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Found 7 results

  1. As far as I understand the Pan Asian line is using US made torpedoes up to the Mark 17. I was curious about the concept of deep water torpedoes but can't find any information in public sources. At least there's not much, except references to Mark 15 torpedoes with magnetic detonators to be used for below keel explosions. This plan was abandoned when it was discovered that these detonators were highly unreliable due to changes in the magnetic field of the earth. The waters around Japan aren't the same as the waters of New England. These detonators were replaced by the infamous Mark 6 exploder meaning the US Navy was firing torpedoes with up to 70% failure rate for 18 months after the start of the war, but that's mostly beside the point here. An interesting read nonetheless. I can't find any good sources for explaining the 'deep water' concept in WWII or after. Any of the naval fanatics know more about this?
  2. GuderianDK

    Frozen water

    Is it just on my client or has the Water stopped moving?
  3. anonym_jRNsHFlzpHCL

    Clan, maybe?

    Hello guyse, My name is kalapihv and im looking reason to keep playing WoWs in EU server. Is there any clan with older members and relaxed attitude? I can promise that: 1) Im not always no 1 in teamdamage. 2) I did not mean torping you. 3) It was your fault driving front of my torps. 4) I try to be funny in chat sometimes. 5) I try my best to give you exclusive pink colored camo. What im not looking for: 1) Serious clans 2) Playing BBs or CVs 3) Acting mature 4) Being online You can send me these invites now
  4. haXik

    Some ideas!

    Hello captains! I am here, because i love this game and i have some good ideas. And sorry for my bad english . 1) If is the ship destroyed and is floating on shoal, the ship fall throughrt the textuers. I think will be better, when the ship stay stucked on the shoal. 2) I am missing here some option to make my ship skin. Some editor, change some colors and visual upgrades. Or at least make or upload clan logo and give it on body of my ship. What do you mean about this ideas? Please, give a comment. And again - sorry for my bad english Moved from the CZ/SK language section
  5. Hey guys, I want to keep this short. The game is missing some iconic effects, let me show it to you: Game: Reality: That "water ripple effect" when a Battleship (or any ship in the game) fires its guns is missing and I know its not the same ship. Is this something which is maybe coming into the game later? World of Tanks took more than a year to implement good physics, I hope World of Battleships doesnt take that long :-) The effect itself (Water reacting to an explosion) is in the game already, I think you can see it if a torpedo hits a ship. What do you other guys think? Is this something you would want the game to show? Best regards
  6. b00man

    stuck in water

    i suddenly got stuck in open water. i was able to reverse later and get out but didnt get any collision warning or something seems to me like a bug or the map isnt right
  7. Epic117

    Water physics

    I am not sure where to post this thread so sorry about any mistakes, I was wondering if the developers are happy with the current water physics/animations, dont get me wrong they look great but it feels like they could be even better and feel like the water is actually "hugging" the ship rather than being "static" thats just my opinion on it, i know its just a small detail that is not even close to the stuff thats being worked on right now but still i would love to hear the developers and your guy's opinion about it!