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Found 35 results

  1. SmokyButtons

    WG focus poll

    We are doing good on the poll, but we need more votes 🤔😎👍 Let us as a community help WG by telling what we value 😉 Open for suggestions for next month's poll 🤔😉
  2. ZuraJanaiCaptanKatsuraDa


    What I'm going to say is very simple to understand. I'm a casual wows player. Since one week, I started to play CVs taking advantage of the free premium days I had. After less than one hundred games with the shokaku, I got enough xp to unlock the hakuryu. I didn't have enough credit so I sold all my other ships to buy the hakuryu with all the upgrades. And here comes my problem. With the shokaku, I managed to get an average of 100k damage per game. But with the hakuryu, not only I can't even get up to half the damage I made with the shokaku, but I also loose 100k credit per game. With the hakuryu, it is impossible to drop torpedos, because ennemy ships see you coming and the distance of activation for torpedoes is so big that the targeted ship will have the time to dodge even if the aiming is perfect. As it is not possible to drop torps near the target, it is thus impossible to hit the target with torps. Why is the activation distance so insane for the hakuryu's torps ? After loosing millions of credit by playing the hakuryu (-100k credit per game) I gave up and sold the hakuryu to buy a nagato and a ryujo. But what's the point of continuing to play this game ? I mean, my initial goal was to get the hakuryu to have fun. My logic was simple : Hosho = nice cv Ryujo = good cv Shokaku = Very good cv So, with this pattern, I was expecting the hakuryu to be a very very good cv and a fun ship to play with, but no, unfortunatly, it's just a useless floating aircraft container, with the maintenance costing 300k per game, even loss of credit is impossible to avoid, even with premium. I then did some research on the internet and I found out that according to some people the hakuryu was "over powered" and that all the things I listed above are just the result of a nerf applied to this ship. The question I have is why not to simply delete the hakuryu as it is so nerfed that it's just a useless ship ? Fun = 0, gameplay = 0, credits earned = 0, usefulness for team mates = 0, So what's the point of adding a huge and costly ship to the game if it is inefficient and depressing to play. When I was playing the Shokaku, I was so happy, it was awsome to play, fun was there, at every game, I had fun, the games I lost and won. I had fun all the time no matter if it was loss or win. I thought that the hakuryu was going to be an even better experience, but I was mistaken. Now, after 20 games with the hakuryu, and millions of credits lost, I am depressed. I was so exited about this CV and it was even the first tier X ship I was going to try, and all of my excpectations got crushed by these 20 games. They 20 games of death almost brought me to death. But I said no, I won't give up, and in a last effort filled with the hope to see a decent Hakuryu, I decided to write this opened letter to all of mankind. People of the earth, please, listen to this epic call, we must convince Wargaming to give the hakuryu the glory it deserves to have. I know there is pressure on Wargaming, and I know that a lot of people hate CVs, when I heard what some people say in chat, I was shocked. There is a lot of anti CV racism in the game and that's a problem. The anti CV racists put pressure on WG to nerf all the CVs, specialy the hakuryu. I know that there is pressure, but to fall for that pressure a bad idea. CV like any other ships have their place in the game. I'm not asking for laser guided missiles mounted on aircrafts, nor am I asking for adding any over powered features that would break the game balance. I... Wa... Watashi... I am just saying that ultra low speed combined with 9000km activation distance for torps is wrong, This kind of things is breaking the game balance. And one last thing, I'm tired of anti CV racism, people hate us CV players, I don't even know why,and because of that hatred, I was about to commit suic... I can't tell you more, all this hatred toward CVs is just a horrible thing. People often simplify the CV players role, claiming that it's an easy task and so on, they forget that behind every hosho, every lexington, every shokaku, every audacious, there is in fact someone who is audacious and willing to help his team the best way possible. But with the hakuryu, it's not possible to be audacious, I was so sad and depressed playing this ship, + the insults coming from anti CV haters,I finally came to the point where I ended up torping myself several times. It was to much painful to play. How can people see with their own eyes CV players all around the world torping themselves and not yet realising that it's a desperate call for help ? People close their eyes on these issues because they still believe in the "CVs are overpowered" fairy tales. When you repeat a lie thousands of times, you come to a point where even the lier himslef starts believing his own lies. Same thing is going on here, there is in this game, a culture of hatred aimed at CVs. People dislike CVs and then put pressure on Wargaming staff in order to nerf them to death. That's the sad reality, and in a last breath of hope, I'm writing the last words of this letter. Thank you for reading, Arigato , alekoum salam, gracias, hasta la vista, danke Captain Katsura
  3. Hey folks :) I'm TC and I'm the Leader of the BOBS community :) I first got involved in WoWs back in Closed Alpha - Long live the Kitakami :( I've since just played the game quietly as my own enjoyment away from another of WG's products. I've now decicded that I want to grow in Ships, and bring the same chilled, fun, saltfree gameplay and stream style that I have. I've grown my stream over 3 + years, but I love to see more new names in the chat :) RedBeren and myself do a switching stream on Sundays were we get the clan together, and play Ops, while chatting with the audience, having a laugh and just generally enjoying the game - with a few giveaways thrown in every now and then ;) Mondays, Wedensdays, Thursdays I'm normally live from around 7pm GMT ish till 10-10:30pm. Fridays we stream abit longer Saturdays we tend to have a long stream, and song request as well :) The stream has peeps of all level's and we are all happy to chat and help new people and exsisitng people. Stream - www.twitch.tv/tcfreer Twitter - @tcfreer Facebook - Tcfreer Feel free to drop a follow and come along :) Look forward to seeing you there!!!
  4. The_Baptist

    bot detection? what's that?

    Edited How hard is to detect that WG? Do you not have the resources to create a simple program that flags accounts for a manual review after they spam battles for two days straight? Or you just don't care? I'm seriously asking.
  5. Apres ce rework cv......bcp plus de lemmings , les dd sont de plus en plus mis a l écart...et en t8 + bcp abandonne...les croiseurs qui sont spe aa eux aussi ce sentent inutiles...les bb profitent du nombres de spot largement augmente pour ce faire plaisir.....................................ou est l equilibrage ? Juste un nivellement par le bas et maintenant meme les joueurs de 7 ou 8ans sont des boss en cv................... ( cf voir les vidéo sur youtube en co )........Bref les cv mis a la portee de ........joueurs qui ne savent pas jouer en général sur wows . la frustration des dd d ètre perma spot par des noob.............et les autres qui rigolent de ce rework..... ??? Frustrant pour les anciens.....
  6. Mangrey

    The roll overmatches

    There is alot of odd stuff going on with this game the Pene system, HE fire chance, AA shoting trouth moutians and dual arment shoting both vs. Air and ships on the same time. But Roll overmatches is one of thies odd things. Please add a system that rewards a team with exp and Creds for making a fast win, as it is now we get punished for making a fast win. Mang
  7. Dampfboot

    Meh....weekend ahead

    Looking forward to an abysmal World of Warships weekend, with no double XP, no missions and only weekend warriors. Not even an interesting premium ship. I guess I will have fun & engagingtm weekend and spend more time with my familytm.
  8. Grimhardt

    Danke WG

    Im Vergleich mit EA können wir doch ganz zufrieden sein mit WG :3 Lest selbst: https://9gag.com/gag/abzLWO8
  9. This Saturday (12/03/2016) a very interesting team battle event will take place. Good luck to the teams trying to beat these guys! *edit The "brand-new, so far unrevealed Tier III Premium Destroyer" will probably be the HMS Campbeltown.
  10. Schmidt_zxc

    [WG-EU] clan ?

    I encountered a player having clan tag [WG-EU] today in a rankend match, he stated he is actually a developer for WG when a dude asked him. Is this true?
  11. Weißte, da freuste dich auf das neue Update und das erste, was man spielt, weils Spaß macht, Tirpitz... Ich hab ja schon echt viel Geld für dieses Spiel ausgegeben und es macht mir ja eigentlich auch richtig Spaß aber es kann einfach nicht sein, dass ich mit meine rTirpitz permanent Auffüllmaterial fürs T10 bin und dann auch noch gegen diese kranken Carrier und T10 BBs und so ran darf! Da komme ich in die Reichweite meiner MA und kann anfangen eine Conquerir oder wie das Schiff heißt, da dieser t10 Brite Schalchtschiff oder so und setze ihn in Brand. In dem Moment, indem ich den anzünde, fängt der auf einmal an, HP zu generieren und als der mein feuer gelöscht hat, hat der Typ ernsthaft gut 25k HP wiederhergestellt! Das kann es doch nicht sein! Der T10 Brite müsste doch Schaden nehmen, durch mein Feuer und keine HP regenerieren., während der brennt! T10 ist kacke, das MM der Tirpitz ist kac.ke, das Schiff ist nuzlos und macht kaum noch Spaß... Wenn WG mich weiter so betrügt und verdingsiedongt, dann gebe ich kein Geld mehr für dieses Spiel aus und verlasse dieses Spiel! E#: Der Nerf wurde Sogar bestätigt! In diesen Sinne, allen einen schönen, neuen Patch mit 6.12, viel Spaß mit den Clanbattles und nicht vergessen, every Patch a new Tirpitz-Nerf incoming
  12. Anaxagoras

    WG made cruisers great again

    Einfach nur klasse, dank der Yamamoto-Kampagne so viele Kreuzer wie ewig nicht mehr. Danke WG.
  13. WG EU... is this really true? http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/42836-update-on-the-public-test-server/#topmost ♦ Summary (For those that are lazy) ♦ With the update 0.4.1 the client architecture of WoWs will completely change to be more similiar to what WoT used to be. This with the slight difference that ALL the assets of the game will be packed inside .pkg archives that are not recognized by any extractor available, 'cause the stuff is freaking encrypted (Kinda the same as with the scripts after the "AIM Assist" incident). Basically, this means that without proprietary tools from WG EVERY SINGLE MOD (Even the NON harmful) will be virtually impossible to make. Now... as a modder that spent tons of time in working on this game (Like many others)... I'd like a real answer from either the "WG Staff" (Ectar, Ev1n, Tuccy, Capitao_Desastre, Etc...) or somebody that directly rapresents the devs over this region. Edit: Now with even more "american fashioned drama"!
  14. Zajímavý počin: Abonenti Rostelekomu, kteří si aktivují tarif "Herní" (100Mbit/s za 690 rublů/měsíčně, t.j. necelých 300,- Kč), budou mít po celou dobu využívání tarifu aktivní prémiový účet a můžou využívat prémiový křižník šestého tieru Admíral Makarov (a v tancích i prémiový střední tank T-44-100 (R)). Tohle by mohlo být i u nás... :) Poznámka: Měsíční prémiový účet vyjde na RU serveru na 224,- Kč. Zdroj: Тариф «Игровой» от «Ростелеком»: премиум аккаунт и «Адмирал Макаров» в подарок!
  15. Some minutes ago I saw a topic on reddit which basically made me aware of one thing which kinda wondered me that it was a thing. Actually I forgot that this was a thing because I'm one of those that can run the client at highest settings without any problems at all. Back in the days, before a certain patch hit the server, it was natural that noone had foliage over the islands. And at a certain point WG added the possibility to enable this and some people activated it instantly and just as me forgot that this is actually a thing. So I went into the game, into a training room and went to a place where a cruiser could hide behind and compare one thing there. I created a screenshot with active foliage (highest setting, at the top) and one without foliage(in the middle). And compared basically which area the foliage blocked of from view (at the bottom). I think that we can go through multiple positions where it is actually an advantage playing without foliage then playing with it. It kinda feels like a shooter where a sniper sits in a bush, thinks he is save but gets killed instantly by somone that doesn't see any bushes at all. I understand that WG kinda wanna keep potato PCs active in WoWs since this is also where some money comes from but on the other hand it feels like we got something which should either get removed or forced on everyone for the sake of keeping it fair for everyone.
  16. So NA got a mission today to get a Katori (tier 3 prem cruiser for those that dont know) for free, we got.... hmmmm... we didnt get it.... AGAIN https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/march-radness/
  17. Mangrey

    So how do WG balance ships ?

    Hey I have bin playing since CBT, and there have bin alot of changes doing that time. So not im arsking my self how do you balance a new ship and how do you(WG) keep the old onces in the "game" Im arsking curs i have a hard time to see the balance (if any) in you +-2 mm between the 4 tirs of ships mang Sorry for my bad english
  18. Bubala_pl

    7 dni premium KODY

    Cze W gazecie "Komputer Świat" wydanie 2018/02 znajduje się kod bonusowy do WoWp. Kody mają wartość około 53 zł. i dają: - 7 dni konta premium WoT,WoWp,WoWs oraz w WoWp - Samolot premium Spitfire Mk la - Miejsce w hangarze
  19. Leo_Apollo11

    "World of Warships Mod Policy"

    Hi all, "World of Warships Mod Policy" https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/mod-policy/ Leo "Apollo11"
  20. Odplaiłem se gierke, zobaczyłem pomysły WG na nowe operacje... smiech na sali. nie ma co dobry jajaj se robio na 1 kwietnia :)) i jeszcze te delfinki....https://worldofwarships.eu/pl/news/common/quicker-than-a-ray-of-light/ https://worldofwarships.eu/pl/news/common/a-ufo-party/ To wszyzstko za nasze piniozki :)) a nowych serwów ni ma...
  21. Nishizumi77

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    "-Added an option for selecting the Arpeggio voiceovers to be used throughout the entire game" So 0.5.8 patch brought this feature and I looked forward to it, it's a very good idea, I don't have to download voice mod to do this. But when I went to options to set I noticed only a few voices are selectable. Some already released older voices are missing like Iona, Kirishima and I noticed that this patch included all the arpeggio character sounds wich missed and even for upcoming future characters too: My question to WG is: What is the concept behind the currently selectable few ships, why only they are available and not the others too? Will they be added later? Funny because those voices are not available in the options what I'd like to use: Iona, Haguro, Ashigara Well at least Haruna is there. Anyway good job adding all these new voices for arp ships which didn't have their own voice until now
  22. Excavatus

    Good things!

    My father always told me, when something bad happens, people like to complain. When something good happens, people think they are entitled to it and forget to thank! This time, I will not forget to thank! Most people, always complain about WG is not listening to them.. 2 examples I've seen today and yesterday. Let me start with small one. Short version, We (me and some other people) started to complain about the number of radar whining threads. I tagged @MrConway twice, with our request! now we have a pinned radar thread.. thanks for it.. But the bigger one? how many of you read the new patch notes? how many of those readers complained from the "Vacant captain slots" coming out of containers..? For the people who still don't know.. They are gone. No more captain slots from the containers. and I believe that is the feedback sent back from people around here to the devs. So... Thank you guys.. I do not know that If you listen to the community as much as you should do, but you surely do that much more than people claim! Just wanted to say.. Read it.. let it die in the second and third page!
  23. The_Great_SCH

    Suggestion for future campaigns

    Heres a suggestion. Not like it haven't been said before, but could anyone from WG make some missions/campaigns which actually involves every type of ships? So far there is a DD fest in every type of game there is. WG people, Ranked battles are on, 5v5 DD + 2 BB in a team is not fun!
  24. philjd

    Christmas events - thank you WG

    @Tuccy @MrConway Guys (WG) just wanted to say thank you for the seasonal events and containers, they certainly worked very well for me on a number of levels, didn't finish the Scharnhorst cammo campaign (not enough game time as I didn't buy the DoY) but I did get the first 2 stages, and the Gallissoniere was the only ship I actually wanted as I have the others :) ('Free' ships gained by me either campaign or containers were, DoY, Molotov, Arizona, Huanghe and Graff Spee, and a shed load of cammo's). So thank you. Phil edit typo
  25. Hey Leute und liebes Wargaming, ich muss das jetzt mal hier loswerden. Seitdem in WoT einiges an Content versaut wurde und durch verkorkstes Matchmaking, Einbruch der Clanaktivitäten durch das Ranked Battle und falsches Balancing der Panzer (z.B.: Maus wird gebufft-"logisch") jeglicher Spielspaß am Spiel verloren ging, bin ich nun wieder zu WOWS gelangt in dem momentan einiges besser gelingt als bei WoT. Nun hat Wargaming heute seinen 19. Geburtstag, dazu alles Gute, aber was das Angebot im Premium Shop angeht wurde so einiges verkorkst. Klar sind die Sommerangebote gerade erst abgelaufen, aber für die Leute, die in dieser Zeit nicht zuschlagen konnten kam heute die bittere Enttäuschung. Zuvor noch große Preisnachlässe ankündigen und dann nur ein Angebot von überteuerten Flaggen, 2 Premiumschiffen und einen 10% verbesserten Dublonen zu Credits Kurs anzubieten gleicht einer Frechheit. Die größte Spielerbase von WOWS liegt auf dem europäischen Server und wurde heute enttäuscht. Hoffentlich endet es nicht so wie in WoT, wo die Spielerbasis immer weiter sinkt und jetzt jeden Monat Premiumpanzer verschenkt werden (z.B.: T-34-85M), weil Wargaming merkt wie Ihnen die Spielerbase entschwindet. Ich kann nur für die gesamten Spieler auf dem EU-Server hoffen, dass die Angebote in der Gamescomwoche um einiges besser ausfallen werden. Wenn ihr noch Bemerkungen oder Meinungen, dazu habt oder es in Ordnung findet was Wargaming macht, dann schreibt es doch einfach in die Kommentare. Das war's von mir und vielleicht sieht man sich ja einmal auf dem Schlachtfeld wieder. Bis dahin Jann