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Found 2 results

  1. MrWastee

    Buff Worcester

    ...it's just sooo underpowered, blapped by looking on it, impossible to even hit the area where a barn is in with it, spotted from the moon and on top (even though: RAdoOOr), IT AIN'T GOT TORPEDOES?!?! what oversight is this? da hell, at least give her atlanta torps. it really need more gimmicks!11!11!111!!! p.s.: to all the stats*edited*, i do EXACTLY know how all in this game works, as 20 matches off my battlecount been in ranked and randoms. but there's so many cheetaaahs spotting me through islands or while i'm invincible in my smoke! WG really has to do something against those cheetaahs!!11!1! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE, really.... u can recognize them by the 'lil sign in the teamslist before them, usually labelled as cheetaahws "A", cheetaahs "B" and such. sometimes there's different cheats on several cheetaah groups on teams... disgusting!11!!11!1111
  2. DataDemon

    How to nerf Worcester (?)

    Don't get me wrong, I love this ship, but you have to admit it is slightly OP. Some of you might not have this ship yet to answer the question, and I love the fact you have the ability to abuse this ship in clanwars before it gets nerfed to oblivion. And I would love if WG keeps this ship as it is (like they did with Conqueror in the end), but if they should nerf it I would like it to be nerfed the right way. My suggestion is, nerf the turret traverse first/only. To seattles gun traverse. Or alternativly let it have back the 25mm deck armor. Make it as squishy as a chapaev. My reasoning: My goal is to have a ship balance. Since we are talking about clanwars/randoms/ranked the very least is a balance in between a ship class (Cruisers). Before Worcester came out the T10 cruisers had the best Balance in the whole game. Worcester just shits on it. I would not mind if Worcester would just be an HE focussed Des Moines. So the tradeoff would be no AP power, but you get a lot of HE DMP for that. Then every ship would still have its nieche and balance would be still there. But, Worcester right now has no reason to sit behind islands. And that is the big 'problem'. -Worcester can freelance. Noone can spot it. Except a dd. But then the dd will get radared. At any position on the map. No dd is safe. A worcester can even activly hunt dds and it requires skill and patience to bait a radar and get out, even if you know what is coming for you. -Worcester can tank. Compared to a radar mino, it is not easy to kill a worcester. It is not impossible to citadel it, but even at broadside the chances are high you will just ovepen it. The only thing that does reliably citadel it are only Des Moines AP shells so far. And that is also the only matchup a worcester might lose 1v1. Every other cruiser it simply poops on. -Worcester can kite. It can doge, it has almost a troll armor (actually no armor, but serves same). It will not get spotted until you want to. Sure, the shell arcs are bad, but if you can hit something in Henry, so can you in Worcester. Big ships, stationary ships and mid range are enough. And the amazing turret traverse makes changing directions easy. -It has the best DPM in the game. No cruiser can push it in open waters. I would even claim it wins 1v2 pushing Hindenburgs. It just simply replaces a zao. If you consider Zao should go to cap, assist dd and run. Worcester can do the same. It even spots the dd himself. At 10-12km you have no troubles hitting, at 14-16km you are still more effective than a zao. Zao has only torps, arcs for sniping at max range and AP potential speaking for it. And that is the reason I consider Worcester to be OP. It can do both: sitting in cover spamming HE, aswell as kiting like a zao hunting dds and flanking. Even worse it can combine that, like you sit in the first cover (like you would in DM), you lose position, and while you would pay dearly with DM you can simply kite away. (thx to concealment and turret traverse, and shooting angles). Then chose next island where to stop. Or differnetly, play it as a zao until you are down to 10k HP and then you switch to hiding only. It has just too much flexibility. And to call it balanced you should take away from worcester what it took away from zao. If you think Worcester needs no nerfing, I would not mind. It is my favourite ship right now and I would gladly keep it that way. But should you agree with me and time for nerfing come, then let us agree that the ship should continue clevelands dynasty of a pure HE spamming island hugger, instead of turning it into something else. *Notice that I was not talking about divisions (smoke+Worcester), his AA, or its many consumables. The cries out there are that this ship is OP because of these reasons (->alone meh, divisions great), but I claim that it will remain unbalanced for even without these gimmicks; but mainly for the reasons/flixibility I mentioned above.