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Found 2 results

  1. SHDRKN4792

    Mogami back to T7 when?

    Basically, the topic title. I wasn't there when it was a thing, but starting this game early in the open beta I kinda heard all about Mogami being T7 back in the day and to put it that way, people crying about 15 guns on a cruiser at T7, how OP that was (part of which was only because how captain skills worked at the time with Mogami guns), BBs crying about the HE spam (more than nowadays) so Mogami is T8 as we all know her today. And now considering that I had to admit I was really surprised to see the new T7 american CL, Helena, almost a Mogami with an american flag slapped on it... at T7. Even more when today I saw the ST buff reducing the guns reload form 10 seconds like Mogami to 8'5. And that being fine it seems... at T7. So yes, my only question to WG is the title. Mogami back to T7 when?
  2. cro_pwr

    Tirpitz Owners :)

    Well, first of all, i don't want to shame anyone, i won't post names etc, but had this gem in last game... Start of the game, Tirpitz say "my first game in Tirpitz", and im like, so what, its same as other BBs, so I'm like, you played other BBs? and his answer is NO. Ok, i tought he is trolling, checked his stats, and he has 79 games overall, all in cruisers, highest tier is 5 So, we proceed into the game, I'm in nagato, beaten down to a pulp (got dreadnought from that game), and I came behind the island running into the enemy Tirpitz So I'm like oh sh!t oh sh!t (I'm giving him broadside), but, I survived... then that guy parked his tirpitz 12km broadside from me (full stop), and proceeded to fight me like that (BTW, seriously, does Tirpiz even have a citadel??? cause I've never EVER hit one) Anyway, as i said, i survived, so i was like wtf, and i checked his stats. He has astonishing 116 battles, from which 13 are in tirpitz, rest are in cruisers up to tier 5 (I'm starting to see a pattern here xD) So, point of this topic? Well done WG for allowing everyone and their mothers too to install the game and jump into t8-10 games next day. Since obviously screw logic, screw your gameplay experience, screw everything, just give us money. *sidenote: when i started to play this game, i mainly played IJN DDs, and i was ALWAYS targeting Tirpiz with torps first (never failed )... guess its time to dust off my fubuki *sidenote 2: in attached files there are SS of chat and that guys stats