date and needs some updating. I'm all out of options and getting really impatient. the error Is coming from the launcher itself the other files seem to be fine. OS - Win-7 GPU - EVGA GTX 760 FTW 4GB CPU - FX6100 6 Core 4.0 Ghz
  15. Bonjour à tous, Le projet de traduction du Wiki a été amené par gobolino au départ après presque 3 mois, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de proposer la moindre traduction, c'est pourquoi il nous faut des renforts. Actuellement nous avons 3 personnes sur le projet : Patms, storm57nr1 ( et moi ) idéalement j'aurais besoin d'au moins une voir deux personnes qui ont de très bonne compétences en anglais ( aptitude professionnel complète ), pour une aide sur la traduction, surtout les morceaux qui requiert une très bonne compréhension général de l'anglais ECRIT. Les personnes n'auront pas d'horaires à respecter, le temps à y consacrer est libre. A titre indicatif, je résonne en temps libre par semaine, si vous vous sentez capable d'accorder 3h(ou plus ) par semaine ( répartit comme bon vous semblera), vous seriez un excellent candidat pour le projet. Pour les candidats, je vais vous demandez de me traduire ce paragraphe, ni voyez là qu'un moyen de satisfaire ma curiosité à votre égard. Cela devrait vous prendre un bon quart d'heure. Rendez moi la traduction en MP. Selon les estimations actuelles, on devrait d'ici la fin du mois pouvoir proposer un bout du wiki en français, peut être 30% du compte total à traduire. Ce sera surtout du texte, les explications techniques demandent plus de travail, d'autant que celles présentes sur le wiki anglais, sont intraduisible en l'état, il faudra tout reformuler. Pour que les (futurs) lecteurs comprennent ce qui doit être compris. Le Wiki francophone est ici : http://wiki.wargaming.net/fr/World_of_Warships GASOVER
  16. Hey guys! Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I have been producing World of Warships content since the beginning of CBT ( one of the lucky ones with a key ;) ) And Enjoy the game greatly! I appreciate any and all feedback, thanks for being a great community! Check out some of my more popular videos : The New Orleans Tier 8 Cruiser!- Check out my Youtube Channel : - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7XIbHI01icw4N_ey7EpDFA I'll link my most recent videos as a reply ~Ubiru
  17. ZoioXoioZ

    NVIDIA Control Panel

    Hallo und entschuldige das ich mich wieder melde, Da ich jetzt weiß das mein altes Problem darin bestand das die Engine von WarGaming SLI nicht unterstützt wollte ich dies unter NVIDIA Control Panel NUR für WoT und WoW's deaktivieren damit Ich nicht andauernd es für alle Spiele ausmachen will. Jedoch stürzt mein Control Panel immer ab. Und per Google habe ich gelesen das man dies unter NVIDIA Inspector aus machen kann Ich weiß aber nicht wie. Hoffe ihr könnt mir ein weiteres mal helfen
  18. Hallo liebe Community, Seit dem letzten Update habe Ich massive Grafik probleme. Undzwar flackert alles im Hangar aber erst AB denn Hangar nicht beim Login Screen. In World of Tanks habe ich auch sowas ähnliches nur nicht so schlimm ab und zu an Gebäuden aber Ich gucke einfach nicht hin . Und dieses Problem habe Ich nur bei denn WarGaming Spielen nirgendwo anders, das wundert mich auch. Alles sieht man im Video und hoffe auf eure Hilfe Meine Hardware sieht man im Video (NVIDIA GeForce Experience)
  19. Hi everybody,i started playing World of Warshuips recently and decided to show the world my skill ( or something like that). If you like this video share, like and subscribe. Any comment is appriciated!
  20. Hi all, Ticket submitted already but im hoping for some serious fast assistance as I am getting really angry at this situation, I worked my #*@*@ off to get myself a beta invite and key and finally got one, now downloading the EU version and download updates, it just refuses to update the game and you will find attached the error log from the launcher that shows what happens, I have tried %appdata% clean and even deleted all files in the "Updates" folders and redownload everything, still same issue. I am getting so angry, I want to play this game when I get home this afternoon and that's the end of it. Can anybody please help! guys, can anybody help me please Error log.txt