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Found 5 results

  1. GulvkluderGuld

    Chung Mu nerfs and YY buffs

    So the WG excel sheets finally noticed what everybody (who actually play their game) could tell from the start, when they nerfed the YY: - The tier IX became literally a better ship than the tier X. Yuri, bring that hammer down! https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-competitive-modes-balance-and-other-changes-73c076f49f5b?fbclid=IwAR1vH-goRZz-ekK2W5ftyEVP3ZzH2RMTWHEedgDmg-1da8LYBqihWmRkVoY Pan-Asian destroyer Chung Mu, tier IX: Main battery guns reload time increased from 3.3 to 3.5 s; Torpedo tubes reload time increased from 106 to 122 s. Pan-Asian destroyer Yueyang, tier X: Torpedo tubes reload time lowered from 156 to 146 s. After the changes to Yueyang in the update 0.7.11 this destroyer was balanced with classmates in terms of impacting the battle, but Chung Mu was superior to other tier IX destroyers in battle efficiency. The changes will balance these Pan-Asian ships with other destroyers considering the changes to the game after the 0.7.11 update.
  2. Hallo Kapitäne, Wir sind die Work in Progress "WiP" Community. Wir bestehen aus 40 Aktiven mitglieder zwischen 18-35 Jahren. Wir spielen eigtl. alles quer durch den garten, darunter zählt: Arma, Civilization V, Nostale, lol, Argo, CSGO, usw. Leider haben wir nur 2 mitglieder die recht aktiv World of Warships spielen und nur 3 aktive für World of Tanks. Das würden wir gerne ändern und suchen daher Verstärkung für unsere Community. Wir bieten netten und lockeren Umgang, eigenen Root mit Teamspeak und eigene Gameserver. Also wenn du lust hast mit uns einen grob gesagt Wargaming bereich aufzubauen und bist mindestens 16 Jahre alt, dann melde dich bei uns! Wendet euch einfach an die Community Leitung. TS ip: Homepage: https://wip-community.eu/ Ansprechpartner: https://wip-community.eu/pages/Organigram/
  3. phoenix_jz

    Incoming Duca degli Abruzzi - [WiP]

    Hello, sorry for starting the thread in an odd place, but unfortunately until I can get 50 games out of the way on EU (I'm from NA), I can't post in most sections of the forum... Well, Duca degli Abruzzi has been announced by the Devblog, and she's... interesting. https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/?hc_ref=ARROaSTBj0jskTwFCVLCCME2nQv_RD6e4YeLY_1qOGdDB4_RiietvfVgKc6Wqgx152M&fref=nf Stats are as follows: Tier VII Survivability: Hit points - 32 500 Plating - 16-20 mm, belt - 30 - 100 mm Firepower: Main battery - 2х2, 2х3 152/55 mm Firing range - 15.1 km HE damage - 2100 HE initial velocity - 995 m/s AP damage - 3100 AP initial velocity - 910 m/s Reload time 7.5 sec (8 rpm) 180 degree turn time - 25.7 sec (7º/sec) Maximum dispersion - 137 m (At 15.1 km) Sigma - 2.0 Torpedoes: Torpedo tubes - 2х3 533 mm Range - 12 km Speed - 51 knots Reload time - 71 sec Maximum damage - 13,367 Maneuverability: Maximum speed - 35 knots Turning circle radius - 680 m Rudder shift time - 8.9 sec Stealth/Detectability: Surface detectability - 10.8 km Air detectability - 7.6 km Detectability after firing main guns in smoke - 5.2 km Some things that stand out are the fact she makes 35 knots (I might be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure both Abruzzi & Garibaldi didn't break reach 35 knots in trials, never mind service). She turns tighter than d'Aosta, but has the same RoF (8 rpm) despite using the 152/55's. The AP looks to be weaker, the lower velocity almost certainly leading to a drop in penetration (damage drops from 3200 to 3100). The stealth is absurdly good, that can be dropped to 9.2 km with CE, which beats out pretty much anything that size tier VII and below, and most higher-tier cruisers (which have access to the stealth module!). Now, she seems like an odd pick, to me at least, because there's a lot of buffs going into her that make her able to cut it at tier VII, and as the lead ship of the class, it would've made more sense for her to be a line ship, and her sister Garibaldi (also probably the better known of the two) to take the premium spot... and without a lot of the more favorable interpretations of her stats, she's much more a tier VI. However, there's one interesting catch here that I suspect is going to make the lives of DDs miserable (more so than 995mps HE, 35 knot top speed, and absurd stealth). Abruzzi received something Garibaldi never did before the armistice; Radar, the 'De.Te.' type. Keep in mind, radar is only found on ships tier VII and up. Look at Abruzzi's mast. Coincidence? I also wonder how this affects the Italian line at a whole? Perhaps an early swap to CA's? Or does Garibaldi end up as a line ship? I'd be disappointed if the best Italian CL classes (d'Aosta, Abruzzi) both got locked behind paywalls rather than be available to the average player who can't pay for premiums...
  4. Hayashio

    USS Monaghan in Preview [WiP]

    USS Monaghan in Preview - A weird attempt at a torpedo boat? Unfortunately, WG removed my beautiful red font. So we'll do it in white (or black, or whatever it is for your forum style). As always very work in progress, thing's are subject to change! Take everything you read here with a grain (or pinch) of salt. A bit of history USS Monaghan was stationed in Pearl Harbor in December 1941. On the morning of December 7, she was to rally up with USS Ward - a Wickes class destroyer. Ward was on patrol and had made contact and disabled a submarine. Shortly before Monaghan could set out, however, Japanese planes came pouring in. While Monaghan engaged the air targets, she was notified of second midget submarine entering the harbor. Monaghan went to engage it, dodged a torpedo and then rammed the Ko-hyo, proceeding to drop depth charges on her. The explosions of the depth charges lunged Monaghan's stern into the air, catapulting the destroyer in a nearby barge. Damage sustained was minor, and she continued on her way. The ship Monaghan has received a few changes since the last time we got to test her. At first she was... Just a Farragut, then she was a Farragut missing her aft guns for some extra Bofors. Now she's a Farragut that's missing her aft guns, with a torpedo reload booster. Now doesn't that sound interesting? Alright, the matter isn't as trivial. I'll split this preview into 2 sections, seeing as Monaghan has 2 completely polar opposite hulls going for her. A Hull A Hull is basically Monaghan the way she was first introduced. In this form, Monaghan receives 13900 hitpoints, the standard 5' guns you'd find on most USN DDs in her bracket, an AA suite consisting of Oerlikons and DP guns. She has stock torpedoes with damage lingering around the 12k mark (64kn, 1.3km detectability, 87s reload). B Hull This is where things get interesting. Monaghan drops 2 of her guns for extra AA. instead of the usual 127mm main armament, Monaghan gets some extra 40mm Bofors mounts. These work to improve Defensive AA's output, but you won't be running defensive AA for a simple reason: B Hull benson has access to USS Benson's torpedoes. 55kn, 1.1km detection, 17k damage. Only one downside, it's the reload: 120 seconds. This is why you wil want to be running the TRB, which mind you, is a little different to the one you might be used to from the IJN destroyers. To summarize, we have a Hull that is basically a Farragut with one less gun, and we have a Hull that has superior AA, but completely lacks gun-power. Mounting the B hull makes no sense without the upgraded torpedoes, since the AA improvement is not significant to warrant taking out 50% of your batteries. Consumable Choice: You have access to a non-standard US smoke, The usual engine boost, and the choice between either Defensive AA or TRB. The problem is, with the A hull, Defensive AA only affects your DP, since you don't have Bofors mounts OR HAC. This leaves basically only the Panic, since the damage output is rather low - To put it into perspective, Hatsuharu's (yes, the Japanese destroyer) AA output comes close to Monaghan with Def AA (In raw stat numbers). With the B hull, you'll want to be running the Benson torpedoes, which means that the TRB is almost a must - seeing as it is your sole damage output, and 120s is a long time.. My recommendation: Either play it as a Farragut with TRB and one less gun, (A Hull, TRB) Play it full torpedo spec B hull (AR, SI, TAE, CE maybe even TA) Both options are viable, the former being more "reliable", the latter offering more interesting gameplay. [EXTRA] With the decent AA suite on the B hull, you could even opt to use it as a carrier division destroyer (lots and lots of Bofors!), this will however really bite into your combat effectiveness. Games: I compiled a few screenshots and one match in the Monaghan. Fig. 1: Monaghan in standard setup (A hull, standard 10pt commander build) As expected, Monaghan performs much like a Farragut in the standard setup, but loses out on an American smoke. She does however get the TRB, or DefAA while still retaining her engine boost. Fig. 2: Monaghan in torpedo build, accelerated torps (B hull, 19pt commander setup) In this setup, Monaghan has a decent stealth fire window, very competitive torpedoes, but unfortunately no real gun performance, the only real use for these guns is to finish of enemies (not unlike Mutsuki or Minekaze). Video: Monaghan with a 10pt captain, b-hull (the video speaks for itself, there is a little bit of explanation at the start and towards the end) Conclusion: Monaghan was refreshing. You know, the ship's a bit like an unfinished tech demo of a game, that somehow still manages to captivate you for multiple hours. The drawbacks are quite clear with the ship, but regardless, I feel inclined to try to make the ship work. Take note here please that I am now referring to the B hull Monaghan, seeing as the A hull is pretty "bland" in comparison (aka it brings no real new things to the table). I know it's not very competitive, or good for padding your winrate, but it brings me back to a time where I played silly ships for their unique gameplay - like the Katori - and not for their statpadability. I don't want Monaghan to be the next sealclubber down at tier 6. That being said, with good management the Monaghan can and will ruin an enemy vessel's day. So can I recommend it? That depends on what you're out for, it's definitely unique, but like I stated above, it's not a ship that will be super competitive. If Monaghan stays this way, she'll be a jar of Marmite, some will love her for her uniqueness, some will love her for her collection value. Others will just despise the way she plays.
  5. The complicated Relationship of a Destroyer and her Captain Bad AA, okayish concealment, heavy focus on torps. The smoke is sub-par, like all the Germans. It doesn’t get 150mm like the Gaede. Hit points aren’t something to write home about. But heck, I love this thing. And I’ll tell you why. Let’s first of all give this ship a run down. She’s got a solid amount of hitpoints. 14700, which is a lot worse than the 16500 you find on the Gaede. She shares the same type of guns you can find on the Maass, 4 of them. These are outright better than the ones on the Gaede. They reload faster, and the penetration feels a lot more consistent. In addition to these good guns, she has 2x4 torpedo launchers, which mop the floor with the Gaede’s. The reload is 22 seconds faster, clocking in at 68 seconds base. That’s better than Shinonome. And Shinonome has triples. T-61’s tubes are quads. While we’re at the Shinonome, did I mention that the torpedo concealment is 1.3km, which is 300m better than the Japanese ship? Then again that’s just Gaede torps. Her AA is basically Gaede, with nothing particularly great going on in that department. The Manoeuvrability is again, better than the Gaede. Shorter rudder shift and better turn circle by 90 metres. Lastly, concealment is again, a lot better. She’s got 400m over the Gaede, just like the Shinonome. Not the best in her tier but very workable. So In short, Maass guns, good concealment and torpedoes, bad AA and low hit points. Take away the guns and you’ve got a Japanese destroyer. Except these torps actually work, because they’re fast and stealthy. It’s no secret that torpedo heavy gameplay has had it’s peak and has since then declined rapidly. Ships that only focus on torpedoes tend to be very on-off performers. It requires your enemies to make mistakes, or you to be very risky. In addition to that, it seems that with every new update, this gameplay becomes and less supported. We’ve got spotter/fighter planes that spot torpedoes once, which makes them visible eternally. Now we even have deep water torpedoes that can’t even hit destroyers any more (more on that in my Pan Asia analysis). And everyone and their mother are running hydro (hello you German buggers). I mean even this ship runs hydro! It doesn’t matter what concealment your torpedo has if it gets spotted for 4km away due to perma-hydro ships. When an entire ship line goes from destroying multiple battleships per game to barely scraping by within a couple of patches, you know it’s time to change tactics. So why on earth would they bring out a ship like this? And why does it work so well? I am guessing you can find an answer to the first question yourself, as for the second: The bracket this ship moves in sees a lot less consumable madness than let’s say a tier 7 or 8 premium. The amount of carrier players has been dwindling for quite some time now, so your bad AA is not such a game breaker. The tier position is still very mid tier. This means you’ll be running into a lot of newbies, which makes hitting torpedoes easier. So at this tier, the prospect of a torpedo boat is not that bad, it’s part of the reason why the Shinonome works, she’s got good HE alpha too, though. The guns, like I said, are good, but you’ll be relying on your torpedoes for bulk damage still. As for the gameplay, and why I love this ship. It just performs. That’s all there is to it. It’s not a HuangHe without smoke, that really tries to kill you at every corner you take. It’s not an Ashitaka, which is basically an A-hull Amagi (I apologize if I trivialize things but it kind of is). It’s not a fragile Abruzzi. It genuinely feels fun to play. Your guns aren’t trash, your torps have a noticable “oompf” to them, and by the time you hit something with them, you’ll have a new batch reloaded to fire again. You can simply get stuck in, not worry too much about weaknesses, because this ship barely has any. Time and time again she does consistent damage, rewards players for good play, and doesn’t punish too much when a player makes a mistake (unless it’s a big one, as it should be). But I kind of feel like that’s exactly what’s wrong with her, and new destroyers in general. She doesn’t really have any weaknesses. What the T-61 is, is a Gaede but better. The only downside you have here is no 150mm guns. Big whoop. You get gun range, awesome torpedoes, and concealment. Who wouldn’t want those things? It’s a shame really, because I do like the Gaede, but I cannot go back to her after playing the T-61. A ship I feel like I have a very complicated relationship with.