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Found 68 results

  1. Just what kind of mathematics have U invented WeeGGEe?!? 5 star runs 3 star run. Standard account. Not to mention the fact that Raptor is STILL bugged!!. The Bogue made every transport to start awfully late, coz decided to do some bay maneuvering. Just like U like do to WeeGee!!
  2. Hello there, I am curious to know what WG thinks regarding the current state of Carriers in the game. In a Q&A on Discord Sub_Octavian mentioned* that they're working on a new concept regarding CV spotting among other things, but I can't find any recent comments regarding the AA-system in its current form. I am not alone in having the feeling that AA right now is on the weaker side compared to earlier patches. As a player that spends a lot of time in CVs, I have the feeling that the current iteration of the AA-system focuses too much on Flak Clouds as the primary source of damage. Once one has gained a bit of experience in Carriers avoiding these clouds isn't that difficult, and thus you avoid the majority of the damage being thrown your way. It would be interesting to know a bit more what the developers' plans are regarding Carriers and their place in the game (Ranked, Clan etc). *link to Q&A post: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/gabb3f/developer_qa_on_discord_part_1/
  3. This is long post, but I think it’s worth the read. If you want to just check it fast, look only at bolded text First few words of me. What I’m not happy with is how WG have changed to aggressive and hostile marketing as their primary goal. Every event and action seems to be aimed at milking players instead of upkeeping a good game and considering the players their customers. This is combination of several factors: First, but perhaps least, massively overpriced things. RNG. RNG and then some more RNG. Recently almost everything has been RNG based. First of all, this is bad in general. Having different reward for the same work is just plainly bad. Unpredictability of what is needed to be done. When rewards are tied to RNG there is no way of planning how much time and effort you need to contribute for a given reward/event. Whole system have changed to gambling. Unclear and unnecessary complicated mechanism that are made to confuse and obfuscate customers to spend money. WG has been also forcing early spending on players. Being able to compensate with money afterwards to fulfill missions is one of least toxic things here. It allows players to pay some (often too much) to not waste their effort when they for some reason they can’t finish the directive/mission. Practically impossible to do missions belong also to this category of misleading. Time gating everything is bad. It changes lot of otherwise good and nice events to grind fest that no longer are fun. Double points for overlapping events that can’t be done same time. Media talk and explanations that degrade players and which show either WG is out of touch with many players or they don’t care. Or care only enough to come up with sorry excuses. We could also add commander reset mess milk up here. Combination of these is very toxic aggressive marketing scheme. Not good kind of marketing where customer feels appreciated and is happy to give away money, but bad kind of marketing where customer no longer feels like customer, but milking cow that is milked to it’s death. System is made to take advantage on peoples gambling habit, force to early uncertain expenditure to milk with sunken cost and confuse the real price tag. System where every ”free gift” comes with a hook. I might not have been ”whale” level customer, but I have given my fair share of money to WG. At least I was a happy porpoise. I was clad to give when I felt I was treated as a customer and WG was doing their best to make a good game. For few years they were doing well. Recently I have not felt like an appreciated customer. I have felt that marketing has taken the front seat. It feels like direction of the game, decisions, events and even balance choices are dictated by marketing department, not by game designers. I’m pretty sure somewhere there is a excel sheet saying current system is bringing in more money than older system, but I’m not sure it has column for player happiness. I will continue to play, because I like this game, but my expenditure have gone down fast. WG, you have good game here, try to keep it that way. Do not drive your customers away with aggressive hostile toxic marketing (and badly balanced ”improvements”, I’m looking at you subs). Give me a reason to give you money, and I will happily do it, but first you need to refind early company that loved their game and loved their customers, not the marketing excel sheet. If you treat your customers as a milking cows we are going to fight hoof and horn to protect our udders. Keep us happy and let us feel appreciated and we will give you money freely. ps. I would appreciate if some someone from WG could forward this feedback to higher ups. Better yet also comment here on your point of view of above things. @MrConway @Crysantos
  4. Last 3 battles my team's CV is hunting fire and torp hits while the enemy CV is doing its job and hunts our DDs. Within 3-4 minutes we are 1-2 DDs down and our CV is not killing, not spotting, just flying to some lonely BB trying to torp and burn him. For FCK sake WG, you know CV play is already terribly SHT and you increase that with your stupid British Cruiser directives that FCK up basic gameplay!! You really need a fresh wind in your organisation that comes up with good clean fun ideas instead of the crap you have been conjuring up in the past 1,5 year. You have paying customers out there... step the FCK up!! If you haven't noticed, the gameplay is going completely down the drain with the spam ships and hardly ANY game makes the 20 minutes full. A lot of games are decided by minute 6 and over by minute 12-14. Even the TOP players have loose streaks which would be IMPOSSIBLE 1,5 year ago. You are aware, I hope, the game is getting worse and worse and yes... worse!!???
  5. Afghanicus

    WOWs connectivity issues

    Alright, since this 0.8.11 patch is coming to an end... I'd like to look back at the players that had so many issues with high pings and disconnection throughout the update. I know most players didn't experience any issues and they could focus on the insane PR grind but I'll leave that for the other threads, this is a thread to the ones who were getting kicked out of the battle quite often. WG describes us as "handful of people" and our problem "a solitary issue" but we all know that's BS but even if it was about a few players, shouldn't WG still care? Or it's just a majority thing.. if most people have no issues, who gives a F about the rest who cannot play the game? Is that a WG philosophy? I won't quote all the threads which have been opened in regards to this issue as there are too many, I'll just quote my post in one of the threads where I tagged over 70 players having this issue and you don't need to be an expert to know that for every player that complains on the forum, there are many others who don't so if at least few hundreds of players are "a handful of people" I wonder how good at math WG guys are. Apparently, most affected players are from the Balkan region - Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia. Even though there were players from other countries like France, Netherlands etc. If that's a "solitary issue" for WG then we have more problems that we thought.
  6. RedSer

    Potenziamenti Unici per le CV

    Quando renderete attivi i potenziamenti unici le CV??? Sono anni che aspetto, anni che dite di starci ancora lavorando e invece di farlo? Sfornate Cv nuove e addirittura lavorate per i sottomarini -.- Riuscirete per la fine di quest'anno appena iniziato a rispettare la parola data DUE anni fa? Grazie.
  7. Hello everyone I used to play WG games (WoT and WoW) back in 2018 using their own launchers Now that i downloaded World of warships through my steam account, there is no login option and when i try to register the new acc using my WG email it wont go through (I was hoping there would a recover option after trying that) So that's the problem, I was wondering if there is a way to link my WG account to my steam account Any help would be much appreciated Thank you all
  8. Xphenomenal

    "clap" smolensk

    Wargaming literally outdid themselves with this ranked season... Who would've thought that putting an OP ship into a ranked 3 times... Don't know if their braincells stopped working or something...
  9. please don't shoot me WG, can we also have a mug that changes it is icon when adding hot coffee or tea in it? Like having any type of ship (as the one you already have with Bismark) sailing and when you put hot coffee/tea it changes it is icon into Bismark having flames ^_^ Just a funny thought xD
  10. Hey folks :) I'm TC and I'm the Leader of the BOBS community :) I first got involved in WoWs back in Closed Alpha - Long live the Kitakami :( I've since just played the game quietly as my own enjoyment away from another of WG's products. I've now decicded that I want to grow in Ships, and bring the same chilled, fun, saltfree gameplay and stream style that I have. I've grown my stream over 3 + years, but I love to see more new names in the chat :) RedBeren and myself do a switching stream on Sundays were we get the clan together, and play Ops, while chatting with the audience, having a laugh and just generally enjoying the game - with a few giveaways thrown in every now and then ;) Mondays, Wedensdays, Thursdays I'm normally live from around 7pm GMT ish till 10-10:30pm. Fridays we stream abit longer Saturdays we tend to have a long stream, and song request as well :) The stream has peeps of all level's and we are all happy to chat and help new people and exsisitng people. Stream - www.twitch.tv/tcfreer Twitter - @tcfreer Facebook - Tcfreer Feel free to drop a follow and come along :) Look forward to seeing you there!!!
  11. ApolloF117

    Zara armor

    When i was in school , I heard it soo many times durning history classes and here on the forum too, that Zara was a heavy cruiser, almost just as well armored as the Des Moines class, yet it feels like a bloody minotaur in world of warships, did wg just changed the "heavy" cruiser into a ligt one? And overall, the mid tier Italian cruisers are just garbage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. VeryHonarbrah

    Huge increase in chat bans

    Over the past few weeks, it seems like there has been a massive increase in chat bans across the board. Clan mates, friends, discord members, streamers, everyone seems to be getting chat banned for almost no reason. I got people in the clan who dont even swear unless they are in private voice coms who are getting chat banned regularly. People who dont even speak in chat at all getting chat banned. People getting chat banned when they have not even been playing the game, or getting chat bans randomly when they afk in port and not played for a while or receiving them in the middle of the night. What is going on? Some new bots just going through and doing blanket bans ect? Have not seen a chat mod in port chats for years, BigBadVuk was the last chat mod i have seen, that must have been 3 years ago now.
  13. SmokyButtons

    WG focus poll

    We are doing good on the poll, but we need more votes 🤔😎👍 Let us as a community help WG by telling what we value 😉 Open for suggestions for next month's poll 🤔😉
  14. ZuraJanaiCaptanKatsuraDa


    What I'm going to say is very simple to understand. I'm a casual wows player. Since one week, I started to play CVs taking advantage of the free premium days I had. After less than one hundred games with the shokaku, I got enough xp to unlock the hakuryu. I didn't have enough credit so I sold all my other ships to buy the hakuryu with all the upgrades. And here comes my problem. With the shokaku, I managed to get an average of 100k damage per game. But with the hakuryu, not only I can't even get up to half the damage I made with the shokaku, but I also loose 100k credit per game. With the hakuryu, it is impossible to drop torpedos, because ennemy ships see you coming and the distance of activation for torpedoes is so big that the targeted ship will have the time to dodge even if the aiming is perfect. As it is not possible to drop torps near the target, it is thus impossible to hit the target with torps. Why is the activation distance so insane for the hakuryu's torps ? After loosing millions of credit by playing the hakuryu (-100k credit per game) I gave up and sold the hakuryu to buy a nagato and a ryujo. But what's the point of continuing to play this game ? I mean, my initial goal was to get the hakuryu to have fun. My logic was simple : Hosho = nice cv Ryujo = good cv Shokaku = Very good cv So, with this pattern, I was expecting the hakuryu to be a very very good cv and a fun ship to play with, but no, unfortunatly, it's just a useless floating aircraft container, with the maintenance costing 300k per game, even loss of credit is impossible to avoid, even with premium. I then did some research on the internet and I found out that according to some people the hakuryu was "over powered" and that all the things I listed above are just the result of a nerf applied to this ship. The question I have is why not to simply delete the hakuryu as it is so nerfed that it's just a useless ship ? Fun = 0, gameplay = 0, credits earned = 0, usefulness for team mates = 0, So what's the point of adding a huge and costly ship to the game if it is inefficient and depressing to play. When I was playing the Shokaku, I was so happy, it was awsome to play, fun was there, at every game, I had fun, the games I lost and won. I had fun all the time no matter if it was loss or win. I thought that the hakuryu was going to be an even better experience, but I was mistaken. Now, after 20 games with the hakuryu, and millions of credits lost, I am depressed. I was so exited about this CV and it was even the first tier X ship I was going to try, and all of my excpectations got crushed by these 20 games. They 20 games of death almost brought me to death. But I said no, I won't give up, and in a last effort filled with the hope to see a decent Hakuryu, I decided to write this opened letter to all of mankind. People of the earth, please, listen to this epic call, we must convince Wargaming to give the hakuryu the glory it deserves to have. I know there is pressure on Wargaming, and I know that a lot of people hate CVs, when I heard what some people say in chat, I was shocked. There is a lot of anti CV racism in the game and that's a problem. The anti CV racists put pressure on WG to nerf all the CVs, specialy the hakuryu. I know that there is pressure, but to fall for that pressure a bad idea. CV like any other ships have their place in the game. I'm not asking for laser guided missiles mounted on aircrafts, nor am I asking for adding any over powered features that would break the game balance. I... Wa... Watashi... I am just saying that ultra low speed combined with 9000km activation distance for torps is wrong, This kind of things is breaking the game balance. And one last thing, I'm tired of anti CV racism, people hate us CV players, I don't even know why,and because of that hatred, I was about to commit suic... I can't tell you more, all this hatred toward CVs is just a horrible thing. People often simplify the CV players role, claiming that it's an easy task and so on, they forget that behind every hosho, every lexington, every shokaku, every audacious, there is in fact someone who is audacious and willing to help his team the best way possible. But with the hakuryu, it's not possible to be audacious, I was so sad and depressed playing this ship, + the insults coming from anti CV haters,I finally came to the point where I ended up torping myself several times. It was to much painful to play. How can people see with their own eyes CV players all around the world torping themselves and not yet realising that it's a desperate call for help ? People close their eyes on these issues because they still believe in the "CVs are overpowered" fairy tales. When you repeat a lie thousands of times, you come to a point where even the lier himslef starts believing his own lies. Same thing is going on here, there is in this game, a culture of hatred aimed at CVs. People dislike CVs and then put pressure on Wargaming staff in order to nerf them to death. That's the sad reality, and in a last breath of hope, I'm writing the last words of this letter. Thank you for reading, Arigato , alekoum salam, gracias, hasta la vista, danke Captain Katsura
  15. The_Baptist

    bot detection? what's that?

    Edited How hard is to detect that WG? Do you not have the resources to create a simple program that flags accounts for a manual review after they spam battles for two days straight? Or you just don't care? I'm seriously asking.
  16. Apres ce rework cv......bcp plus de lemmings , les dd sont de plus en plus mis a l écart...et en t8 + bcp abandonne...les croiseurs qui sont spe aa eux aussi ce sentent inutiles...les bb profitent du nombres de spot largement augmente pour ce faire plaisir.....................................ou est l equilibrage ? Juste un nivellement par le bas et maintenant meme les joueurs de 7 ou 8ans sont des boss en cv................... ( cf voir les vidéo sur youtube en co )........Bref les cv mis a la portee de ........joueurs qui ne savent pas jouer en général sur wows . la frustration des dd d ètre perma spot par des noob.............et les autres qui rigolent de ce rework..... ??? Frustrant pour les anciens.....
  17. Spartans_Emperor_Wrath

    Ein paar meiner Ideen

    Grafik: Um eines Klar zu stellen: WOWs ist schön anzusehen. Die Lichteffekte sind schön, beim Abfeuern der Haupt- und Sekundärbewaffnung, aber auch die Strahlen der Sonne sind schon sehr gelungen. Aber... :D Raucheffekte: Lasst den Rauch nach dem Beschuss länger stehen. Aus Aufzeichnungen sieht man fast die Schiffe nicht mehr wenn die schießen. Damit man jedoch das Schiff noch beschießen kann, könntet ihr ein Erkennungssystem einführen in dem ich die Umrisse des Schiffes sehen kann, wenn im Rauch des Geschützfeuersverschwunden. Falls ihr es jemals gesehen habt, In Halo ODST, gab es ein solches Nachtsichtgerät. Schauts euch mal an. Ich glaube das wir alle vergessen haben, das Kriegsschiffe dieser Ära RIESIG waren. Selbst die im Spiel kleinen und flinken Zerstörer, sind im Realen Leben von beachtlicher Größe. Das merkt man aber nicht. Der Kommandoturm der Bismarck war so hoch wie ein 4 stöckiges Haus. Und das Gewicht dieser Giganten möchte man gar nicht mit den Kleinen Dinger auf Ketten aus WoT vergleichen. Aber in WoT merke ich, das ich einen Panzer fahre, sie sind schwer, laut und massiv. Bei unseren Schiffchen jedoch... merke ich nicht unbedingt das ich mehrere tausend Tonnen bewege ( die USS IOWA wiegt ca. 45.000t). Ich würde mir wünschen das ihr das irgendwie rüberbringen könnt. Auch wenn so ein Schiff dann sinkt. Das muss laut sein wie sonst was, wenn die Panzerplatten und der Gesamte Aufbau zusammenbrechen weil das Schiff sich dreht und windet. Außerdem müssten Trümmerteile, Öl und Treibstoff an der Wasseroberfläche bleiben. Auch das sinken an sich, wieso geht das so schnell? Manche Schiffe brauchten mehrere Stunden bis sie endgültig versanken. ( Gibt vielleicht auch neue Taktische Möglichkeiten) Lässt die Schiffe, während der Animation, an mehreren Stellen explodieren, das Türme der Sekundär Batterie von Bord fliegen. Vielleicht sogar Ölteppiche die rund um das Schiff entstehen und brennen. Detonation: Die wohl größte Enttäuschung die einem passieren kann im Spiel. unter 75% und BOOOOM weg, hier hast du ein paar Flaggen, man sieht sich. - Das muss doch nicht sein! Bei einer Detonation wird ein ziemlich Kritischer Teil des Schiffs getroffen- Das Munitionslager. Die Bismarck traf das Munitionslager der Hood. Wobei diese in 3 teile gerissen wurde! Nur 3 Leute von der gesamten Besatzungen überlebten. Selbst die Besatzung der Bismarck muss erstmal atemlos gewesen sein als sie die 200m hohe Stichflamme sahen. Was ich damit sagen will, eine solche Detonation muss so Heftig sein, das selbst der der sie verursacht denken muss: "Ach du Sch****!!" Vielleicht bringt ihr einen Schadenbereich ein, der Schiffe im Bereich beschädigt und Anzündet. Eine Druckwelle die über das Wasser rauscht. Das Türme und alle sonst Beweglichen Teile durch die Luft geschleudert werden. Diese sollten dann keinen Schaden anrichten (wie abstürzende Flugzeuge). Die Sounds: Ich kann nicht wirklich sagen ( wer kann das schon) wie sich Artillerie dieses Kalibers anhören müssen. Aber eins kann man mit Sicherheit sagen- sie sind laut. Sehr laut. Aber bei den Artilleriefeuer habt ihr schon genug Abwechslung reingebracht, manche Sounds könnten jedoch brachialer sein. ( Wenn ich als DD vor einem BB rumfahre und der schießt muss ich Taub sein! :D) Da man ein Schiff steuert mit mehreren hundert oder tausend Mann Bestatzung, wäre es da nicht cool diese zu hören? Das eben die normale Stimme mit einem Spricht mit dem ganzen Standardsachen, aber man die Besatzung bei Beschuss, Torpedo Treffer, Feuer und Wassereinbruch schreien hört? Keine Schmerzensschreie (WoWs soll immer noch den Fokus Schiffe im Vordergrund haben). Hab eher an sowas gedacht, kurz Bevor die Geschosse einschlagen ein: Incoming!!- oder "Vorsicht!!" Kurz vor dem Torpedo Einschlag ein: "Prepare for impact!" oder sonst etwas um das alles etwas Lebendiger zu gestalten. Natürlich auf allen Sprachen. Karten: Was spricht dagegen die Karten etwas Lebendiger zu gestalten? Im Hintergrund der Karten ( über den Kartenrand hinaus) könnten z.B. auch Seeschlachten stattfinden. Auf Inseln könnten Parteien gegeneinander kämpfen (Fahrende Fahrzeuge habt ihr ja schon animiert, kann man ja auch Panzer einfügen etc.) Luftschlachten könnten im Himmel über uns stattfinden (vorausgesetzt, es gibt keinen CV im Match, um Verwirrung zu vermeiden) U- Boote: Da manche Leute unbedingt U- Boote haben wollen- gebt sie Ihnen. Nur auf eine andere Art. Und zwar: Die Karten Größe so lassen wie sie ist, aber man sollte mehrere Hundert Meter über die Begrenzung fahren können. Als Spieler werde ich verwarnt, sofort zum Schlachtfeld zurückzukehren(Wie in Spielen der Battlefield Reihe), sollte man das nicht tun, kommen U- Boote die einen dann versenken. Diese Tauchen dann einfach auf und torpedieren den Spieler. Ob Spieler nun am Kartenrand entlang glitchen, oder ob ich etwas weiter feuern muss, hat jetzt nicht viel Einfluss auf das Spiel geschehen. Die Community hat ihre U- Boote und ihr eure Ruhe. :D Wetter: Der Wettereinfluss ist so... Meh. Dabei kann das Wetter auf See so gefährlich sein. Während eines "Sturms" verringert sich die Sichtweite. (nur Gegner werden schlechter gespottet) Aber eine Insel in 20km kann ich immer noch klar und deutlich sehen. Warum? Ein Sturm ist gefährlich, nicht nur weil es regnet, blitzt und donnert. Sondern auch, weil ich nichts mehr sehen kann. Nichts mehr, deswegen ja auch die Leuchttürme. Das heißt ich verlasse mich auf die Kartenkenntnisse. Vielleicht auch mal dichten Nebel, einen Vulkanausbruch (in irgendeinem Trailer ist der zu sehen) etc., etc. Nacht: Wie wäre es denn mit Schlachten bei Nacht? Das wäre mal was. und ich meine Nacht, keine indirekte Beleuchtung. Jeder der schonmal Nachts am Strand gestanden hat, kann bestätigen, das das Meer Pechschwarz ist. Da Schiffe nach Abfeuern ihrer Hauptbatterie eh ein paar Sekunden sichtbar bleiben, könnte man diese mit Flair Geschossen (so wie in Operation Cherry Blossom) sichtbar machen. Das wäre mal ein intensives Spielerlebnis. Neue Grafik/Sound Engine: Für das Meiste das ich hier Beschrieben habe, sollte die Engine ausreichen. Aber es führt kein Weg an einer neuen, Leistungsstärkeren und speziell dafür entwickelte Engine vorbei. Spiele Hersteller bauen immer größere, umfangreichere, fesselndere Spiele auf. Wobei die Grafik/Sounds eine große Rolle spielen. Bei der nächsten Grafik Engine für WoWs (die hoffentlich nicht mehr solange auf sich warten lässt) solltet ihr sicher sein, das ihr auch eine Unterwasserwelt aufbauen könnt. (ich rede nicht von Spielbaren U-Booten, das ist um einiges Komplexer(können gerne drüber sprechen)) Aber in Zukunft ins Wasser zu schauen und Wissen das unter mir noch etwas ist. Vielleicht sogar eine Sinkanimation, bei der man beobachten kann, wie sein Schiff auf dem Grund aufschlägt. Größe Schiffe könnten nicht mehr überall passieren (nicht wie heute, auf "Falle" z.B. bei der Selbst DDs durch den Grund glitchen ;) ) Wasseranimationen, bei dem Wasser realistisch bricht, und auch über/auf das Schiff läuft/spritzt. WoWs, könnte so schön aussehen und ihr könntet euch das Monopol sichern, das ich euch auch wünschen würde Wargaming. Würde auch gerne mal hören, was Ihr davon so haltet! -SpartanKiasumi
  18. Hey I have bin playing since CBT, and there have bin alot of changes doing that time. So not im arsking my self how do you balance a new ship and how do you(WG) keep the old onces in the "game" Im arsking curs i have a hard time to see the balance (if any) in you +-2 mm between the 4 tirs of ships mang Sorry for my bad english
  19. Mangrey

    The roll overmatches

    There is alot of odd stuff going on with this game the Pene system, HE fire chance, AA shoting trouth moutians and dual arment shoting both vs. Air and ships on the same time. But Roll overmatches is one of thies odd things. Please add a system that rewards a team with exp and Creds for making a fast win, as it is now we get punished for making a fast win. Mang
  20. Excavatus

    Good things!

    My father always told me, when something bad happens, people like to complain. When something good happens, people think they are entitled to it and forget to thank! This time, I will not forget to thank! Most people, always complain about WG is not listening to them.. 2 examples I've seen today and yesterday. Let me start with small one. Short version, We (me and some other people) started to complain about the number of radar whining threads. I tagged @MrConway twice, with our request! now we have a pinned radar thread.. thanks for it.. But the bigger one? how many of you read the new patch notes? how many of those readers complained from the "Vacant captain slots" coming out of containers..? For the people who still don't know.. They are gone. No more captain slots from the containers. and I believe that is the feedback sent back from people around here to the devs. So... Thank you guys.. I do not know that If you listen to the community as much as you should do, but you surely do that much more than people claim! Just wanted to say.. Read it.. let it die in the second and third page!
  21. DEV QnA WG 15/06/2018 Here's my transcription of the latest Dev QnA with WG's balancing department. I left out some questions (some intentionally, some unintentionally) but I did get most of them. Bold is the question normal font is the answer, and finally any little additions from me are in italic. Note that this isn't 1:1 what the devs said, as it is my personal transcription (apologies in advance for any dents I didn't manage to buff out). Is the tendency of powercreep intentional, or is it a side effect? A hard question - during the years we develop new ideas and mechanics. We don't want to powercreep the game with new ideas, but sometimes it happens. Why is it harder in BBs to punish other BBs broadsiding? From a historical standpoint BBs were supposed to withstand damage from other BBs. Will Zao receive HP buffs? from the survivability point of view, Zao is okay. She has good agility, stealth and range. She will, however get the 12km torpedoes Will CVs get rebuffed again? We're currently working on a new version of carriers, so of course they will be rebalanced. Therefore everything in regards to carriers and planes will be revisited, that includes AA, captain skills as well as the CVs themselves. Do you have any plans to buff Gearing? She was kind of buffed with the Fletcher torpedoes. She's kind of in a nice spot, since she is needed in competitive games. She is also in a good spot for Randoms. Will upgrades and modules receive buffs/nerfs? We don't have such plans. Will BBs overpenetrate with no damage, and if that is the case, what about AP German DD and others CAs and CL? CA AP will no longer bounce on DDs, due to the rework of the destroyer armour layout. We will investigate how BB AP will deal damage to destroyers i.e. Japanese AP. Comeback mechanics for ships of tier 7-8? The reason why not all ships have a heal, is that most nations already have it at t9, and the new module slot. We're looking into making t7-8 cruisers receiving something to allow them to come back. But it will likely not be a heal. T9-10 seems to promote sitting at range and sniping, will this be addressed? It's difficult, you see. The game is more interesting to play if you push. In theory, it sounds like a good idea to cut down the ranges, but that leads to a difficult situations. For the majority of players, playing as safely as possible seems to be the obvious choice, pushing requires quite a bit of understanding of the game, and carries risks. It might be considered for the future. Combined arms (WoT+WoWs/WoWp)? Not possible at the time. What could a tank do to a ship? ;) Rework to Radar for Line of sight instead of going through islands? It has been discussed. Radar is pretty straight forward, if the DD is undetected, you pop the radar and you spot him, providing he's inside the radar's range. (we don't want to overly complicate it). There are considerations for radar countering consumables. Clan Wars with rewards like in WoT (gold, etc.)? We want to develop clan activities further. We've been discussing Global Map, many times. It might not necessarily be the greatest for world of warships. It is possible to have something like this in the future, but not for now. Battlecruisers as a custom class? They're in the game right now, and they function as such, therefore creating a separate icon is a bit of a redundancy. Will we get destroyers with a choice of DWT/Normal torpedoes? With Asashio, we wanted to minimize confusion. Therefore a single choice of torpedoes can be picked, or rather, is available. More accuracy for secondaries? The secondaries are viable as they are right now. It's quite powerful but not overpowered. So, no. Pan-Asia Hsienyang same setup as Benson? DWT torps are quite effective, therefore she isn't in a bad spot, not over or underperforming. We'll look into this if anything changes. Conqueror top guns, reload buff? We don't want to buff straight away. That would mean that instead of using the smaller guns, players would just switch to the other guns and spam HE anyway. We do want to do something different Short range AA gets destroyed really quickly, deliberate? Yes, Mid and short range AA was very lightly armoured, therefore it makes sense that HE splash knocks them out quickly. Have any ships had their matchmaking weight adjusted? No, nothing affects the matchmaking of ships, nor do player stats. What criteria do you use to determine what bracket a premium will be placed in? First, it's a guess, then it gets set up, and it goes into the balancing/testing process. Do stats and abilities come first? The stats go first of course, since it's directly from the ship's history, then we can do adjustments according to the tier it fits best. How much time does it take to see whether a ship doesn't perform as desired? Depends - Normal ships 1-2 months. We of course check the stats from the first week, but generally better players get the ship first. How long does it take to determine whether changes to a ship are successful? Sometimes too long! Difficult, sometimes. For instance, conqueror, stat-wise, it's not the greatest ship. From a community perspective, it is infamous. Radar performance effect on Destroyer population? the DD population is currently affected by the American-arc. A lot of cruisers, less DDs. That goes for any new branch though (i.e. BBs and DD influx, etc) How are hitpoints determined? Formula for every class (displacement, different factors) from that an approximate health pool is determined, and is later tweaked. There are rules how we calculate parameters of a ship, generally we leave it at that, but sometimes we need to tweak it (buffs, nerfs) Izumo getting some love? Regards of the Izumo - We will look into her, she's not that bad off, even though people like to complain. It is however somewhat underperforming. It is a bit hard for people to ajust to the new playstyle from the good old Amagi. Keep in mind that this was the first BB line. similarly with Nelson, which was considered with the RNBBs, but was not chosen due to different playstyles. Is the Giulio Cesare the Nikolai of T5? No, at the moment it doesn't look like it, but we will look into it. Ships that are highly reliant of IFHE, do you make specific changes according to ships that rely on this skill or not? We look into the stats of our supertesters/production testers, and then we decide what to do with the ships. Com Perks are part of balance of a ship, of course we want it to be well balanced on average. Of course we're not just looking at average numbers. When we release a ship to production test, we benchmark the performance. We look at how players do in similar ships, and how these compare. When balancing a ship, do you factor in divisioning? The divisioning factor is not a primary part of the balancing. Although we do consider this. Do you think, the future CV rework will have an impact of every t4+ ship? Yes. Absolutely. The AA will be reworked, we'll see what else we need to change, hopefully not too many drastic changes. Why is it that post global changes, certain ships were not adjusted? i.e. Blyska and Kutuzov? Kutuzov was balanced initially with skill rework in mind. Blyskawica's performance is okay, she isn't the best on her tier, but it works. Will Roma get buffed? No, that is not planned. She has trade-offs. Shima 20km, WHY? Players like the 20km, and many players still use them, they are easy to play with, and they don't overperform. It's a perfect example of ship that is super popular, but not powerful. The opposite would be a carrier, who has a lot of power, but isn't particularly popular. Plan to nerf the HE penetration of german CAs? It's kind of a national trait to have improved HE penetration. We do not plan to nerf it. Montana has got the worst guns for a T10 BB. plans to improve? No, Montana is in a good spot. Will there be compensation after the CV rework is implemented? Absolutely, we try to compensate players accordingly (note generous compensation). HE drag value nerf? It would be an option. But for the time being RNBBs are not overperforming. Long range HE spam would be less effective, but it will most likely not change the playstyle of the majority of players that like to practice this kind of play. It would also punish players that don't practice this playstyle, as they'd have to readjust. With the amount of radar, will DDs receive stealth fire again? There are no DIRECT changes to radars planned. We have considered adding consumables to counter it. Tweaking AP bombs to deal more damage to t8+ BBs as opposed to no damage? Not for the time being, we're currently focusing on the CV rework. Upcoming special modes: Is there a timeframe for their arrival? We have a seperate team that dedicate themselves to test new game modes. It is quite difficult and requires a lot of experimentation. As you know the most successful tests come with events. (no ETA) What tiers will they be at? There are currently multiple tests on different tiers, but that has not been decided yet. Manual secondary control? The biggest issue is the change of context. Even with the 30 reload, there is still a lot going on. WoWs Blitz has this feature. Stats show that not a lot of people actually use this feature. Changes torpedo dispersion? It's worth taking a look into. Tier 9 ranked? Very few people keep their T9s. Therefore we have to take this into consideration. We're asking people to spend a lot of credits for them to rebuy ships just to participate. How are premium ships decided on? That opens up several questions. Does the community influence the choice of premium ships? Yes. Perfect example would be Haida. Another example: Roma. Of course we do listen to players and we try to accommodate to this. As for the roadmaps on premiums. There are many different factors. Community, distribution of existent Premiums, which classes and nations have premiums already. Among other factors. How successful did you find for this ranked season? The best season was s.4, the current season, s.9 was the second most successful ranked season. The general reception was good. some players loved t10 others hated it. There is an experiment to make a more casual season this year. Are there any other changes for the Supercontainers? Something that we want to look at, but not just the SCs, the whole logic behind the regular containers. We're not satisfied with how the work at the moment. Stalingrad staying in the arsenal forever? Stalingrad will stay there, if we *do* plan to remove it, we'll notify everyone in a timely fashion. Are you willing to reveal what the next big line for WoWs is going to be? We can't reveal the exact ship lines here. It will be revealed quite soon, though. (Gamescom??) Rewarding players for playing the objective? We have already added quite a few features which incentivizes players to play closer to the objective, and we plan on adding missions to reward this. Individual specific keybinds for consumables? Difficult with 8~ consumables and only 5 maps. We did consider allowing to swap the slots in which consumables can be placed. No decision have been made yet. Dedicated spectator mode? It's in works, there are changes already on the server-side. The biggest issue to add this to the production environment, is there needs to be a fundamental rework of the in-game HUD. The basis is 6 years old, so changing it is very work intensive and takes a lot of time. I wish I could say that we can deliver this year, but I doubt it. Teaching players to improve? the problem with education is that it is entirely up to the person themselves to improve, people who want to get better will always find ways to improve, people that don't, won't. We do want to create a place where people can learn, with tutorials, and hints, more of that in the future. What about the render changes, how's the progress? It is progressing. It is much less of a render problem, than a client filter problem. We want to introduce it in 0.7.7, but there are issues with it. We're are trying our best to fix it, and we're working on it. If not 0.7.7, then it will be a must for 0.7.8? CV Rework open the ability to field BBV and CVE? Yes. Radar to be taken into account for matchmaking? Difficult. Matchmaker is very sensitive. It might work at some peak hours, but not at all times, therefore not planned. Multiple Spotting Icon info? We need to look into it. Carrier sales on hold until Carrier Rework? Yes. Game really slow in port, as well stuttery, is this going to be fixed? It's a challenging thing, but we are working on it. Carrier input limited by UI? Yes, we're working on improving it. No ETA. Do we want to increase the role of support activities in terms of credits and experience points? We don’t want to go too far into this. You will still get a decent amount of credits and XP for spotting and tanking, but at the end of the day we still want to reward the actions that lead your team to victory, which is, capturing points, sinking ships and dealing damage. Any chance of allow this to be displayed in game or at the end of the game? With the current system it is impossible to say in real time what amount of what is calculated in which way in real time, therefore displaying this is impossible. The problem is, it had been tested in World of tanks, displaying what actions reward the player the most, he will try to exploit the system. Adding premium ships as bots in training room? More customization for the training room can definitely be considered. We need to bounce back with the team. How about giving XP by giving a smoke screen to your allies? Unfortunately these hardcore economy questions I cannot answer. Perhaps these can directly be asked in a QnA for economy. Consumables like an AOE heal? Yes, we’re considering looking into consumables like this. Special captain on carriers with plane trails? Absolutely possible (Fara: Doit). Is the introduction of Steel and Coal the new way of receiving reward ships for CB and Ranked seasons? Yes, the rewards were getting somewhat out of hand. Steel and coal should streamline it.
  22. Hi guys, As you might know, WGFest opened yesterday in Moscow. Wargaming spoke, among other things, about the some of the roadmap ahead in 2018 for World of Warships. The presentation started of with a recap, we're going to skip that, since let's be honest, you guys have been here, and know what's in the game right now. They also presented some statistics from clan battles on the CIS server, which also has limited relevancy for us, and talked about the top 3 clans in Typhoon league. Now, what's new? Event Arcs Wargaming wants to implement something called event arcs. What that basically is, is a period of time where the whole theme of the game is based around a certain nation, and/or ship line (most likely with each new release). This includes, but is not limited to, a special commander for said nation and ship class, and a special, nation themed port. The first line to have this implemented is going to be the new French BB line. This sounds like an awesome idea. Not only will you be able to pick up a new special commander for the new lines, but you'll also be able to receive a new port. This means content, content, content! I know special commanders have been a much requested feature, and the added bonuses will surely bring joy to a lot of players. (what do you guys think?) New USN Cruiser Split This isn't news per-se, but WG touched on the new cruiser split happening in 2018 for the US cruisers. To those that missed it: If this goes like the IJN/RU split, I definitely recommend keeping your Cleveland in port. Wargaming states there will be a lot of bonuses for those that have the Baltimore too (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!). Worcester looking definitely like a Minotaur, only time will tell what exactly the play style is, but think RNCL, but maybe with HE? We'll see. Clans Are Getting Some Love Seems like Wargaming likes the way the Clan mechanics are develloping. Clan wars was an overall success. You can expect to see more clan oriented game modes and rewards for this high tier gameplay! We're also going to see new upgrades for the naval bases. Seems like it's the prime time to join a clan. If you haven't and are thinking about doing so, these are some news that might be of relevancy to you. As for all people that are in a clan already, awesome stuff! Some More PvE Stuff Similarly to clan wars, PvE seems to have been a great success. To comemmorate this, Wargaming has been busy making new, more challenging PvE missions. If you haven't played these CooP missions yet, I thoroughly recommend them. They're a lot of fun. A lot more relaxing than randoms too, and you can earn some sweet medals and consumables while doing so. It's nice to see that the less competitive people get attention too. Stark contrast, huh? PvE and Clan wars. More, uh, In Game Cash? I have some mixed feelings about this. Wargaming wants to add new currencies that you can spend in the game. I do hope it won't be another premium currency. Though if you have played tanks, or maybe World of Warplanes (it's actually pretty good, honest!), you'll have seen things like tokens, and such. In WoT you can buy some extra bonus effects for installed modules or consumables with a special kind of currency (I honestly don't know what it's called though). You can earn it by playing Tier 10 and/or the new ranked game mode (Also tier 10). In WoWp you can collect token via daily missions to unlock the new bomber class. Wargaming said that we'll be able to spend this special currency on camo, flags, etc. That I am sure many will welcome. Blasting around in a Tier 10 ship to gain some credits to blast on some Sierra Mikes doesn't sound bad, right? Furthermore you'll be able to revisit some of the old events, maybe pick up that Kamikaze R that you didn't manage to get because of work. Not bad, though I think it's a shame since that'll make those ships just a little bit less special. Our Calls Have Been Heard! I know WG is actively trying to make the game as frustration-free and fun as possible. Though at times it may not seem like this, the following news will be pretty big for a lot of. Wargaming admitted it. Detonations can't stay the way they are right now. While I don't know what they have planned, and I highly doubt that it will be completely removed from the game, they are clearly aware of it and are trying to find a way to, make it less, you know. Annoying, infuriatin- ANYWAY They're also continuing work on CVs since that's an eternal problem still, and want to improve the matchmaker, so you don't end up in tier 9 all the time, while playing your Belfast, you sealclubbing monstr- Some Nice Little Tid-Bits We'll be seeing player emblems making it into the game. Those of you that played LoL (and I am sure a lot of other games have it too), will know what I am talking about. You'll have the choice of selecting an emblem ingame to complement your name, and ranked season rank. You cannot upload your own image (god forbid the amount of monitoring that would require) and WG says that you will have a big enough choice, but we'll see. There's also a new port camera, which will make looking at your boats more...cinematic...? Accessible...? We'll see! Finally we'll see a new free premium ship, the cruiser Varyag. There was a big emphasis on this ship. While it's history is surely important, it was a bit more of fan-service for the Soviet side of the world. Free ships are awesome though. Go Varyag! that's V A R YA G, not a fancy form of a Russian swearword! As always, discussions welcome. What do you think of these changes and upcoming features? Strefs out!
  23. Hi all, Dear WG - please consider making available single type "Signal Flag" bundles in "Premium Shop" just like NA and RU! On NA 100x "Papa Papa" (300%Free XP) costs just 4$ On RU 100x "Papa Papa" (300%Free XP) costs just 3$ And yet here on EU we have nothing of the sorts... Leo "Apollo11"
  24. GreenReleaf

    Assist Ribbon

    Hey, i See so many complaints about solo-, ego-, camper- and survive at all cost -players What if a fellow teammate could give you a "assist" ribbon. Lets say you get 3 ribbons every game, it would really help promoting better gameplay. DD smoking cruisers, spotting enemy, block caps. CA shooting planes, detecting torps, and radars at good timing. BB tanking dmg, pushing enemy fleet back to protect or contest caps. CV spotting and protecting fleet Good focus fire. responding to allied commands etc.
  25. So WG has listened to all the voices from the WOWS community Now the space camos are available separately for purchase in the premium shop, and I presume that means you can own the camos before you have the TX ship !! Interestingly the new premium ship offers of the week is Prinz Eugen, Alabama and Harekaze. Not much to complain here and grabbed myself a Prinz Eugen while browsing. But, but, but... I thought April is supposed to be about torpedoes... I mean WG even made a ... ermmm, let's say "interesting" video. Where is T-61, Z-39 and Assashio? Reminder : free exp conversion event is now online. But seeing now I can grab the space camos first, I suddenly see no point in spending the money for conversion and will just slowly grind my ship lines. How much are you guys considering to spend with these new changes of premium shop to support WOWS? And what items interests you the most?