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Found 2 results

  1. Since Cruisers have pretty much been reduced to nothing but targets for BBs, and with the state of carriers being what it is. Matches have been reduced to 5 BBs and 5 DDs per team. Those who mained Cruisers are now moving on to either BBs since there is no point in playing a Cruiser over a BB at this point, while those of us who don't want to play BBs are moving on to DDs. As a result, matches have become either landslide victories or landslide defeats. Depending on how well your teams 5 DDs do early in the game, what types of DDs your team gets (since IJN DDs have to avoid other nations DDs at all costs and thus can not secure the advantage early on), and whether your 5 BBs actually have balls to push or not. If your DDs fail to secure the advantage early on against enemy DDs, defeat is pretty much guaranteed, if they do secure the advantage early on, the match is a landslide victory, with the enemy team folding within literally 2-3 minutes. If you have more IJN DDs on your team then the enemy, you can not contest the caps as well as the enemy team and thus will have a much harder time securing the advantage early on. If your BBs have no balls and refuse to confront the enemy, the enemy BBs will just roll right over your whole team (due in no small part to the massive damage BB AP can now do to DDs) until all that is left are the cowardly BBs sniping from the back lines who then soon get overwhelmed and murdered. Furthermore since CVs are now making a bit of a comeback, a huge rift has formed between CV players, dividing them up into the newbie's with 40% something win rate that still can't use their planes properly and can't read the battle well enough to know where to intervene, and the super unicums with 80% something win rate who just roflstomp the newbie's instantly and preceded to influence the battle unopposed any way they please. Since CVs have pretty much been non-existent in the game for so long, and the sorry state the Cruisers are in right now, there are not a lot of Cruisers running around with dedicated AA builds that would give those super unicum carrier players pause. In short the game has been reduced into BBs dominating the field every match and imbalanced DD skirmishes right at the start, with the occasional super unicum cerrier stomping everyone. Its become a complete mess, and i am not sure if it can even be salvaged at all at this point. Edit: Here is an example of what matches look like now:
  2. Ceremony_Of_Opposites

    Neuer Bug

    Noch jemand das problem das in gewerteten gefechten plötzlich ein Turm ne 360° Drehung macht, und dabei ignoriert wenn aufbauten im Weg sind? Grade beim Schlachtschiffen sehr nervig durch die langsame drehung, und wohl auch ziehmlich unnötig!