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Found 5 results

  1. Stribog2033

    American auxiliary Cimarron

    Is there anyone who can tell me what for is this in WoWS ?
  2. Compare these ships, this seems really wrong. Were Germans tiny people in the past? From what I understand, WG base their concealment ratings on the size of ships. But do they calculate for what seems like hugely disproportionate dimensions? This battleship seems to be almost half the size of my cruiser.
  3. gekkehenkie50

    The IDS_PJSC999_Full... Wut is dis?

    Soooo, I just downloaded the extended tech tree mod... Lookin' through the hidden ships, and suddenly I see: IDS_PJSC999_Full as a tier X premium. Now, I have no idea if this is a bug or whatnot, but after clicking on it, well, lets say that I did not expect what I saw : (See Attached files)The stats on this ship are also bananas, -1mm of armour? PS: Mod used; HakaMod pack http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/89914-05152-hakabase-modpack-installer-ver02-12-17-2016/#topmost PPS: The forum did not let me place the screenshots in spoilers so I had to attach them.
  4. mandrakethe


    This just happened and I thought it was a bit of a laugh.
  5. Hi guys! I just got in the CBT and yesterday was awesome, but today I get this weird thing. It's some kind of lag but the game moves on I am able to shoot and hit the enemy, they can hit me too, but every ship is frozen in place and the shells are coming out of thin air. I don't yet have footage of it :/ (if a video helps I will upload one) Did anyone get this thing too? Is this because my internet? EDIT We have figured some solutions: #1 Turn off the high performance mode on your computer and switch to energy saving mode if possible #2 Shut down your computer, plug it out, wait a few sec, plug it back in and boot up the machine (it doesn't work every time give it a few chance) #3 Sacrifice one of your ships to Poseidon by ramkilling an enemy this is just a joke pls don't do this, only as last resort to take him with you