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Found 19 results

  1. How to win and to keep winning? Some advice for a good Winrate! Prologue Hello guys, I am Thisheep, a french player and regular user of the baguette forum. A few weeks ago, after another random guy came on the french forum arguing about how bad his team always were, I decided to write a topic where you could find tips for wining most of your games. These times I am currently reading a lot on the English speaking forum and it is truly amazing to see how many guys can come here and complain about their defeats. So here I am to translate my topic hoping it will help some people to progress and to make their Winrate less red. I perfectly know that many people who enjoy complaining and whining about the defeats will be hard to change but at least we could send them read this thread. Better to try to help that trolling these guys, even if sometime they deserve the way they are welcome here. I also hope that the majority will learn one or two things. I do not doubt that many forum readers and many players already know these kind of tips! And by the way, I will talk most of the time about Random Battles (FFA). I have not reached yet the introduction but I still need to precise some points. Like everyone I do not like lose. I always do everything I can for the win. Most of the time, the will to win is something which is part of your personality. So I must warn every reader of these lines, maybe you do not want to become this kind of guy who always play the win. We are not all the same, I perfectly understand that some players play for fun or play for sailing in beautiful ships. Please, let's begin in asking yourself if you really want to win because if you follow all these tips, you may not be the same player anymore. First, we all have to accept the defeat and the fact we can learn from a lost game. Most of the time the defeat will learn you a lot. The defeat is not a curse, EVERYONE lose. We all lose. Even the better guys with the better WR lose. If I had to give you all only one advice, it is this one, learn to accept the defeat. The introduction is near so I conclude this prologue: Please keep in mind that my tips will probably not suit to everybody and like victory, objectivity is not always easy to reach. I also hope my English level will be enough. Thank you for reading at least to this point and I will be thankful for some comments! Introduction What is a Random Battle? The main game mode of World of Warships is the Random Battles. Most of us will talk about a FFA (Free For All) game mode. As you know, two teams of 12 players fight during a max time of 20 minutes. There are currently several possibilities to achieve victory: Sink every ships of the enemy team. Perform with your team 1 000 points. Make the enemy team fall to 0 points. Own more point with your team when the time is out. A draw is now very rare but not impossible. There are many ways to earn some points for your team. Even if there are 4 battles scenarios (Standard Battle / Domination / Bastion / Epicenter), the rules are pretty much the same. Capture the objectifs and kill the enemy ships. Knowing the bases of the rules is the very first step to the win. I could put some more details about the differences between maps and scenarios but maybe another time. Why am I playing? I guess that, like me, when you start World of Warships, you want to play to play to one of your favorite game but in the end it is more complicated. Why did you launch the game? Do you want to play alone or with some friends? Do you want to grind some ships? Do you want to play for fun and laugh? Do you want to increase your stats? Anyway you understood. You can win in any situation but if you want to keep wining you need to be in a specific way of playing. I you play a stock ship with 2 beginners friends in a platoon, I can assure you, you have less chance to win. If you want to win ask yourself what you want. We can not look for the win without decent conditions. For instance about the grind of a stock ship: Avoid to play a stock ship, try to free exp some element to be more efficient. About the platoon we talked, do not grind the 3 of you together. Let's assure at least one of you is playing one of his best ships to carry you! We will come back to these points later! Why should I play to win? And yes! Why not? Who cares about the win? We could answer me that the important point in a game is to participate. Sure, but a victory in WoWS has a lot of advantages. First, most of the time, victory is something you will enjoy more. You will earn more credits and more experience. To my mind a very good game without the victory in conclusion is a failed game. At one point you missed something. For the guys who have http://wows-numbers.com/ and https://warships.today/ in bookmarks, keep in mind that a good winrate in very appreciate by the other players. It shows that you mostly are a teamplay guy. It is an important criteria for clans and community. I keep losing because of my teams Yeah like everyone isnt it? I will not be long on this point. We all know sometimes, your allies seem to share one brain for 11 players. Sometimes you have AFK guys, Pro gamers who like suicide alone, Teamkillers... In these cases, the victory appears very far but a game will not be lost UNTIL THE VERY END. You are not happy about the MM? You have 2 tops tiers AFK? Great, more meat and more glory for you! Let's fight!! Never give up, never surrender! Most of the importants tips are coming but keeps in mind that your team is your team. Even if they are bad you are stuck with them until the next game so try to be polite and try to communicate, do not underestimate the power of kind salutation or a nice compliment before submitting tactics options! Keep in mind that the better player perform their better game with bad allies, yes, the worst they are the nicest is the victory! Let's start together a wins row! Before starting a game I pick a full equipped ship which I know well. I have a very skilled captain (18 points? ) Like we say in the MOBA, A strong pick is the first step to victory. If you have not all the modules and elements for your ships, wait until you have enough money or enough free experience. You waited until the unlock of the majestic North Carolina? You can wait a week more to put her full before starting a game with it! I put enough signals, flags, camo and premium consommable to make my ship look like a Christmas Tree! Yes it cost a lot, I know! But it will make the difference in late game. It will help you to be more effective and to stay alive. The more you stay alive, the more you influence the game. Like IRL, you want to earn money? Be prepare to invest a lot first! The expensive premium consommables remain a good way to carry you to the victory and to more credits. I gather good players in platoon! Even if you are not unicum, play with some friends who have a cohesion with you, play in synergy. Try to communicate, if possible in a vocal way! The platoon composition is a huge issue! I will platoon with the same tiers than my mates! Avoid the 3 BB or the 3 DD platoon. It is not efficient and the enemy fleet will fight the opposite side! Yes 3 Yamato is fun but no one will face you... Enjoy your sail during a century to look for an opponent. I enjoy a lot a platoon who can have an impact on the strategic points, the captures points. You will need at least a DD or a CV to be effective in domination! Do not hesitate to mod your game to feel comfortable! There are many YouTube tutorials and streamers who can teach you a lot! You can learn so much in looking them playing. In early-game A good beginning is crucial! Most of the WoWS games are nearly over during the 5 first minutes. You must be attentive! Remember that it is not easy to reverse a bad situation. Analyse the composition of the both teams! First the ships. Who owns what and how many? Do we have the same BB? If we have more IJN DD we should play a point in the open sea for instance. We have one DD les (this *** MM!!!), our CA will have to be aggressive! Do I know some players in this game? If you play against thisheep in her Taiho you know you have less than 20% chance to win :p Do not blame the MM or your low tiers issue during a thousand years! Even if you are T7 against T9, you have a role to play! Be patient and chose wisely your fights. A low tiers DD can stay behind for smoking the fleet, a low tiers CA can stay with the fleet for AA cover... There are a lot to do in a Warships game, even for the low tiers! Think about the strength and the weakness about your platoon and your team. Try to communicate with your mates! Like I said earlier, be nice and support them! As a CV player I will try to help a nice talking player if I can but I will leave alone a rude player. Learn the key places on the maps! Some positions must be secured and other must be forget! Think about the utility to cap the D point on North... Try to secure quick one or two capture point the earlier you can! It is always easier to defend! The points will be very important in late game! The Destroyers are the main target of the early game, without DD a fleet lose mobility, smokes, torps and a capacity to sneak cap a point. Build a platoon "DD killer" can be very effective. If you been hurt very badly in early, do not panic and do not lose hope. Even with very few HP you have still a weight. If you die you give points to the ennemy. When you are low HP consider yourself as a low tier ship and do the roles I talked earlier. A support role. In mid-game Keep an eye on the remaining time and the points of both teams. Try to remember who is where which how much HP. Play with caution. Protect your allies, select the guys who are going to be important in lategame, a CV or a DD for instance. Try also to save the better players, this DD smoked me so i will keep him safe from the CA. Finish the weak targets, do not think about "killsteal. A kill is a kill, it less guns for the enemy team and more points for you! If you lead to the points in killing the weak target you will force the better players to take risks. Most of the time the game snowball but sometimes, you can lose at the last minute! Stay focus until the end. In Standard Battle keep an eye on your base! Try to have at least the half of the point in Domination/Bastion. If the game begins badly for your team, do not hesitate to take some risks and do not give up. Many times I rushed a cap with my CV to force my team to follow me whereas we were losing, guess what? They followed and we won. If your death is near, try to trade! Take an enemy with you, launch your torps, launch a float-plane, activate your radar, send everything you have before dying. Even a strategic position for your carcass can be useful! Before your death try to kill the most dangerous targets for your remaining allies! If I am with a carrier in platoon, I will try to kill the CA. He will kill easily DD and BB. The game does not necessarily stop when you are dead. Try to communicate, try to help and support your allies still alive! Better this to insults them, I can assure you. If you are still alive during the late midgame, begin to think to the possibles scenario. Should we cap or should we chase? In any case stay close to the strategic points. Remember that chasing a CV is always a bad idea. The closer you are, the stronger he is. In late-game A game is not over until the very end. Everything can happen! If you have the lead, if you have a little advantage, do not take useless risks. Let them come. If you are losing... Wake up and try something! Do not stay in the border! In a very tight game, you should finish the damaged enemies. Do not engage a huge full life BB if you can finish a little DD! TAKE THE POINTS! Look at the remaining time! Do the maths, think about the points you will earn in killing the BB even if you lose your CV with an advance of 130 points and 45 sec left! You must be smart. Try to engage an easy target on a 1 vs 1 if you are confident enough, wait for allies in the other case. If an ally is about to do a huge mistake, do not panic and try to explain him quick and simply. Analyze the situation and make the right decision, split or stick together for exemple. It is good to perform a 300K damages game but maybe you should go back and defend. You can say a fair GG WP in the chat! Conclusion Think about your game. Analyze the results. Why did you win/lose? Did I do enough damage? When was the crucial moment during the game? It is good to report the bad players but you can also put some compliments! You can also remember the good and the bad players for the next time. I am sure that many players are already aware of this kind of tips but maybe you will complete my words or disagree! It is pretty hard to find some useful advice but I hope some people will find these ones interesting enough. In the other hand we could have said so much about how to win a game! If i have a little success maybe I will put more details! Remember the mains tips: Play in a platoon, play strong ships, be smart and do not give up! Please share your way to keep wining in the comment! Everyone united for the win!
  2. Milan_G_

    WINRATE upgrade

    the winrate is (even for expier. players!!) considered like about quality of player. but winrate is pure stat about how many time you got loosers / good players in team. solution? here: add to winrate another significant factor. when player in defeat team is on first place + did 60k damage or more >>> he gets one point. now the winrate will looks like this: 54% & 1 result: nowadays..it looks they are the same quality................... player X -- 53% player Y -- 53% after my ugrade you perfectly see who is a goood player: player X -- 53% & 0 player Y -- 53% & 45
  3. Ich nehme das Zitat mal für einen neuen Strang, da es nicht nur um die Träger geht. Meiner Meinung nach sind es mehrere Faktoren. Ich habe die letzten sechs Wochen fast 1000 Gefechte durchgezogen. Ja ich weiß, viel Zeit. Die meisten davon mit Zerstörern, und dabei hatte ich Tage mit 30 Spielen hintereinander, da klappte es prima, eine Statistik zum träumen. Ich dachte es gefressen zu haben. Letzten Mittwoch zum Beispiel der Vormittag. Beim nächsten Mal wieder 20-30 Spiele, unterirdisch —> sehr ernüchternd. Gestern zum Beispiel, haben wir alle 30 Spiele verloren. Stimmt nicht, zwei Siege waren dabei. Am Mittwoch dafür, fast nur Siege. —> Kann der Wochentag, oder die Tageszeit, das auch beeinflussen. Ich habe den Eindruck, morgens ist das Teamplay besser, als am Nachmittag. Es ist schon süß, wie viele diverse Empfehlungen mir bereits gegeben wurden um besser zu werden. Und ja, ich bemühe mich echt diese Umszusetzen. Mit meinem Zerstörer (m)einen Beitrag zum Sieg zu leisten. Dazu soll gehören, erst mal überleben, spotten, Cap erobern und die anderen Zerstörer raus nehmen. Die Amis und Russen sind gut für Dogfight, die Japanaer eher Ninjas mit Torpedos und die Deutschen je nach Tier alles und nix zugleich. Spaßigerweise komme ich gefühlt am besten mit der Z46, der Mahan und Lightning klar. Ich habe dort auch kein Bammel mit einem achter Zerstörer auf Zehner Schiffe zu treffen. Und die Träger, sind eben da. Ja, es gibt Spiele da habe ich definitiv keine Chance geben den Träger, im nächsten Spie, ist er völlige Nebensache. Als Zerstörermäuschen nerven mich die hinter den Inseln stehenden Schlachtschiffe, Kreuzer die scheinbar nie auf die Gegner feuern, welche mich gerade im Fokus haben gewaltig. Denn wenn ich meine Kanonen nutze (inzwischen treffe ich sogar mal) kommen von überall Granaten geflogen. Super! Aber, wie war das noch mal mit dem Blickwinkel? Also zum Vergleich mal ein paar Kreuzer-Runden mit meiner Yorck, Nürnberg, Schtschors, Aoba und der teuern Eugen. Und ups, geht da nicht viel anders. Gefühlt schießen alle nur auf mich. Unter den Schlachtschiffen sind lauter Scharfschützen, irgendeinem zeige ich immer Breitseite, und ich mag gar nicht wissen, was mein Zerstörerkumpel da vorne gerade von mir denkt. Dabei würde ich ihm so gerne helfen. Fehlen noch zwei Vergleiche, also ein paar Schlachtschiff-Runden Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Tirpitz, New Mexiko, Fuso. Whow, ewig am brennen, böse Zerstörer die aus die aus dem nichts torpedieren, Kreuzer die einem permanent im Kreuzfeuer haben, und wenn ich tough mit vor fahre, um mir meinem dicken Schlachtschiff den kleinen Kimpel am Cap zu unterstützen, ist gerade meine fette Tirpitz, selbst als Hightier im Kreuzfeuer schnell verheizt, große Überraschung, ich war allein vorne (das war mir bereits nach dem Blick auf die Map klar, nur wo und wie jetzt umdrehen.). Jaaaa, wenn ich hinten schleifen ziehe, über Range Damage Farme, komme selbst ich miese Schützin auf gute Damage-Werte. Wobei ich es lustig finde, das ich mit der Scharnhorst besser treffe, als mit der Gneisenau. Der einzige Unterschied, ich habe mehr Schadenspunkte gesammelt, ....in der Niederlage. Her mit dem dem Träger. Whow ist die Flak heftig, doch irgendwann schaffe sogar ich Treffer mit dem Torpedo. Ok, meine Bombem killen reihenweise Fische und ich denke meinem Team konnte ich maximal mit dem spotting helfen. Aber, ich habe gesehen, was definitiv jeder Trägerkäptn hinbekommt. (Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass es miesere Trägerspieler als mich gibt.) Vor allem da ich nur T4 und T6 testen konnte. Für mich das Ergebnis. Auf Zerstörern und Kreuzern fühle ich mich sicherer. Definitiv muss ich dort noch üben und lernen. Doch allein, kann ich ein Spiel auch nicht reißen. Ich kann verstehen wieso die Kreuzer und Schlachtschiffe hinten bleiben wollen, doch dort können sie mich nicht unterstützen. Es wird oft und gerne von den Zerstörern gefordert, früh zu erobern, Fühlung zu halten, aufzudecken, und vor allem zu überleben. Dennoch liegt die Winrate eben am Team, scheinbar sogar am Tag und der Zeit zu der du spielst. Ich beobachte im Game auch den Gegner. Und mir fällt auf, die beweglichen Teams, die koordiniert vor fahren, sich gegenseitig decken, ihre Zerstörer am Leben halten —> Gewinnen. Oft genug verlieren wir Matches, weil am Ende bei einem guten Punktestand ein angeschlagener letzter Überlebender noch einen Angriff fahren muss, um noch einen Kill mehr zu haben, und —> versenkt wird. Das sind die Momente, wo ich echt pissig bin, denn an der Winrate werden wir gemessen. Klar zählt für mich der Spaßfaktor. Der ist auch da. Doch in einem Teamspiel, möchte auch ein Bedürfnis nach Zusammenhalt und Kooperation gestillt werden. Man hat 10 bis 20 Minuten seiner eigenen Zeit für ein willkürlich zusammen gestelltes Team aufgebracht. Und am Ende verloren, wegen manch seltsamer Aktionen. Da leidet der Spaß dann. Sicher, haben auch meine Fehler den anderen den Spaß verdorben. Unser Karmasystem ist einfach putzig. Wenn ich gelobt werden weiß ich nicht wofür, werden mir Punkte abgezogen, wüsste ich gern warum. Denn wie soll ich etwas verbessern, wenn ich nicht weiß wo ich Murks gebaut habe? Und, ist mein Murks, auch wirklich Murks gewesen? Es gibt so viele Treads, wo jede Klasse für sich betrachte, auf die anderen mault. Oft wird nur der eigene Blickwinkel herbeigezogen und die anderen außer acht gelassen. Da betrifft die Sxhiffsklasssn, und die Niveaus der Spieler. Sich auf die Unterschiede der Schiffklassen einzuspielen, geht, indem man sich nicht ausschließlich auf eine Linie einfährt. Ja, mein Fokus liegt auf den Zersti, doch ich bemühe mich regelmäßig auch die anderen Schiffklasse zu spielen. Schwerer sind Mitspieler einzuschätzen. Clankennungen lassen nicht sicher die Erfahrung und Spielweise einschätzen. ? Zu oft haben am Ende „Lilaspieler“ durch einen „letzten Angriff“ die Niederlage provoziert, nachdem sie vorher den Punktevorsprung sogar mit herausgearbeitet haben. Als „rote oder eventuell orange“ Spielerin muss ich wiederum nicht hoffen, dass auf meine Anmerkungen im Chat reagiert wird, wobei - wer achtet schon wirklich auf den Chat? Ich, im Dogfight sicher nicht. Warships hat eine beeindruckende Spieltiefe, deutlich mehr strategische Aspekte als thumbes „bumm bumm“. Doch leider, ist man am Ende immer von elf Mitspielern abhängig. Und hier, ist die Frustrationsgefahr. Wir sehen zu gern die Probleme des Spiels im Trägerupdate, dem vielen Radar, dem Nerf diverser Schiffe, doch der Hauptfaktor, bleibt der Mensch. Und der, ist echt schwer einzuschätzen. Ich halte es für unzweckmäßig das Leveln von der Winrate abhängig zu machen. Optional wäre es, mit jedem neuen Schiff eine gewisse Anzahl „Zwangsrunden“ im Coop zu fahren um den Umgang mit dem Spott zu üben. Im Coop lernt man leider Spielweisen, die im Random fatal sind. Wobei die Spielweisen ab T6 oft gleich sind beim Upgrade. Oder täusche ich mich? im Coop wird übrigens noch weniger Teamplay gefordert, dort ist es ein reines „wer kann mehr Abschüsse generieren“ aufs extreme. Den intensivsten Teamplayfaktor haben die Szenarios. Nur die, spielen sehr wenige. So, jetzt dürft ihr den Beitrag zerlegen. Doch bitte, sachlich. Danke 🙏
  4. Bien gagner en Batailles aléatoires et enchaîner les victoires Quelques conseils pour optimiser son WR! Prologue Lundi 26 septembre 2016, un jour comme un peu tous les autres sur le forum Warships avec ses actus, ses rumeurs et aussi malheureusement avec son lot de post qui témoignent du désespoir de certains joueurs. Il est 18h lorsque je prends une petite pause pour m'aventurer sur le forum et je constate que beaucoup d'entre nous semblent se plaindre une fois de plus des nombreuses défaites qu'on peut cumuler lors d'une mauvaise série. Comme tout le monde, je n'aime pas perdre. Je déteste la défaite et je fais toujours tout ce qui est en mon pouvoir pour parvenir à la victoire. Gagner ce n'est pas une mince affaire. Gagner souvent c'est quelque chose de très difficile et cela caractérise un joueur. Je vous met tout de suite en garde, ce topic est davantage que quelques astuces pour enchaîner les victoires. Il s'agit réellement de changer votre approche du jeu. Le joueur qui démarre Warships dans une optique où la défaite n'est pas une option n'est pas forcément celui que vous voulez devenir. Nous ne sommes pas tous pareil. Il y a des gens qui jouent juste pour faire de la Neuneu croisière en bord de map ou pour le plaisir d'admirer des jolis bateaux et des belles explosions, je ne les aiment pas mais je les comprend et je leur dois un minimum de respect. Nous ne sommes pas tous pareil. On peut parfaitement profiter de World of Warships même dans la défaite qui n'est d'ailleurs pas une fatalité en soi. TOUT LE MONDE PERD et TOUT LE MONDE PEUT PERDRE. Si il n'y avait qu'un unique conseil à vous donner, ce serait d'accepter ce fait. Cette idée de topic me trotte dans la tête depuis un moment. Après tout j'avais rédigé quelques conseils sur les Team Battles puis sur les Ranked en solo. Ecrire un tuto général sur les batailles aléatoires (FFA) apparaît finalement comme un déroulement presque naturel d'une certaine envie d'agir. Bon on me connait dans le coin, je suis parfois prétentieux mais ça ne fait pas de moi quelqu'un de méchant. J'aime vraiment aider! Alors si vous trouvez un tant soit peu d'aide dans ce topic, j'y serai très sensible! Encore une fois ce topic sera probablement très subjectif, il ne conviendra pas à tout le monde et pourra être enrichi par vos apports constructifs! Bonne lecture! Introduction. C'est quoi les FFA? Le contexte des batailles aléatoire est celui d'une mode de jeu FFA (Free For All), comprenez: chacun pour soi. Comme vous le savez la bataille dure 20 minutes max et oppose en général 24 joueurs répartis en 2 équipes. Pour gagner il existe plusieurs possibilités: Détruire tous les navires adverses Faire grimper le compteur de point de votre équipe à 1000. Faire tomber le compteur de points de l'équipe ennemie à 0. Être dans l'équipe qui possède le plus de point au compteur à l'issue des 20 minutes. Il est possible de terminer la partie sur une égalité mais la chose est rare. Pourquoi je joue? J'imagine que comme moi lorsque je lance World of Warships, vous avez envie de jouer mais c'est un peu plus compliqué que ça. Voulez vous consacrer votre temps de jeu au grind d'une branche et de certains navires? Voulez-vous juste vous marrer un coup entre potes? Vous pouvez aussi tenter de peaufiner vos stats! Bref vous m'avez compris, on joue généralement en quête d'un objectif précis. Si vous voulez gagner, c'est possible tout le temps et dans toutes les situations en théorie. Oui en théorie. Sauf que là aussi c'est un peu plus compliqué que ça. Si vous jouez un navire stock, vous n'êtes pas en position optimale pour enchaîner les victoires. Même choses si vous jouez pour le fun avec deux débutants que vous initiez dans votre platoon. Si vous voulez gagner, tenez compte de ces paramètres et gérer les au mieux. Par exemple, si vous doutez des capacités de votre platoon (on n'est pas tous des unicum et on a tous débuté un jour), prenez un bon navire que vous maîtrisez et ne grindez pas avec eux. Parmi vous il y en aura, de cette façon, toujours quelqu'un avec un navire qui n'est pas stock! Pourquoi jouer la victoire? Petit paragraphe pas si facultatif que la question pourrait le laisser penser. On peut être tenté de me répondre que le but c'est de participer et de s'amuser. Oui mais une victoire, en plus de faire plaisir, elle apporte des avantages considérables. En effet, remporter la victoire c'est aussi gagner plus d'expérience et de crédits (en général). A mon sens, une très grosse partie sans la victoire aura toujours un goût d'inachevé. Pour les aficionados des statistiques, gardez à l'esprit que le Win Rate (WR) ou taux de victoire en français est une caractéristiques très valorisée dans la plupart des clans. Et oui, dans les communautés, on aime souvent les gens qui donnent tout pour leur équipe et qui sont capables d'altruisme. Oui oui c'est ce que je vois dans un beau WR. La défaite est causée par mes alliés! Alors on va pas revenir dessus, on sait tous que, bien souvent, les alliés ne sont pas d'une aide précieuse. Lorsqu'on a une team sans AFK, sans TeamKiller et des navires qui remplissent leur rôle c'est déjà beaucoup. Les conseils que je vais tenter de vous donner pourrons dans un premier temps vous permettre de mieux cerner et de mieux utiliser vos coéquipiers. Dans un deuxième temps on pourra aussi voir comment votre petite personne peut porter à elle toute seule une équipe de bulots vers la victoire! La communication et un placement optimal sont des exemples pour les deux cas. Cette fois-ci c'est bon, on attaque le tuto! Ah non pas encore! Juste une petite précision, la plupart des conseils que je donne sont dans l'optique d’enchaîner une série de victoire en FFA. Comme je l'ai dit plus haut, je ne possède pas la science infuse et suivre tous ces conseils pourra aussi conduire à une défaite. Quand tout est contre vous, parfois on n'y peut rien. Cependant en combinant la plupart de ces astuces cela devrait remonter un peu votre WR! Avant de lancer la game Je pick un navire full que maîtrise et que je connais bien. J'équipe dessus un commandant expérimenté. Comme on dit dans les MOBA, "A strong pick is the first step to victory". En gros, vous voulez gagner? Prenez ce que vous avez de mieux. Un navire avec un commandant à 3 points de compétence n'est vraiment pas le même qu'un commandant à 19 points! Je barde mon navire de pavillons, de camouflages et de consommables premiums. Et oui ça coûte cher. Mais tout cela fera la différence durant la game. Tout cela vous permettra de rester en vie plus longtemps. Plus longtemps vous restez en vie, le plus longtemps vous serez acteur de la game et de son résultat. Et comme dans tout, si on veut gagner de l'argent dans une victoire, il faut en investir avant. Je forme une division avec des bons joueurs ou, à défaut, des joueurs avec lesquels j'ai une bonne synergie. Si possible, soyez prêts à communiquer en vocal, c'est l'idéal. Faites en sorte qu'ils appliquent les conseils précédents. La composition de ma division ne doit pas être prise à la légère. Je platoon avec des navires du même tiers. Evitez à tout prix les divisions de triple BB ou triple DD. La team ennemie vous fuira comme la peste. Mes deux configurations de platoon sont: 1CV/1BB/1CA et 1DD/2BB. Le CV est bien souvent le navire clef de votre équipe et de votre division. Même si vous n'êtes pas un unicum, vous ferez sans doute mieux que le joueur lambda dans votre équipe. Un CV qui ne spot pas et qui tente de strike son homologue est un boulet monumental pour votre équipe. Posséder un CV ou un DD dans votre platoon permet de spot efficacement les ennemis et de défendre/capturer les positions stratégiques dont l'importance est cruciale! Modez votre jeu! De très nombreux mods autorisés permettent un apport d'informations non négligeable. Je pense à celui qui indique dans quel navire est le joueur qui parle dans le chat et à celui qui indique la barre de vie des alliés et des adversaires dans les listes des équipes sur les côtés de l'écran. L'utilisation intelligente de XVM-like peut s'avérer très précieuse pour établir une priorité de cible et pour évaluer les menaces. De nombreux tutos de très bons joueurs existe sur YouTube mais le jeu d'équipe est rarement mis en valeur. Les différents tournois compétitifs qui se déroulent régulièrement illustre l'efficacité d'une équipe qui joue ensemble. Lorsque vous regardez ces vidéos ou streams, pensez à retenir les astuces comme les placements et le jeu d'équipe! Certains tiers et certaines heures peuvent être moins facile pour vous. En début de soirée, lancer une game avec une platoon en Tiers X c'est très certainement se heurter à d'autres platoon avec un certain niveau. Les Bas tiers sont un gros bazar ou tous les joueurs sont un peu brouillon donc c'est pas forcément le choix le plus judicieux. Pour enchaîner les victoires, les tiers intermédiaires (6-7-8) sont les meilleurs. Le early game (le début de partie). Bien commencer sa partie est essentiel pour ne pas dire indispensable. La plupart des games de Warships sont pliées dès les premières minutes. Les retournements de situation ne sont pas légion en FFA! J'analyse la composition de deux équipes. D'abord les navires. Qui possède quoi en supériorité et en infériorité? Suis-je top ou bas tiers? Est ce que je connais des joueurs dans cette partie? Comment je dois me déplacer sur cette Map? Que vous soyez top ou bas tiers importe peu, vous avez un rôle à jouer, reste à savoir lequel. Ne prenez pas 10 minutes à vous lamentez sur le MM et battez vous. Si vous êtes low tiers, soyez patient et préférez les engagements avec vos proies naturelles de tiers similaire. Si vous êtes en Benson, tentez de cap et de taper du DD IJN au lieu de chercher des noises à grand frère Gearing. Vous pouvez aussi vous reconvertir en distributeur de smoke pour la flotte. Préférez ainsi un rôle de support lorsque vous n'êtes pas top tiers, restez près des BB en CA pour l'AA par exemple. Une flotte pleine de BB allemands haut tiers sera vulnérable à l'aviation mais beaucoup aux spam de torpilles. Une flotte de CA peut être crucifiée par plusieurs BB ect... Établissez vite votre stratégie avec votre platoon et si possible avec d'autres alliés. Oui on peut tenter de communiquer avec nos alliés! Les gros joueurs qui veulent gagner ont souvent quelques mots sympas pour leur équipe en début de game! Elle est tout de suite plus réceptives à leurs ordres et conseils! Apprenez à connaitre les positions clefs des map et particulièrement en domination. Allez chercher certains points isolés peut s'avérer une perte de temps précieuse et un très mauvais choix tactique. Je pense au point D sur la carte Nord par exemple. Tentez de sécuriser une ou deux positions stratégiques le plus tôt possible. Les points montent très vite forçant ainsi l'équipe adverse à prendre l'initiative et font la différence en lategame. Les Destroyers sont la cible prioritaire du début de partie. Une flotte sans Destroyer perd sa mobilité, ses fumigènes, son potentiel de dégâts à la torpille et aussi les seuls navires capables de capturer une position furtivement (Grosso modo). Une platoon orientée chasseurs de DD permet d’enchaîner les victoires (CV/DD US/CA). Si vous avez été gravement endommagé dès le début, ne perdez pas espoir et retirez vous du combat. Vous serez plus utile vivant que mort. Reléguez vous à un rôle de soutien comme évoqué plus haut. Tant que vous êtes en vie, vous pouvez jouer un rôle. Le midgame (le milieu de partie). Gardez un œil sur les points, le temps restant, la position des navires spottés ou non et la vie de la plupart des joueurs. Agissez en conséquences. Il faut rester concentrer jusqu'au bout. Protégez vos alliés et particulièrement ceux qui sont susceptible d'être les plus utiles en late game. Jaugez qui doit être appuyé/aidé/sauvé! Tel DD est bon alors on doit le suivre et le soutenir! Débarrassez vous des adversaires les plus faibles en premier. Vous pourrez forcer ainsi les meilleurs joueurs de l'équipe ennemie à prendre des risques pour remonter au score. Même si les retournements de situations sont rares, ils existent, restez concentré. En bataille standard, gardez un oeil sur votre base. Demandez vous si un push est plus utile qu'un retour en défense. Si la partie est vraiment très mal engagée, prenez un maximum de risque. Il m'est arrivé plusieurs fois de retourner une game lorsque mes alliés m'ont vu rusher une cap en CV! Si un de vos alliés semblent faire un truc débile (chase un CV, ignorer une cap), conseillez le avec zen. Essayez de lui faire comprendre l'importance de votre conseil. Si votre mort est proche, faites en sorte de maximiser l'impact chez les ennemis. Un coup de radar avant de mourir, un lâcher de torpille ou même bien placer sa carcasse sont des actions qui peuvent peser. Avant de mourir tentez d'emporter avec vous les cibles les plus dangereuses pour les alliés restants (Un BB en late game est moins utile qu'un DD bien souvent!). Même mort communiquez avec votre platoon et vos alliés, encouragez les plutôt que des les engueuler. Si vous êtes en vie et que la partie est indécise, prévoyez le scénario du late game. Doit on cap, se regrouper ou chase? En tout cas restez proche des positions stratégiques, c'est là que se déroule le late game. Restez prudent jusqu'au bout. Le late game (la fin de partie). Tant qu'il y a des obus c'est pas perdu! Ne lâchez rien! Si vous dominez que légèrement ne prenez pas de risque inutile. Si vous êtes dans la mouise, c'est à vous de vous bouger les fesses. Dans une game aussi serrée, préférez achever des ennemis qu'entamer des grosses cibles. PRENEZ DES POINTS! Gardez ou capturez les positions jusqu’au bout. A ce stade de la game il faut être un peu matheux! Détruire ou perdre tel navire peut-il nous faire gagner sachant qu'on même de 50 points mais qu'il reste 83 secondes et alors que nous possédons 1 cap contre 3 chez les ennemis???! Si vous avez fait une grosse partie, ne vous laissez pas griser et emporter dans votre élan. C'est bien de faire 300 000 de dégâts mais si on part en plus chercher le CV et que derrière la base est capturée... Bah c'est une défaite. Essayez de comprendre le moment et les joueurs clefs qui ont fait gagner/perdre la partie. Tirez en de l'expérience. En conclusion Tirez les conséquences de l'issue de la bataille, prenez un moment pour établir quand la game a tourné ou non en votre faveur! Pensez à congratuler les méritants, à retenir quelques noms de joueurs et n'oubliez pas de poster dans le Hall of fame! Relativisez votre échec ou votre réussite! Tous ensemble vers la victoire les amis! Tous unis contre les post OUIN OUIN Je fais que perdre!!!
  5. Ahoi Kapitäne! Habt ihr auch das Gefühl, dass der Einsatz japanischer Schiffe von vornherein zum Scheitern verurteilt ist? Ich fahre ausschließlich deutsche und japanische Schiffe. Mein Spielstil ist dabei natürlich so ziemlich der selbe. (Gerade die Schlachtschiffe fahren sich sehr ähnlich und sind eigentlich auch sehr gut) Wie kommt es dann -trotz ausgeklügelten balance system- dazu, dass sich knapp die Hälfte meiner Japaner die untersten Plätze der winrate teilen? Zu blöd kann ich mich ja nicht anstellen, da die anderen Schiffe dieses Problem nicht haben und die Schadens-/und Versenkrate in etwa gleich bleibt. Soviel zum Gefühl, hier mal die Werte: Schiffe insgesamt: 43 Japaner: 19 Das heißt: Von 42% aller meiner Schiffe belegen 42% der Japaner die 19% letzten Plätze. Ich würde mich über konstruktive Erfahrungsberichte, eure Meinung und eventuell ja den ein oder anderen Tipp freuen.
  6. _Xaero_

    Stuck on a 54% winrate

    I seem to be forever stuck on a 54% winrate I certainly don't consider myself a pro player, but I like to think of myself as certainly above average. I either go on huge losing streaks, or win a match and then lose a match and have the repeat for the time I play the game. Is divisions the only real way to get a higher victory rate for random battles? Or maybe i'm just a potato
  7. I am looking to embark on a little project which I am calling PROJEKT: ABOVE AVERAGE The basic premise is that a player must achieve >50% win rate in every non premium ship that they can sail. I'm just looking to get some input from the community on what the parameters of this project should be. The most important is the minimum number of battles per ship required to be considered "reliable data" Please answer the poll questions and leave comments. If you would like to join me in this project please join in. It's just a bit of fun. EDIT:- for clarity as requested: I am looking at a "No ship left behind" idea. Basically, out of every ship I can sail I want to achieve an above average win rating. The idea of the poll is to gather information from the community into what my goals should be.
  8. Filler: Note: to receivers of the internal communication document, this is the addition I am referring to at the end, promised to be written today. Contact me via WG account, when you've the time and interest. It's also a weekday evening and I'm tired, which means this post will be less passionate, stylish and fluid as I'd like it to be. Fortunately, this'll also help keep it simple and possibly less cynical, as my take on the topic is rather harsh, even for my usual standards. Start Main Text: The problem I have with winrate is not that I believe it to be inaccurate. I believe it absolutely possible for a single player to influence the outcome of a game. This is possible be it a random, ranked, or even clan-level game. I can provide specific examples for each, but it is not the main focus for today. Just note that I do believe winrate to be an accurate measurement of a player's skill, and a good rating of their ability to exert control over a game in WoWs. Winrate is absolutely logical. My own clan uses it as the primary measurement (though with other considerations) for entry. I personally have so much trust in it that I simply do not believe any other statistic, be it average damage, surviveability, or even total games played and multiple ship-type mastery, can tell as much about a player as his winrate statistics. It is ... difficult to refute something which is logical, accurate, and tried-and-tested to be true. When it is immovable, of a higher level than your capabilities to handle, and most importantly, still believed in by you. Before we get too far ahead, on how I became Unicum, if you so really must know, and which I'll spare you a little insight as repentance for cheating you out of a supposedly "winrate guide" as what the clickbait title implied but is not ... is as simple as growing increasingly bored with the game. As its initial surprise wears out, and more and more the mechanics are past analyzed, one plays more and more wildly, daringly, going into the toughest situations, taking the hardest responsibility and the most risky points, to gain some thrill. And (learning to) get back out of them alive. Eventually, there comes a point when the game becomes practically meaningless in mechanical terms as you now view it in pure "logic", and no longer as a game. At this point, winrate is no longer an object. At this point, you can do anything you practically want, you are Unicum. To put it even more simply, this is a "multiplayer" game. Your success will depend on other people. And other people will depend on you. If you want to become a good player, you'll have to reach this conclusion for yourself. Humans are absolutely logical, but "logic" is not logical. Excellence, accomplishment, worth, these are both logical yet astonishing. Passion, bravery, hope, desire, responsibility, knowledge, no matter how remarkable, are but madness if "illogical". Statistics can move, as statistics, worked in pure logic, can be as solid and concrete as any well written statement. But what was once remarkable, deeply moving, can also in an instant become tasteless, irrelevant, insignificant. When a statement becomes a statistic, and reverts to pure shapeless, tasteless, formless logic. And would it now be reasonable for me to simply say that Unicum, is a statement? A summary from the combination of some applied logic and the results of it? Is it not something remarkable, yet meaningless, both difficult to achieve yet unbelievably straightforward, all at the same time? Or at least, it is not wholly disgusting, demeaning, oppressing, and doesn't make sense, or so we hope? We are well aware of the derogatory toxicity that can happen when contextless judgement of player skill, based off stats, is involved. On a side note, this is also why those with (excessive amounts of) money, when approached for questioning on how they are so, do wonder. To design a great computer game is art. But so is it art to play a game. (and do do anything, really.) When logic and its application becomes so fluid it takes upon a weight of its own, when it becomes a "void". Those who can face with, adapt and flourish the most arcane constructs of logic as if their own, unquestionably have advantage over those who cannot. To be able to play a game as its creators intended, to experience the logical architecture as it was perceived by the designers themselves, see its supports, decorations, and both its areas of brightness and corners of shadows. To be able to overcome limitations out of practicality, its flaws and parts diluting the purity of the logic, the placeholders, catalysts and other insignificant parts of the design not core of what it meant to express, and still appreciate its essence. To be able to talk to, communicate with, and eventually reach a conclusion with the game, as a work of art. And so finally, it'll whisper you its potential. But the corruption. I don't just mean the pressure of having an ever-hovering cloud of judgmental, pressurizing, ugly "winrate" over your head as you try to enjoy the game; it is also easy to become "drunk with success", at the other end of the spectrum. As bluntly and harshly as I have ever been, I find my clan of Unicums is mostly static, now that they are all Unicums and irrefutably masters of this game. They, the most skilled and devoted players in this game, would have no more interest in matters of the game and its "architectural details" than ever naught. I struggle to garner interest with any amount of design discussion from them at all, but who can blame them? They are Unicum and Super-Unicum, why change the game when all is perfect? WG itself, having a good "winrate" in their business performance, can't seem to decide on what they want to do from here on, nor do they seem to have that much care in it either. At least, not what I was able to see. Except perhaps, heh, raise the "winrate" a bit higher. Now, I don't go down the street and, thinking of those with "more money" than I do, and calling them "weak, weak-willed, static, drunk from success". And I don't mean this literally with my clan or WG either. It is all very logical, it would be in fact, a surprise if it wasn't this way. Nothing is arbitrary after all. I'm not saying that back when the economy was still weak, at least people held hopes in their hearts and clear recognition of the most valuable things of humankind, and now that the economy is good all that goes out the window and anything as long as it makes money is considered "good", no, it was never this romantic, but I would certainly hope so, and thus I choose to perceive it as so. WG can stick with its small armada of advisers, and keep providing jobs to 4000 families, which is, quite honestly, the best thing in the world. So on and so forth with clan, too. But the winrate is still here, and so is the oppression, and the corruption. What is winrate? What is victory? Is having a high winrate a greater victory than winning a single game? If it so is, then what is a higher victory than even "winrate"? Keeping that winrate? Bettering the numbers? We know that in some sayings, "the only way to win is to walk away". No, for the record, WoWs is not that kind of game. Yet no, I refuse to settle for simply that "not losing is winning". What is life without its hunger, passion, and moving power? There is no true differentiation between positive or negative energy, there is only energy. The logic kind. And more energy. But what I think humans just love to do is to find ways to harness, channel, shape and control that energy. However, in this case of "winrate", it simply means that if you play to certain specific styles, standards and methods, you win! Simple. But what if it is not natural for you to play like that? What if you don't want to play like that? It is tyranny, to force specifics, and defame noncompliance, but which "winrate" is doing, by alienating some players over others for something as trivial as performing a specific mundane task correctly or not. The act of them willingly doing it, by placing trust in it and then having that trust betrayed, just makes it worse. With the "just walk away then" adding insult to injury. And thus, I decree (to myself), it is time to move past "winrate", this statistic which would go so far as to decide your victory for you. To think that in the past, due to coding limitations, it was physically impossible for a game to show a victory condition. Only a loss condition marking closure, and your quantitative skill, as score. And so, to achieve high scores. Tools, metrics, these should serve humans, not dictate them and their choices. You decide your victory, to stop, or to push the highscore even more. A game cannot decide your victory for you. To tell you "you've reached your objective, you've beaten the game!" is what they show at the end of a singleplayer game. So WoWs, with its Unicum culture and wn8 winrates statistics, which in their logical forms, being something granted the authority to tell you that "you've achieved the milestone! You've won at this game!" makes WoWs something, though a "multiplayer game", is but singleplayer in spirit. (And that is possibly the harshest thing I can say. So I apologize to the game devs for this.) But gamers, perhaps of the "old breed", who have moved past such limiting designs in spirit, that and will no longer settle for it, have found no outlet to further their skills and channel their passions. You see them doing tedious things like speedrunning, engaging purposefully in niche games of harsh conditions being demanding of skill. It is sad, like seeing captured big cats stretch, pace and endless circle inside their cages of captivity, out of misery, boredom, and frustration. That is not true spirited. And thus it is how I see winrate, and the game in its current state: something representative of the despirited, stagnant, yet to achieve victory, and misplaced, imbalanced human essence and spirit. And its spirit complains about that. Build a great fighting ship and keep it caged. It will complain, and justly so. No matter how logical the reasons for doing so, it will complain. And in doing so, it will transfer, pass on some of its spirit, bravery, desire, hope, to those who listen, perhaps those madmen who rely on doing so out of obscene intents stealing secrets of the gods ... forming the sort of peculiar symbiosis' which (are still logical). For in the absence of true genius, its closes substitute will have to do. And don't we have it in us all. For no one in their right mind would have by themselves the courage alone and whatnot for speaking like this, for this, for this, and which I had to muster up to even write things like this. The act in itself is nothing special. It is not something difficult to analyze like this. Anyone can find a flaw in anything in a split second. Anyone educated can do it. Anyone done so can also deal in pure logic, minus the corruption kind. ("To entertain a thought without accepting it.") It is a majestic right of humans to have intelligence, logic, working its pure form and formless potency. But as I said once and say again, in a scale of intelligence, clever - smart - intelligent - wise, a lifeless contraption can be "clever" and entertaining. A dog can be "smart" and trainable. Humans are intelligent; they have the ability of choice. But wisdom is to simply be, both in undeniable existence of an essence, spirit, as in and same as "clever", yet to "be" too great to have to fear harm, yet too great to need to harm anything. We value intelligence but do not worship it; intelligence if used arbitrarily is pure destruction, which is the reason we fear the rise of artificial intelligence. We fear them to have utter destructive force without limits in morals, ethics, despite possibly having flawless "logic". An arbitrary god is not wise, nor kind. If absolute intelligence can be the same as wisdom, and thus beauty, it is the same as saying absolute power is justice ... but this is not the main point of this post. What I am trying to say is, players are not some dogs, to be trained. Nor are they of "inferior intelligence", to be used in constructs like little white mice in a maze, not just manipulated, coerced, but even encouraged to be unthinking, pacified, suppressed in their humanity, killed in their motivation, unfeeling unthinking consuming, with little things like "winrate", used to drawn out the state of things while not directly addressing the problem. This is not excellence, this is not beauty, human potential, and definitely not anything close to "victory". (It is though, still, highly "logical", but then again so was WWII) What I am suggesting then, is not anything complicated or even needing this much filler (though I did name this post "winrate" so I do have to talk about winrate for a bit) but what I would like to communicate is, that instead, we can make "art". Art is interpretative. It is also many things, including that from which true classics are made of. (I know that simply the word "art", when used in any argument, sets of automatic [edited] filters in some of our heads, (mine too, I forgot to turn it off because it's a weekday, and I do prefer the firewall on for work)), but hear me out. As I said in the last paragraph, intelligence, capability in itself, is no longer anything spectacular. Anyone working in a gaming company including the engine code software engineer will be able to comment on the state of the industry and engage in talks of profound insight. Most of them will also have their own "industry trade-secret trump card design". That is fine, it may even be true. Because they are all intelligent, if you engage them in conversation they will absolutely recognize the logical fulcrums. But, instead of just having an endless cascade of complaints and listing of downfalls, like on the way to pub night after a particularly difficult work day, what truly separates the fluff from the quality, is that which can bring and provide hope, what will have enduring logical substance, of higher logical thresholds; that which is "wise", "great", that is what can truly generates value. When we visit a museum, attend a conference, visit botany gardens, engage in discourse, or just read a book by oneself, and such "gentler" pastimes, we engage in trust, not betrayed. It does not just supersede intelligence and the tedium of logic, but engages in higher forms of it, such as "intuition", "flow", "epiphany". It is timeless, providing the effects of closure and sanctuary; too great to have to fear, yet too great to need to harm; that is what is singular, definitive, "final", in the threshold of "wisdom", instead of simply "intelligent". To simply "be", instead of being in an awkward and inelegant position of being pressured to make choices simply for the sake of having choices ... To be respected (by players, for example). Great art need not be pandering. Because instead of your favor, it gains your respect. It is possible to make art in video games. It is possible to make video games which are not mutually exclusive in having "character", meaning, popularity, and being a great experience for the players while profitable for the company (and also a great experience). It is possible to have understanding and rapport between players and developers, for which game developer was not a player first? It is an art to design a game, it is also an art to play a game. Nothing is impossible, though miracles will need a bit of time. I believe "true victory" is possible. To design a game which gives the topical nature the respect it deserves. To make a game which can stand up to the most difficult demands and devastating questions, by making the most difficult demands and asking the most devastating questions, even bordering on malicious intent, while designing it . A game which we do all the maths so the players don't have to, bringing players infinitely close to the conclusion, then let them form the final part of it, instead of deciding it for them; it is not ours to judge, just as it is beyond players to judge developers' every move. Why do games like H.A.W.X. and Ace Combat win over WoWp? Why can players grow? Why can game companies also grow from their experiences? Why is it not a question of which pioneering features were redundant or not, but who successfully implemented it first? Even if not perfect, a beautiful, noble and respectful game can still be successfully designed. Whether or not it is our game which they will first remember by, is our choice to make. Cowards die many deaths before they die, but heroes live many lifes, as they lived. But the situation is not even remotely hopeless. As much as we imagine and wish for a game where players do more, be more, form friendly communities and participate in excellence beyond the norm, beyond victory, are we not already blessed with such fortunate settings? It is all around you WG, can you not see, this forum, this community? That they do support you by buying themselves a premium ship for this occasion, treating themselves to some premium time at that, and perhaps even an actual physical ship model? That despite the negatives surrounding the game, they try to play it as if it was the dream game of the world, in which they could ideally engage in game assets without having to concern themselves whether it is balanced enough or OP enough to win them a game? That the question to ask is not to ask why people engage in negative actions regardless of attempts at alleviation; but why people go out of their way to help each other, support each other, and make the game a better place to be, acting "illogically", despite all the designs encouraging them to do so otherwise? That play the game pretending it had enough depth to warrant advertisement lines such as "Make tough decisions as ye admirals of Old! Take responsibility and lead like ye admirals of Old! Throw your cap on the deck sobbing with rage, like ye admirals of Old!" And just for the record, I will re-post this excerpt from the main document which I also included in the internal-use communications document : “Original world of warships was, I admit, an outstanding game. It brought countless hours of pure joy and delight to many, many different players. It was not badly designed, nor was it poorly executed. It was simply so thrilling, so singular and definitive, that it too quickly burned through its own drive. Its simple yet elegant design was a double-edged sword. And now, almost 3 years later, it would finally seem that it inevitably approaches its ebb and dusk. Most players who had filled their need for fun had left long ago. The remaining players find it harder and harder to derive the pristine fun they had experienced at the beginning of this legacy. Most of the remaining "hardcore" fans would not desist from the game at any rate, but eventually, their patience wears thin, and the game would change from an alleviation to a burden, one which should not be forced upon even the most hardcore of fans. Considering that some had not even had the privilege to truly experience the game in alpha or beta while in its full "newness" and inconsequential delight. Nothing but innovative delight only present from purest of new experiences and fun. Thus, perhaps now, with WoWs 2, we may present players this delight, all over again.” Now, I won't go so far as say that I can claim use of a title such as "WoWs 2", just "a design for a WoWs game". And I won't go to say I can say what players deserve and not. Just that in a poignant example, though ME:Andromeda had its million sales, and FFXIII had its million sales, the people I've met agree that there is a difference, just this difference in what it means. And here I will include my post-normal amount of harshness: the other game developers know, the people in the industry know, the players know, and the gods and any other outsider observers know. Stay humble, and be truthful. May the future be kind to you and your 4000 families, may the players and the communities be friendly and supportive of you, and may the muses of the divines be favorable to you. And may we all be someday freed from the tyranny of the "winrate". (With lots of effort from WG, and company.) Also thank you for you kind attention thus far. This is quite the long post. Also, I know, I know, I used to take pride in the fact that I liked to say in chat, back in beta, when misbalanced CV matches happened, "Because life is fair" and gloatingly add that people did quiet down from that, but that was without better alternatives. To justify it is not impossible, but will just add more needless complexity ... just that now, with a small book's worth of notes behind me, and seeing WoWs getting slightly improved, I would like to try for more possibilities. Also to those still asking for the "how to improve winrate guide", did you even read what I typed in this post at all? I will proveed to XD
  9. jerkchicken

    Lose lose and again lose...

    Today: 14 battles played 3 wins / 11 loses I think I'am done with this game, i always play good (i do my best for myself + the team), i cap everytime I'am supporting dd's and i follow orders from the chat. But those weekends my WR(winrate) is just falling by my team. or i have an unlucky day. No I would be unlucky everythime I play. It feels like i depends on my team, So there saying my skills of the match doesnt count if I've bad matchmaking (unlucky). I'am just working on the Missouri (getting xp with premuim account + premuims ships / camo's + flags = that i can convert it to free ex) but if i dont win like 50% (I would be happy alot if the WR was 50%) So this grind is very hard for me if I would lose everytime. Have somebody some tips to improve or to make my grind easier? Thanks for reading and helping me out, Splireplays (I'am working on my English its not very good)
  10. DefenceMaster

    About Winrate

    Hello guys, i've been playing World of Warships for 3 weeks now, so i'm still quite new, anyways i've noticed that my Winrate is quite low, and that i often find myself in battles where no matter what i do, they look unwinnable, a thing that can be quite frustrating after a while when doing daily doubles and such. I've tried to check if there was something similiar to the WoT efficiency rating or whatever to see if in fact, i could be the problem, but according to Warships.today i'm classified as "Very good", so i was wondering how much impact do i actually have on the team, and if there's any tips to improve my games somehow? And another question, i haven't ventured yet too much into Cruisers, and i was wondering what are the most newbie friendly lines and the most interesting ones. Thanks in Advance.
  11. Wulfson

    Hilfe zu Selbsthilfe

    Hallo zusammen, ich spiele nun immer wieder mal mit mehrwöchigen Unterbrechungen seit etwas über einem halben Jahr WOWS. Mein Problem ist, das ich scheinbar auf keinen grünen Zweig komme. Ich habe zwar das Gefühl ich schlage mich ordentlich im Mittelfeld, bin auch laut Auswertung des öfteren unter den besten 3 und auch ein erster Platz ist mir nicht neu aber wenn ich teils die Threads hier lese und sehe Sachen wie: unter 80.000 DMG pro Runde lohnt es sich nicht, dann kann ich nur denken... ach Du kac*e bin ich schlecht. Ich bin meist so ab 25.000 DMG mit einer Runde zufrieden. Wenn ich dann noch aud "Spielname Stats&Numbers" schaue, vergeht mir alles... ich bin da so was von rot... Meinem empfinden nach passt das aber nicht, bzw. ich glaubs ja aber verstehs nicht. Ich versuche Teamdienlich zu fahren, surfe nicht am Kartenrand, winkel an, informiere mich über die Schiffe (ja ne Yorck fährt man anders als die Nürnberg davor ^^) geb als Kreuzer Geleitschutz, geh mit den BBs, gerade den Deutschen jetzt auch nach vorne, wo es weh tut und nutze den HP Pool, sprich, ich versuche all die Pro tipps zu beherzigen. Letztlich bleict aber die rote Farbe in den (gerne von Euch einzusehenden Stats) an mir kleben wie Schei*e am Schuh. Zugegeben, mein WR leidet derzeit etwas an den neuen BBs und der noch ungewohnten Yorck und gerade das war das einzig grüne bisher Schaut doch bitte mal über meine Stats und sagt mir ob ihr das was erkennen könnt. Bin für jede konstruktive Kritik empfänglich (konstruktiv heißt nich in Watte packen ;) ) Gruß und ruhige See! Edit: Damit man mal sieht was ich meine: so was ist für mich en Grund en Sekt aufzumachen, aber nach allem was ich verstanden habe, sollte das der Schnitt sein... ich schaffe sowas gerade mal alle paar Tage... oder Wochen... vllt. 2-5 mal im Monat...
  12. ... how much better do I need to perform to overcome being put in the weaker team? I have always been impressed by players so good that they can carry their team and get win rates pushing (and sometimes exceed) 60%. My two last games were somewhat poor, so I had an average damage of approx. 90.000 after the 5 first losses. I love the Amagi though.. plays great.
  13. Hi all, Interesting topic from Reddit - "The WR Matchmaking Engine Myth" (for those who are mathematical / statistical inclined)... "The WR Matchmaking Engine Myth"
  14. WebSpawn

    The Königsberg curse

    I just have to vent for a moment. I HATE the Königsberg with a vengeance. Seriously, my winrate is an abysmal 26% with this, this... thing. And that is, if it didn't drop any lower last evening! (got several losses in a row, some of which I died with a handful of hits under my belt) However, it is among the ships with which I've achieved the most kills. I get lot's of good games with it, scores are usually awsome, (to me) but that sadly doesn't equal wins. I know that in randoms it's often the luck of the draw, but that doesn't make it any less infuriating. Also, I'm not claiming to be the best player, but when I get my 1, 2 or 3 kills I think I might say I pulled my weight. Must be some kindred spirits around?
  15. Hi all, Please note that I am not ranting (I never ranted here in all months that I am active) and I do not want to "blame", I also don't want to add toxicity either - I just want you guys to help me understand this rationally... I am just an "average Joe" with WinRate of 53% and Exp 705 (no premium ever - add 50% for "true WG value") - in ranked 2nd and 3rd season I have 60% WinRate and I reached maximum rank with my "Cleveland" (my "Pensacola" is still stock so I didn't play here there). Yesterday evening my wife and her sister were making cakes so I had few hours to (finally) play WoWs... it was supposed to be nice... I played 13 games with my beloved "New Mexico" (I absolutely adore that ship - almost everything is great - it just lacks speed) and lost 11 of those. The problem is that I played rather well and still lost at incredibly high rate: So... how on Earth this can be? Few "reasonable" cases (games) from yesterday evening: #1 Tier VIII game and our Tirpitz is AFK. It is huge loss but we still valiantly fight to the end (we even protect our AFK Tirpitz as long as we can). After 15 minutes ("Tirpitz" just sunk) the AFK player enters the game and apologizes - his PC crashed- we all thak him for info and no harm is done - we even cheer him up. All is OK. #2 Tier VIII game and our Tier VIII CV is AFK (he never ever shows). It is terrible deficiency and we are slaughtered by enemy CV and the rest of their team (although we put good fight as much as possible). This is also "reasonable" - one crucial high Tier ship less and there was almost no chance... #3 Tier VII game and we have 1:2 in BBs and 4:5 in DDs. It is big deficiency (in both HP pool and firepower). We fight hard and lose - this is also "reasonable"... Some highlights of "un-reasonable" cases (games) from yesterday evening: #1 I am all alone defending our base - everybody else went away (hotheadedly attacking enemy base - it was 100% botched effort regardless the fact that they had numerical superiority). I managed to hold on for 10+ minutes against 2 BBs and 2 CAs (all the timme pleading for help and telling my team that once I am gone everything will be over in matter of 1-2 minutes - but no response from my team). Once they finally managed to kill me we lose (of course)... #2 "Two Brothers" map. All of my team wen to other side leaving me and CV to defend our base and whole flank. We kindly asked and pleaded for help but to no avail... We manage to hold on for long time (once I died CV even entered the slot and fought to last plane - great play for that CV) but it was all over once we both died. Our team, in the meantime, completely botched their attack (even with significant numerical superiority) and we, of course, lost... #3 "The Straight" map. I spawn at my base but all other ships there (except our CV) immediately go toward the other spawn (where the rest of our ships were) despite my kind pleas that we must defend our base and that force must be present to help defending our base. CV and I fight hard but we succumb and, of course, the game is immediately lost (our numerically superior force didn't even approach enemy base)... #4 All 3 of our DDs decided that attacking enemy base during opening minutes of the match is great idea. The rest of the team asked them to abort suicide attack and return back but to no avail. After all DDs were killed (as they should be since that kind of attack is 100% irrational) the rest of us fought but were overwhelmed by barrage of enemy torpedoes (from their intact DDs) and hail of shells... #5 Several of ours ships decided to enter the slot in "Two Brothers" at the begging of the game despite pleads and kind requests not to do that. They, of course, died in vain and left us to fight losing battle... BTW, I have my own rule to quit after 3 loses in the row - but I chose to ignore it (in retrospect very wrongly) because I played good and I did lot of damage (lowest damage count 35.000) and killed lots of ships... argh... Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I am still a bit upset so I botched the title of the post when I first created it... oh my...
  16. There should be a form with dropdown menu filters, in game or on web site, that would allow users to check stats in a faster way. Like: Show: (wr, xp, dmg...), Nation: (any, USN, IJN....), Tier (any, I,II...), Class (any, CV, CA...), Ship (any, Omaha, Furutaka...) and maybe even a after/before date filter. All fields but the first should have option "Any" and allow multiple choices. Some options, logically, would be dependent of previous option (Ex: selecting Tier V would prevent ships from other tiers showing on next filter.) This would allow players to see Win Rate in Tier 3 ships or the Damage made by IJN Battleships or really just about everything else. About Win Rate I hope i'm not wrong but saying 60% WR means basically that a player had a positive influence of 10% in a determined number of battles. Now having 10% influence on 20 battles is not the same has having 10% in 1000 battles therefore i think Win Rate should be calculated using win percentage and number of battles. and a question: I've seen several times Win Rate percentages by server. How is this calculated? How can a server have 54% WR? If someone wins, someones looses, if it's a draw, it's a draw for both, right? What other factors are taken into consideration to say a server has 54% WR? Thanks
  17. waffenarr


    hi leute, will hier einfach mal fragen ob bei euch die winrate auch so rapide gesunken ist? als ich zum release der open beta die ersten tage gezockt habe dachte ich noch, geil, winrate über 50% und die gefechte waren relativ ausgeglichen und lang. aber mittlerweile is die winrate genau so demotivierend wie in wot geworden, speziell seit release finde ich. bis zu 5 verlorene gefechte in folge sind schon fast normal. höhepunkt war vor ein paar tagen 11 gefechte, davon gerade mal eins gewonnen. Auch sind haushohe niederlagen und gefechte wo innerhalb von 3-4 minuten die halbe flotte versenkt wird und das gegnerteam nicht ein schiff verliert sehr häufig geworden. bei nem kumpel ist das genauso. ebend auch wieder eingelogt und 3 niederlagen in folge gehabt. wie is das bei euch? beste grüße, ron
  18. Well done Wargaming i really enjoy..... oeps ENJOYED myself until the first patch that followed after 0.3.0 You were so close to having an almost perfect game and yet you decided to ruin it when going public. All the things that could possibly go wrong are wrong now ; 1 - Matchmaking Countless of games the last few days were the balance is so far from reality it just makes me sick. Some examples : A match that i played yesterday Then lets see first match i joined today I striped the Sims away on eachother wich leaves what you can see above... A semi Destroyer/Cruiser hybrid with terrible guns vs a tier 7 Cola wich is a true Cruiser and a tier 7 Rapeu CV !!!! Wich brings me.... 2 - RNG & Winrate When your goal is to keep 90% of the crowd happy by enforcing uneven matches to keep balance stable in winning or losing at least be honost about it. I cant ignore the fact im really suspious how matches are being setup at the moment and the combination with the terrible adjustments that have been made to RNG. A person that joined OBT can tell you that RNG is absolute rubbish right now. Even the most experienced and skillfull captain can still lose from a new player with 2 games under the hood because of RNG in a 1vs 1 situation. 3 - Fire From past 0.3.0 fires were becoming problematic and countless of posts were made about this by CBT players. You simply ignored this and kept going the same road. Battleships in my opinion should be called Olympic flames until you fixed the situation. Dont think i need to keep explaining why this is a problem. Really what happened WG? Why didnt you listen when people said this was going wrong. There is still hope you can return this once beautifull game back to its former glory since its in OBT fase now but appearently W/L ratio plays a big part in this because its a business model. I dont mind you wanna make tons of money, i hope you actually do because it motivates to make even more good games. But when a Random Number Generator plays a bigger role in a videogame then my input i think your going the wrong way.