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Found 8 results

  1. Luke6_31

    Graf Zeppelin

    Can you please remove this ship? What is the point of playing against it? I don't understand how this was allowed to be in the game. I have put time & effort into this game & you let this happen. Please just remove it & recompense those who bought it. This is not fun or engaging to play against.
  2. Aotearas

    Division window in port

    So, it's been a while and a couple patches and I have to wonder, when will we finally get rid of that abomination? I'm pretty sure the consensus from the players (at least from those who frequent the forum) was rather onesidedly against the new division port UI. It's obstrusively large (blocking other UI elements you might want to see), it still can't display playernames in full and since it's tied to the chat server, if the latter crashes it also makes playing divisions impossible (which is a rather serious design flaw if you'd ask me). I've yet to hear a single positive aspect about the new UI. When will we get the old division UI back? You know, the one that was unobstrusive and not prone to not working because the notoriously unreliable chat hamsters are on strike again ... @MrConway, @Tuccy, @Crysantos Because seriously, that thing is just annoying.
  3. So, WG removed the AS and Strike setups for every regular US aircraft carrier. Only balanced loadouts for everyone. Can't say I disagree much and I'm still too inexperienced with CVs to really judge the balancing on that. But what I can say is that I have serious questions as to why the Saipan gets to retain its AS loadout? Yes, yes it's a premium, I know. WG allegedly don't nerf premiums, except for global gameplay changes or whatnot (makes me wonder why the US CV rebalance wasn't considered a global change since it covered ALL regular CVs). Maybe the more experienced CV players can tell me how I'm supposed to play against an AS Saipan in a Ranger with its 1/1/2 loadout. He gets 3x4 (let's assume every Saipan player halfway worth his salt has the Air Supremacy captain skill, aye?) tier IX fighters. I get 1x7 tier VII fighters. He can strafe out of dogfights for free, I lose a fighter each time. Saipan also gets more fighter reserves. His fighter wing is more flexible, it's faster and he has the superiour number endurance. I also find that those tier IX fighters are annoyingly resistant to head-on strafes, with at times zero losses and the most I've got was two fighters (and if he also strafed head-on, I tend to lose two fighters on average). I'll win that dogfight (unless he simply strafes out and runs to safety with my slower fighters having no chance to catch them), but he can sustain those losses and chances are I won't be lucky enough to fight just one squadron most of the time but handling two, if not three at which point he can overwhelm my fighters with as little effort/skill as just clicking on them. No matter how I look at it, unless the Saipan player is a total potato and either let's me strafe his fighters indefinately without fighting back or sends his fighters over my team's AA, the math clearly tells that the Ranger WILL lose the fighter duel against an AS Saipan. Also, yes I know; if I get one good strike in, I already did more damage than he probably will in the entire match. Doesn't count much though, since CVs seem to get very little XP for damage, but much more for fighters, plus winning the fighter duel and ensuring ingame air superiourity is much more strategic value as it opens up those fighters to spot for the team, particularily helpful against any surviving DDs. By the end of it, the AS Saipan gets the better deal with his XP and credits just by shooting down my aircraft and doing whatever damage with his DBs compared to my few solid strikes I may or may not have managed to sneak past his fighters. In short: How on earth am I supposed to fight against an AS Saipan in a Ranger? I can handle a Hiryuu, I can handle a balanced Saipan, but AS Saipan ... nope. If there is a winning strategy, I'd like to know. If there isn't, I'd like to know if there's even a single good balancing argument in favour of the Saipan keeping the AS setup.
  4. Having three triple ship divisions of the same clan in the last battle I had reminded me of this insignificant problem. I'm surprised nothing has been done about it just in case, because while it's not necessarily true that they might pass information from the team they are in to the other members of the clan on the other team, ignore them just to farm everyone else ignoring the ones of their clan while it's possible or who knows what else I guess I'm not the only one that finds suspicious that people makes such an effort to sinchronize when they press that Battle button, right? That would be crazy, right? Not saying that while they're at stuff like that in case they actually do it some day it would be nice they figure out how to make MM give the same radar ships to both teams, but hey. You might want to look at this too, WG. Just as a suggestion.
  5. I am wondering why the algorithm managed me as it did during this season, because it did: I finished the last season in r1 so i started at the best position, r13, with some days of the start. Reached r12 at 3rd of july. R9 at 5th, r8 at 6th, r7 at 9th, r5 at 10th, and the struggle started, over the changed meta (fuso spam, some batles was needed to get it, but yet, when i am entered to r5, i had 73 battles in the season, and i had some things to do) r3 at 16th of july, r2 reached first time at 17th of the month. And the real struggle started... You can see i had a good ride or MM ... in the days down in the numbers, but usually when one star was needed to the next star i had bad kind of team mates, but mostly 1-2 tries was enough to step over, that was ok. But in R2 this was amplified. I had a series of games when i have the typical rushing and dying and the going around the map without knowing what to do players were my teammates from the session, over and over, until i fell out from r2... Once one wrote me a nice letter after a battle (...) [ in that battle surely he died first and spammed the whole battle], and i checked, he had overall double games (12* vs 240+ at the time, WR 58% vs 50%), and he was still around r5-r4. And he was the only one whom i checked, but usually the session names were the same, the only change was my "rankness" wich determined my side... There were 5 days when we played together (same part of the day, in a row) when if i died out from a winning r3**** game and started an other i was able to reach r2 (*) but instantly got the names from the other side while in r2, and started loosing again, with those who failed against me, opposite the better half. Once or so somehow with luck i was 2 or even 1 star from the end, but if that happened i started to fail mostly because the topic. I had to change "timezone" and try other ships to trick the system ,but it still was 26 games after each other in one session to get from r3*** to r1 in my last attempt. If i am high caliber in BB, but 10 or so more XP goes to a DD who capturing and spotting, then dying in the first half of the match, or in a DD against 2 more, one with RPF, when my buddies dies during the first attack, that not consolation, and with the bad half of the session its happens a lot more... I had bad runs sure, but if this happens after a defenetive border a lot more that, is showing up soon! And if it this much at the end of all of the whole thing like that, that is a real soul-killer... so thanks whoever wrote the algorithm, but could you revisit it?
  6. So I've been going over the ARP missions, in general I would say they are quite doable, altho EU's missions are easily the hardest out of all servers, no big suprise there (I'm very happy that WG lowered tier requirement for Takao to tier 8 though) (Just a sidenote: I really think someone should post the ARP missions on the EU main portal since I wasn't aware of the existence of the new set of missions untill I opened my game yesterday) There is just one thing that really bothers me, except the tier difference between SEA and EU, and that is the ARP Nachi mission. Overall it's not a hard mission -> Get 20 kills on US Ships -> Get 20 kills on IJN Ships -> Get 20 kills on KM Ships But this last one is a problem -> Get 20 kills on USSR Ships Why is this a problem? Let me explain. The ARP Nachi mission is set in tier 8+, which means you get matched up from tier 6 to tier 10 , not really a problem on its own but the amount of Russian ships is really really low at these tiers. USN, IJN and KM ships are very common at these tiers, USN has 4 lines at this tier (CA/CL | CV | BB | DD) and the same goes for the IJN tree. The KM has 2 lines ( CA/CL | BB) but thanks to hype and performance of these lines (especially the BBs) they are atm at least as common as the IJN or USN lines. USSR only has 2 lines, a DD line (which almost doesnt get played since the skill required to play USSR destroyers is a lot higher) and the CA/CL line (which almost doesnt get played because they are quite squishy and BBs are generally flooding the matchmaking, which doesn't make them appealing to play) This is quite a problem, I've done it myself already, "OMG ITS A RUSSIAN CRUISER I MUST SHOOT IT!" obviously missing my salvo before the enemy Kutuzov (the only Russian cruiser in the game) gets annihilated by my friend in the North Carolina. Now this is quite frustrating, both me, the enemy Kutuzov and my friend since he still needs to kill 19 of the ******* to finish that part of the mission. I would gladly kill 30 IJN, USN and KM ships while return I would only have to kill 5-10 USSR ships. This propably won't get changed, but I wanted to give my opinion about it anyway. (but really, someone should post the ARP missions on the main site) P.S. where the **** is Chihaya Gunzou, the ARP flag and the Haifuri flag? P.S.S I know my photoshop skills are just godlike
  7. OopsIPennedYouAgain

    Possible price change for Atlanta?

    Hey as you can see in this picture: the price difference is ~5euros which is ~1000 dubloons. I cant see a reason why people should actually pay more for the atlanta. Is there a possibility for a price change?
  8. Vikingnewt

    DELIBERATE team torping

    hey guys, i've been on a bit of a break since open beta hit. pushed myself up to tier 5/6 and went off participating in this thing called real life (big mistake i know) and i've come back to find that this just isn't the world of warships that i used to know. torpedo's have always been hostile to all elements - this im fine with, i actually think my skills have improved now to the point where perhaps one game in twenty i might cut it too fine and torpedo a friendly, or one i wasnt aware of comes at full steam around the island and protects the enemy battleship... this is always followed up with an "ah crap man i'm really sorry" with an explanation of the situation from my side if relevant. now this approach has always put me in good stead, i have 4-5 regular platoon mates that i play with who i met while we raped eachother with torps or bad play, and they are a great bunch to play with. however this attitude seems to have disappeared. last night after a particularly good run, i decide to take my kongo out for a last hurrah before my girl actually makes good on her promise to leave me, things are all looking good, she's undressing, the music is on and ... wait, im playing *slap* focus. the map is two brothers, im mid level, i switch to AP and set rudder right to aim straight for A when mission is go. i end up sailing as head of a small flotilla consisting of myself and two omaha's, with good air cover. all is well. approaching A a salvo of fire arcs over the island, revelaing a fuso at the extremities of my range, i swivel the guns, reangle my hull to bring all cannon to bear and fire. his shells land around me dealing 49400 damage and flooding... WHAT? typing "what the hell" into chat the player freecampeur responds with a torrent of abuse about (censored) (censored) (censored) nubs.... from a guy in an omaha, who has just hit me with both launchers square on for 98% of my health. the guy has half of my number of battles, is below 50% (even accounting for draws) and starts hissing and screaming at me because he torpedoed me.... nearest visible enemy is 18km away, and as our group had started capping (and their DD was on the other side of the map, dying) there was literally no threat nearby. now, everybody expects lolwhups torpedo incidents from time to time... but a deliberate 6 torp into friendly battleship with no threat even remotely in range... in a tier 6 game.... with someone who has over 50 games in DD's.... this combined with his attitude makes me want to see an actual change. implemented... now torp's go wrong, all the time. this is to be expected. but howabouts the following... torpedo's launched - server pings all locations, if no hostiles seen or unseen are within max range (of torps) + 25% at the time of launch, your ship explodes, or your torpedo's fail catastrophically and turn around to follow the ship that launched them? would only have this apply to ships of tier 4+ however, as noobs still need to learn to improve their game. what i would like to say was nice however, was having almost the entirety of the game, friend and foe alike telling me they had also reported him. so thanks there thoughts?