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Found 23 results

  1. Minos_of_Creta

    armor penetration of Warspite

    I take Warspite from SC parcels. I go to play now and I see that armor penetration of HE is 63mm! Is a bag or reality?
  2. royaltar

    How to Warspite?

    Hi, I do not feel how to Warspite - i have 33% winrate this moment. When she is in T6 then there are a few good matches, but at T8 - armor is not really relevant even with angling - 16.3km range is just garbage - 15s fire immunity is way too short - i tried it as a trainer with 6 and 7 point captains and it turned out to be a disaster. My current conclusion she is not good as a trainer ship. All Youtube videos show her in T6 matches that you can not get nowadays too often, but she suffers in T8. 1. Should I give up on her as a trainer? Seems i need a 10+ point captain on her? 2. Should I install Spotting Aircraft Modification 1 to increase firing range for longer? Anybody has experience with that build? 3. I tried both builds with Damage Control System Mod2 and Steering Gear Mod2 but the success rate was not really different - any advice?
  3. T0byJug

    SOD Pixel Ships.. When have Cobi

    Wargaming why have you said nothing.. about HMS Warspite Warspite 89euro 64cm long, Bismark 99Euro 69cm Long...... Dont they look Pretty... PS its my birthday in 20 days...... was going to get myself the Lego Starwars Slave 1 but that Warspite....... Ohhh baby Posted in Gameplay as we PLAY with Lego...... (and to reach a wider Audience)
  4. FaceFisted

    Warspite 7 kills replay

    Hello, I would like to share my record in a Warspite I made few days ago. This is really a great ship! Slow but inevitable ;)
  5. KaLeuWillenbrock

    PSA: Warspite im EU-Shop gesichtet.

    zum Gedenken and die Skagerrakschlacht hat WG ein kleines aber feines Paket geschnürt. Inhalt: HMS Warspite je 10x Premium Verbrauchsmaterial je 10x besondere Eco-Flaggen (Drache etc.) bonus - Gedenkflagge Skagerrakschlacht 25x xp mission für 25€ und ein paar zerquetschte. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/8lz9bn/eu_warspite_in_the_shop/ p.s. Nur eine pro account und man sieht sie nur wenn man eingeloggt ist.
  6. Hi all, What is the current price for "Warspite" in game for Doubloons? I am asking just to calculate one personal offer in "Premium Shop" (i.e. I already have the "Warspite")... Leo "Apollo11"
  7. Cald0

    Where's my Warspite?

    Hi guys, I've had world of warships since the beta in 2015 - after a long break I re-dowloaded it to see what's new. Given that I've not played since late 2015/early 2016 there's a whole new bunch of changes. Most significantly my Warspite is missing from my port? Can anyone fill me in if this should be the case? I've read some posts about the Warspite being removed from the shop but I can't see any about it being removed from the game?! I also bought the Gremyashchy back then as well but its still here...
  8. Moin! Ich möchte hier keine Diskussion über Wargaming's Preispolitik lostreten! Wenn einige Leute trotzdem darüber diskutieren möchten, kann ich dagegen natürlich nichts tun. Ich habe mich lediglich gefragt, warum bspw. die Warspite fast 5€ teurer ist, als die Dunkerque? Ich meine, es sind beides Schlachtschiffe und beide auf Stufe 6. Gibt es dafür eine rationale Begründung, bzw. woran werden die Preise fest gemacht? Gruß Moo
  9. I hear constant compaining about warspite beeing a bad ship due to her range of her guns, stop it! She is a very good ship with only ONE mayor drawback: her turret rotating speed. Everyone who has driven the Nagato knows that max range is useless, I found that Nagato can't hit the holes in the end of her gunbarrels if fireing at more than 14km, and allthough captains complain about it (as they should) , she does not get nearly as much sh** trown at her than the Warspite. Alltough sometimes it can be a good strategy to be far away and hurling your shells at the enemy, you should get stuck in the fight with battleships. At medium ranges they rule the sea! They can take an enourmous pounding and dish out lots of pain. Oh man how I love the Fuso and her many guns, I think I actually prefer the Warspite over her, bye bye torpedo threat bye bye multiple citadel hits.
  10. Since the patch has anyone else noticed that warspites repair is now the same as every other ship? Just to be be clear I'm not starting a whine thread, just wondering if i'm imagining things or if its repair ability is now "as standard". I thought things were different when a smaller amount of HP was recoverd, then i had a charge left and could not use it - just like when you're in a BB that has no light damage left to recover.
  11. Larky2k

    Warspite nerf?

    When was the Warspite Nerfed? Use to be Slow but manoeuvrable now it turns like a supertanker. The one merit of the ship and you took it away now it can't dodge anything as its so slow in the turning.
  12. iChase

    HMS Warspite Review :)

    So after playing the Warspite quite a bit, I've concluded she's a pretty awesome ship video for your enjoyment
  13. Greyzhem

    Datos del Warspite.

    Buenas y buen año a todos. Me está pasando por la cabeza de comprarme el Warspite. Quiero un BB de look Dreadnought ( soy fan de ese tipo de barcos) con unas buenas secundarias. Quiero un Nagato pero premium de tier VI. La questión es que no encuentro información del alcance base ni mejorado con módulos de la batería secundaria, solo que de punto fuerte tiene unas buenas secundarias. Alguien que lo posea podría darme esa información que para mi es lo mas importante? Y de paso decirme su opinión sobre mi idea de usar este barco como un brawler y que tal recauda. Thx por adelantado. Edito: Se me olvidó comentar que he estado buscando en la web y esto no lo he encontrado en ningún sitio. Por eso pregunto aquí
  14. HAMLET12111

    ( Peticion ) review sobre el Warspite

    ( Peticion ) review sobre el Warspite Pues eso, hago esta peticion para la gente que tenga este barco, me gustaria saber vuestra opinion sobre el. Ahora que esta de nuevo a la venta, creo que es interesante para todos saber si merece la pena comprarlo o no. Estoy viendo algunos video-review sobre el y me recuerda un poco al Arkansas beta americano. Os dejo uno estos videos para el que no lo conozca, como yo. Un saludo y grax.
  15. The best thing about the Warspite used to be that she could repair Major damage. Yet when I was driving her yesterday, after a couple of months off, it seemed that this is no longer true - I took torpedo hits to my bow, and found that the damage wasn't repairable. Was there a nerf to this recently? I don't recall anything in patch notes.
  16. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Warship Ship detonation

    The Queen Elizabeth class battleship Warspite, my flag ship in the game. I have soon played almost 700 battels With her, I have not once been detonated with her. If all ships in World of Warship have the likelihood of detonating in a battle, would I not have happened a long time ago? I have just been very lucky That it has not happened yet? I've been detonating several times in Destroyers and Crusiers, but rarely on Battleships.
  17. MarkGFL

    HMS Warspite Review & Gameplay

    Hi folks As WG EU kindly gave me access to the Warspite for a few days I thought I'd share my experiences of the ship with you. I know a fair bit has already been written and said about how poor the ship is, but its not all bad news. And remember, this is a premium ship and therefore supposed to be not quite as good in some aspects as the regular ones you have to unlock. If it was super, everyone would accuse WG of playing the pay-to-win card ;) In its favour: + it makes good money + it turns very well, almost like a cruiser + it has very hard hitting guns + its good at dodging torpedoes with practice + secondary armament and AA is decent + it looks great! Not so hot: - top speed is nothing exciting - gun range is lacking a little - turret traverse rate is very slow - possible armour issues on the citadel So its probably not going to appeal to everyone, depending on what you are looking for. Know what you are getting for your money, and think of it as more of a heavy cruiser than a battleship, and you won't be too disappointed. More details, examples and gameplay in the video below.
  18. Good Day all. I launched Wows today after a week or so away from the game and i get the error message "Critical Error: Unable to Update the launcher file. The application cannot continue. For details see the log file" I try looking in the logs folder but there are no logs that reveal the cause of the problem. I disabled anti-virus & firewalls on my PC for downloading the launcher and during update. I have un-installed and re-downloaded the installer for the launcher a few times and also ran them as administrator. Before I submit a ticket with WG, I wanted to consult the community for advice to see if I can fix it myself in case it is a problem my end before I get WG to waste time and resources to tell me its my end and not theirs. Thanks PFC Calico
  19. So, I've got Nelson not far ago and now Warspite is at the premium shop for 25ish €. I'm also not very interested on grinding the RN BB line (at least not in the near future). So which could be the reasons to purchase her beyond historical value? Thanks in advance
  20. FaceFisted


    I have noticed that Warspite can no longer be bought from ingame shop. Does this mean that you devs are fixing it, since it really feels broken, or is it the same situation as Atlanta where you wait a bit to start selling it again? On my part, I have noticed two main problems with this ship: 1. It burns easier than any other BB I have played in this game. Skill and module do not help much. It's kinda frustrating to burn all the time throughout the match. 2. Repair skill (damage party) always, well most of the time, repair just a minimal amount of hit points. If it is just a RNG, then it needs some tuning.
  21. when i stopped playing the warspite i had a 61% win rate with it. today i came back after about 12-14 months and cannot get it to perform well at all. a mogammi engaged me so i rushed into my shortish range like i used to to avoid plunging fire. however unlike before every ap shell i took to the front deck was Heavy damage and wasent repairible. leaving me down about 18k hp in the time it took me to close in. i continued closeing the range to about 12k so he was hitting the very heavaly angled side of my ship and he was still doing 8k+ salvos every 14 seconds*ish* where as my salvos were all overpenning the waterline for around 1100 dmg per shell of which i was landing about 3-7 per volley as he knew how to manuver well. off course i lost the dps race and sank 1st. this never used to happen. bow on the warspite used to be Immune from smaller guns other than the superstructer which is acceptable. now she just feels outclassed and when uptierd unlike an uptierd DD she feels like a burdon on the team. how do you guys play the warspite in the current patch? and how the ***************** do you try to 1v1 a tirpitz? in a later game me and my mate both in warspites got rushed by a tirpitz and he torped us both and continued on his merry way on about 15k hp. even angled he was able to citadel us infront of the number one turret which seems odd while his hull armor bounced or took very little damage in return. turtle armor weak at range pahahaha nah, turtle armor vs low tier ships is op..... in otherwords since i stopped playing the warspite and learned how to play BBS well, comeing back to the warspite the ship feels terrible. slow, burns easy, torp pretection is pritty meh. tall. blocky bridge takes lots of damage, turrets get knocked out by other BBs, your down on total shells compaired to other t6 BBs and the hull damage model is very unforgiving. send help
  22. by aim meter i mean the horizontal meter that you have when you zoom in. (no mods) i used to aim quite well in my ships before the current patch. but recently i feel like my shots do not lead enough and always land at the stern of the target or even totally off. Especially in the warspite. another issue is that it is much less likely to hit ships behind an island. i make sure i lock on the target, but shells still hit the mountain. anyone feel the same?
  23. Finally got around to reviewing this Premium. Was a bit sleepy when I made this vid so added a TL;DW to it to make sure my main points still got across. Great: * AP pen * 60s cd on repair * Self-heal (can heal about 10% more than any other BB heal) * Turning radius Decent: * AA * Armor * Speed (would be crap at a higher tier but considering I'm comparing it to US BBs it gets a decent rating) * Secondaries (only fires HE, which is a good thing, but limited in number) * Concealment * Dispersion Crap: * Turret traverse (yamato crap tier) * Only 8 guns (sucks D against cruisers and DDs)