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Found 14 results

  1. Odo_Toothless

    [0.9.5.X] Weather forecast

    [0.9.5.X] Weather forecast - download Info: The weather forecast does not predict precipitations, storms and fogs. Sea foam is removed too. Once selected, weather will be the same in all game maps and modes like Halloween, Space etc. If you want, the sun can always shine in your darkest ports too. Even is Space port ;-). Ports changed: Naval Base, Hamburg, Kronstadtd, Marseile, New York, Ocean, Saint Petersburg, Space Port, Designer's Table, Taranto, Dunkirk. Installation: Unpack and copy your prefered versions (map and/or port) to your mod folder: /res_mods/"current version"/ Compatibility: Fog and glare removed by BADoBEST is already included. The choice of forecast in battle is Yours. Perfect day in normal/anime style or cloudy evening for the best contrast. You can completely disable in-game sea reflections. In graphic options menu, set reflections to off. In the harbor, feel like you're on vacations: Please look at other ports too:
  2. zwiadowca15

    Fale i Pogoda

    Zastanawiam się czemu nikt nie zwraca na to szczególnej uwagi, ale czy tylko ja czuje się jakbym jeździł gokartem po tafli lodu zamiast dumnie sunął statkiem przez falę? Woda w world of warships przypomina raczej jezioro niźli prawdziwe morze. Statki powinny moim zdaniem poruszać się na dużych falach w górę i w dół, biorąc pod uwagę działanie łodzi podwodnych w poruszaniu się w 3D nie wydaje się to niemożliwe dla silnika gry. Wydaje mi się również, że "drgania" których doznaje obecnie okręt już poruszają jego hitboxem o te kilka milimetrów. Nie było by to z pewnością proste ale nic nie nadawało by chyba większego smaku rozgrywce niż trochę dodatkowego chaosu. Zapewne ktoś zauważy, że może to utrudniać strzelanie jako że okręty mogły by być często zasłaniane przez falę oraz poruszały by się w górę i w dół, być może można by wtedy zwiększyć w końcu celność wszystkich dział i ułatwić nieco strzelanie bo efekt "rozrzutu" nadawany by był przez falę. (Nwm jak powinny zachowywać się wtedy torpedy). Załączam link do filmu: Oczywiście uzyskanie tak dobrego efektu mogło by być niemożliwe szczególnie przebijanie się przez falę sprawiło by zapewnę duże problemy. Jednak pomniejsze fale, generowane być może na zasadzie ruchomego "gruntu" w kształcie "wydm" który podnosił by nieco statki pod kątem mogły by bardzo pomóc. Pamiętam, że efekt fal bardzo mi się podobał w czwartym assasynie: Tu daje jeszcze przykład z wiedźmina: i jeszcze zmodowaną wersję: Dalej można by wprowadzić więcej efektów pogodowych do gry wpływających na rozgrywkę. Co prawda cyklony nie każdemu się podobają ale i tak wprowadzają jakieś urozmaicenie osobiście uważam, że jest to duża szkoda, że są tak rzadko i dopiero od 7 tieru. Szczerze mówiąc uważam, że warto by było czekać nawet jeśli przez 2 lata nic innego mieli by do gry nie dodać... Na koniec zostawiam jeszcze kilka okrętów na falach:
  3. piotrintes

    Dynamic weather not working

    I know there is a "dynamic weather system" in the game (mensioned in trailers etc) problem is that it is changing weather to clear all the time. This happend meny times that we have started battle in not-clear weather but any storm/rain lasted about a minute and was changed to clear weather. I have been playing from first days of this game and never happend to have battle in rain or thunder. I guess this is not how this was intended (entire weather is basically non-existent) so I report this as bug and hope you will fix it soon.
  4. KarmaQU_EU

    Weather Change in Battle

    "Submerge yourself in the atmosphere of ocean battles! With rain, snow and fog all possible, the weather at sea can be volatile. Be careful, these are not just cool visual effects, but very real forces that may plunge you into the unknown and change the course of the entire battle. Stay Alert! " Last I remembered, rain, snow and fog effects in WoWs are visual only, and are all stopped before battle starts to specifically not have influence on actual battle mechanics. On the topic of weather, I happened upon these two screenshots of a weather system from another game. I didn't play it and can't remember what game it was but it was a military sim.
  5. Hi there Folks, I have an Idea for the Map called " The Trap " because that little Island Group in the Middle looks like a Volcano from above and normal as well. So there is my Suggestion for that, why you dont create a Weather Effect based on a Volcano Explosion for the this Map? With a Message like the Cylon "Volcano Erruption detected" and then if the Volcano breaches out, the View will be reduced like the Northern Map... its realistic as well, because you might remember the Vulcanos causing Trouble to the Air Traffic in Iceland becauseof the big Smoke Cloud. Or if thats not possible, you might add some Smoke coming of the Middle. Im not talking of Lava Stuff... but if WG is capable of doing that... Let the Lava go into the Ocean and let it smoke a bit?! Sorry for my bad English if thats the Point, usually i speak German because i am German... but i use English all over the Games in here so would be nice about some Feedback from the Community. Regards Skycat79
  6. Hey guys! I'm going to do a Q&A session with MrConway on my stream on the 23rd of April at around 17:00 CEST (if you're in a different timezone you can see the difference here: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?dataset=&i=17:00+CEST). We'll be playing some matches and doing the QA. Perhaps even someone else will come around. I would appreciate it if you guys posted some questions here that you have that you would like to ask concerning the new update (0.5.5), which is on the test server. So questions mostly regarding the weather, new sinking effects, ship rebalancing, why Strangers123 hates the new carrier changes etc. I'll be picking a few of them and then they'll get a proper answer (hopefully). Questions should be in by tomorrow as they need to go through a bunch of people before they can get answers. PS unannounced content questions aren't a very good idea, because the answer is always "sorry, we can't tell you". Link to stream: https://www.twitch.tv/aerroon tl;dr: same announcement in video format: https://youtu.be/s6Qe2FWEXZ0 QUESTIONS ARE DONE I picked these:
  7. Reisen__

    5.5.0 weather effects

    trust me guys and girls u are going to love it when the fog comes down and visibility is brought down on all ships to 8 km giving the game that feeling of what it was like for naval captains during the second world war but also want to see what u people think about
  8. Does weather become an element of the game later on? So far i only see calm seas. It is not easy to perfect, but can be done. See The Witcher 3 and how it worked there. Take it a bit forward. Foggy areas, ice, rain, thunder, waves etc.
  9. seasickBadger

    rough seas, storms, fog, tides and nights ?

    Hello friends, just wondering if one of the following scenarios wouldnt be an benefit to the game: rough seas, where aiming is made harder, because of rolling ship, higher tiers with gyroed guns storms, with directions against the wind (slower) and with the wind (faster) and from the sides (harder to steer) fog, with reduced visibility in certain areas (not constant throughout the map) tides, with different sea-levels from low to high between the islands and riffs that can be passed in high tide but block at low tide nights What do you think ?
  10. Cuddly_Spider

    Environmental camouflage

    I searched and I couldn't find this topic anywhere, apologies if I missed something. I also couldn't find out if this is already in the game. WoS mechanics, like most WG games, is a convoluted mess of mathematics that has more artistic-type brains like mine giving up on understanding how it works. That said... I know basically how detection works, and how it can be made to work with smoke. But I think that's a bit too simplistic in terms of gameplay function. If a ship is on fire that ship will likely be far more visible for obvious reasons. However, other ships in the vicinity will be somewhat obscured by the thick smoke billowing out of the conflagrating vessel. There are also more natural obstacles to detection. Rolling fog banks randomly blowing across the map for example, or storms with driving rain. While these shouldn't be as good as destroyer smoke for masking an area I think it would improve the game if some of this stuff was included. Normal smoke having affecting detection, random weather reducing visibility etc. It'd give captains the chance to adjust tactics mid game and use more of the environment to their advantage rather than just the land masses.
  11. Hi everyone, (English is not my native language, so sorry for that.) Last week I downloaded world of warships, I am only in tier 2 but I already like it really much. I noticed it's still in development and wargaming was looking for some suggestions, so here are mine. In 2009 the game Battlestations Pacific was released, it's a sequel to the game Battlestations Midway, which some/many of you will know. The game is about the second world war between America and Japan, where you are supposed to destroy the enemy fleet/base with your ships. Even though this game is a lot older, it has some features which (I think) might be interesting to use in WoW, I'm not saying wargaming should use all of these, I'm just giving some suggestions what they could use to expand their game. My suggestions are: - Submarines, I guess everyone who plays WoW knows what submarines are so I'm not going to explain it. I don't know if wargaming is already planning on adding submarines to WoW, I think this would be a great idea, a submarine is very different from any type of ship that is already in the game, it would require new tactics and skills to master the battlegrounds. Although it might be difficult to balance them out with strenght, firepower etc. compared to other ships. (you could for example, only have a limited oxygen supply in your ship which makes you surface at least once, so that you won't be immume to shellfire from enemy ships.) I think it will be well worth it to add them to this game or at least in some game modes. When I used to play Battlestations Pacific submarines where my favourite type of ship and I'm sure many others will like it too if it gets added to the game. To counter submarines, destroyes could have depht bombs which can explode at different dephts to damage and destroy submarines or other counter-measures. - Weather/Light I'm only tier 2 so sorry if i'm going to describe something that's already in the game. In battlestations pacific some missions contained heavy storms, which reduces visibility very much and made it harder to aim your fire. This could be a nice addition to the game, it would also change the way the game is played. Since spotting range is also reduced. A night setting might also be something to add, also reducing visibility. Battlestations Pacific contains a lot more features which I think could be added to WoW like some gamemodes 5v5 (no Island map), but for now I'm going to leave it with this. I mean in no way to offend Wargaming that they should copy Battlestations Pacific, but I think looking at it historically submarines are not something to ignore. (by the way the features I describe are in Battlestations Pacific, it's not like they came up with it. I'm just pointing out some components which are in the game and might be interesting to use for WoW.) Thank you for reading this, like I said before English is not my native language, so sorry if i messed it up. Would like to hear what you think about adding some features of(which are also in) Battlestations Pacific. Have a great fight!
  12. Ishiro32

    Planes and Weather

    Hello I would just like to voice an opinion for what this game is lacking in terms of CV play. Dynamic weather and clouds. I would like to see squall moving through the map which would be obstacle mainly to the planes, and place to hide for heavy ships when they are targeted by CVs. I would like to see planes that use clouds to cover their approach. Those things still would be arcadey, but would add some tactical depth to the plane play and at the same time some counter play to them. Plane movement has to be influenced by the map and right now only interaction between planes and map are the island when TBs are looking for perfect drop, this is not enough. Especially since Carrier gameplay is RTS-like, it has to have more. People who play CVs are the type of people who will enjoy more tactical options and obstacles.
  13. This will be my second batch of suggestions (first one http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/9522-my-feedback-regarding-wows-so-far/ ): Camera after being destroyed v2: If my free roam camera idea will not go through, at least this should be implemented. And it's also faster to do too. You use both mouse buttons to switch between allied ships but pressign them makes no sense cause both switch forward. RMB should go forward and LMB should go back. And increase the speed of switching. Right now it goes so slow that is gets annoying. I bet many people noticed this anyway because a lot of them, myself included, stay often after there were already destroyer just to observe how the battle progresses. Captain recruitment. It's very unintuitive and clunky. Doesn't feel right. Once I sent a a captain from my Fuso (which I sold afterwards), looked at the reserve and the Captain wasn't there o_O. I bought the Nagato and looked at the reserve again and saw the captain. Why? I have no idea. The first time I clicked on the reserve I saw only American captain (I don't recall clicking an American ship. It might just be something you need to get used to but beginners might make some mistakes. Turret rotation on some ships. For example on the Minekaze or the Nagato, some turrets (perticularily those at the stern) could easily turn to one side or another without doing the full rotation. I don't know if this is a balance thing so that you suffer more if you make a bad decision of turning your ship or your turrets but for now it's a logical thing not to have your turrets turn all the way around of they don't have to do it. Ability to lock turrets in a fixed position. Sometimes using your LMB to just look around while your turrets stay fixed isn't enough. On my DDs I sometimes have to meneuver a lot to launch those torps and then when I am trying to run away or go to some hiding I would like to use the remaining time to shoot my guns at the enemy. On Japanese DDs it's especially annoying because of the BB turret turn rate. A single button would suffice here (or two for aft and stern guns). Different weather conditions affecting gameplay. Although you have maps with different weather, it doesn't affect much of gameplay. Perhaps it would be good to release a map during CBT (or a version of an existing map) where you have: - an intense storm. Big waves that make your ship go down and up (without exaggerating). Wind that pushes your ship a bit when you face it broadside, - night map. Where vision is reduced by a certain percentage. You can further turn the lights off and on to light up enemy ships so they can be spotted easily for your team and revealing your position more (like making your ship brighter than ships that have thosel ights turned off). Using star shells (suggested by ciarancummins here http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/10111-the-new-map-ocean/page__pid__172621#entry172621 ) by DDs to light up other ships.
  14. Will there be more diverse weather effects and sea effects in game later on? Like rain, heavy rain, thunder storms, different grades of rough sea etc. This should also affect the game to some extend, influencing spotting ranges and (in the case of rough seas) throwing off the aiming of the ships at least a bit.