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Found 2 results

  1. iJoby

    Mystery Ship in the Arsenal?

    Mystery Ship: What Ship is This? This mystery ship in the Arsenal, so I thought I would try to help out with trying to discover what this ghost ship is. Most noticeably to take into consideration is where the directors. I changed the contrast of the ship to make it more identifiable, and increased the size of the image. Wichita Director Comparison Wichita Silhouette Transparent Background Wichita Silhouette White Background Link
  2. I rarely post but this time I felt I absolutely have to. I watched some CC test of Wichita so I knew what to expect but now I felt it in real, met one in randoms and that was disaster. It's enormous concealment which is heavily ruining all tech tree CAs of its and above tiers is making it heavy OP monster in combination with improved US 203mm pen angles. It can move around map unspotted, unleash full AP salvo to cruiser which can't have a clue where this guy is and devastate him. Played in ZAO, got several citadels from such a close distance that he couldn't miss. Can't imagine I'd be on the same tier CA or RN CL which is supposed to dominate in concealment (Edinburgh has 9km, this US P2W CL has 8.7km I believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). He did it to several other CAs, unleash salvo or two, get undetected and again and again. It has enough armor to withstand return fire as she has more than enough time to angle before anyone turns guns to her. Such a heavy AP volley from this close distance is a way too OP. Even with lower HP pool, you can't compare several citadel hits with more normal pens from other ships in return. Hope this concealment is not a final version. The guy did 1550 base exp on lost game with ease, on and off tactics Please don't power-creep like this WG! Heavy cruiser better concealment than light ones - NO NO NO! And if you really plan to screw up concealment expert bonus for CA/CLs , BBs and CV (yet another DD protecting change, srsly? BTW), then this thing will get even higher advantage.