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Found 6 results

  1. Zgredek

    [PATO]Patologia Morska

    [PATO]Patologia Morska - Zaprasza wszystkich chętnych do wspólnej zabawy zarówno w bitwach randomowych jak i w bitwach klanowych. Zrzeszamy osoby, które podchodzą luźno do życia, potrafią się śmiać i gadać na luzie. Oczywiście jak każdy klan, chcemy osiągnąć jak najlepsze wyniki lecz nie kosztem dobrej atmosfery - "bo Stalingrad nam ucieknie". Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany do wstąpienia w nasze szeregi, skontaktuj się z nami w grze (Rekruter, oficer wykonawczy, założyciel), bądź tutaj na forum oznaczając mnie w poście. Wymagamy: najlepiej skończone 18 lat (Powód taki, że w większości ludzie w klanie są pełnoletnie... nawet bardzo pełnoletnie... ale to nie zmienia faktu, że młodsze wiekiem osoby, również u nas są - więc nawet jeśli nie masz tylu lat, zgłoś się.) Obecnie przynajmniej jeden, swój okręt na tierze 8 z drzewka, nie premium (Co prawda nie patrzymy za bardzo na statystyki, bo zależy nam na zabawie... ale teraz każdy ma możliwość zdobycia dowolnego okrętu premium 8 tierowego.) Mile widziana własna dycha... Nie chcemy spin, kłótni i innych bezsensownych dyskusji z powodu statystyk... chcemy wspólnie się bawić, w spokojnej i rozluźnionej atmosferze. Jeśli zamierzasz do nas przyjść, to miej na uwadze że Teamspeak 3 jest obowiązkowy. Jesteś w grze, jesteś na teamspeaku - możesz być wyciszony, ale po prostu masz być. Oferujemy: Miłą, spokojną lub mniej spokojną ale wesołą atmosferę Ekipę, która chętnie pomoże i doradzi. Nawet jeśli jesteś "nowy" masz szansę grać w bitwach klanowych. Chcielibyśmy utworzyć drugi zespół, który grałby klanówki Granie w dywizjonach bitew losowych, scenariuszy lub też bitew klanowych Własny serwer Teamspeak 3 W chwili obecnej, mamy prawie maksymalnie rozbudowany port klanowy. Brakuje tylko po dwa sloty budynków związanych z dodatkową stalą i węglem. Pozdrawiam i zapraszamy!
  2. Noroblade

    [OCTO] recruitment

    Greetings Captains, We are OCTO, an EU based can. Currently, we are trying find competitive players to join us. We are looking for players that: - Have played over 2500 battles - Have a winrate above 52% (Exceptions can be made) - Be active on discord (at least 3 days a week) - That have a competitive mindset/drive - Speak English (of course) and have a mic/headset - Have at least 3 tier X ships - are 19+ years old For questions and stuff, you can contact me or any other officer/recruiter (Noroblade, Ultra_Bacon, Bad_Moon, Salbogus, Zen71_sniper, McNeto, ), ingame or via this discord! Feel free to ask any questions :) Our discord is: https://discord.gg/wkAhgZz We hope to seen you soon!
  3. BAD-Armada, are actively recruiting for World of Warships, we are a UK based 'mature' group consisting of 3 clan blocks, BAD-A, BAD-F and BAD-B. Any players, age 21+ who wish to join a fun, English speaking (though multinational) community, of over 100players, come to our Discord https://discord.gg/TYV225W it is a vibrant friendly place to find like minded friends to play with. We DO NOT look at your 'Stats' or what ships you have, our group is a family and we are all friends FIRST and FOREMOST, all are welcome no matter your Nationality or background. As long as you can communicate in English, are looking for like minded people to play this game with and have a great sense of humour, then you will be welcomed! Oh, and did we say that a sense of humour is a MUST ! We currently have around 100+ members in warships, all active from a variety of countries, here a some of them -----> England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Bulgaria and Croatia. We also have several Americans and a couple of South Africans and an Australian... (but we forgive them as they live in Europe now Just an update... after a full clan meeting we now have several simple stipulations for membership of this fine community of over 100 players..... BAD-A 50 Slots (Wish it was 100) BAD-F 40 Slots (Close to 50) BAD-B 30 Slots (Close to 40) 1) Be over 21 2)Speak Engrish 3)Come onto Discord https://discord.gg/TYV225W 4)Have a sense of Humour and an ability to have a laugh. 6) If you are wishing to take part in Clan Battles then you will need to give a Field Commander an idea of your availability! So come on join the friendliest, and one of the oldest English speaking communities in the game ! What are you waiting for ! friendly × comm Feel free to drop into our Discord https://discord.gg/TYV225W and have a chat with the guys, speak to a recruiter or just give us a trial ! Youtube channel including Live Streams and replays: http://www.playwarships.co.uk Google+ Page for BAD-Armada: https://plus.google.com/110587119212500320861/posts Discord details: https://discord.gg/TYV225W We look forward to welcoming you aboard the good ship Armada !!
  4. MIRAI The Future of Warships wants YOU! We are a clan where members enjoy watching animes and playing together, we take part in Clan Battles and other tournaments with the determination to win while having fun! What we offer Diverse community from all around Europe Activity in clan wars (Typhoon league) Excellent teams and a decent player base Motivated staff Improvement as a team player Rewards for members with good performance Special events, tournaments Requirements Winrate in excess of 54% overall and 56% recent At least 1300 overall and 1500 recent Personal Rating for the main class(es) CA, DD, BB or CV Age 18+ (exceptions can be made when the player is mature enough) Statistics visible Having a microphone to participate in voice chat during Clan Battles is required Having a basic knowledge of the English language is a must, please refrain using any other language Ships you feel comfortable playing and are a valid choice for T8 and T10 clan battles Captains with decent skill setup (don’t worry, we got senpais to help you with this) If you are interested please contact: @Fogas21 @Peace_Of_Cake @Yuudachi_BestGirl or any of our recruiters on the discord server Click Discord chan to get an invite to the server https://discord.gg/7K8Wruy
  5. An interesting watch. I'm subbed to this channel, it has some very interesting historical content as a whole.
  6. [ICI] The Institute for Casual International Gamers Who are we? The Institute for Casual International Gamers (or ICI Gamers for short) is a multi-gaming community founded by a few friends several years back. We are looking for (active) players to fill our ranks and, at first, are looking to grow to a stable 10-15 member crew to start actively participating in Clan Battles. Furthermore it is important to note, once again, that we are multi-gaming community and that not all of our members play World of Warships.The only sort of "requirement" we have is that people come on Discord when they are playing games . If a member hasn't come onto Discord and has been inactive in-game for a period of 60 days we will kick him/her. What are we about? The thing about ICI Gamers is that we are definitely defined as a "fun" community as is. This doesn't mean that we don't want to do some of the more serious things like Clan Battles but we emphasize fun and just fun banter/chatting. The chatting part for us is more important than the actual activity in-game. We understand people might have a wife/kids/school/other obligations that prevent them from gaming 24/7 so this is definitely not a requirement. Having said that we like to get to know our members in somewhat more detail and we believe that talking to one another over voice comms like Discord is the way to go. In order to join us there are a few minimal requirements/things to note such as: *We use Discord (click here to join) *Captains must have a minimum overall WR of around 48% or higher (and be showing signs of wanting to improve) *Captains must have at least one Tier VI non-premium ship *Captains must be willing to use Discord when they want to division. Let's face it; The game is more fun when talking to your teammates instead of having a silent potato team. *Be polite/respectful towards other players within and, more importantly, outside our community. *You must be born before 31/12/1999 to join us *Preferably based in either GMT/GMT+1/GMT+2 timezone. Member capacity: 31/35 (NOTE: We are looking for active VOICE members!) What can we offer? Something that we don't lack is humor and a bit of light name calling. As we prioritize having fun (regardless of the game we play) we do like to laugh and just joke around often. There are definitely a few more "serious" gamers among us that like to let their rage blood pump high but this is generally only of short time. As stated earlier we are a multi-gaming community so we most of our members also play other games besides World of Warships (even though this game is the main focus for a few of us). In-game in World of Warships we currently offer the clan bonuses listed below. Current Clan Bonuses: Streamers in ICI Gamers: BDubzZz86's Twitch Stream Our hours of operations: When are we online? Well the most active periods on Discord are: Sunday - Thursday: 19:00 - 23:00 GMT+1 We're also, generally, online in the weekend but these times vary due to real life obligations (which is fine) So have you read all this and are still interested in joining? Feel free to drop a message here in this topic or send either me (BDubzZz86) or Linkaex a DM here on the forums! LAST UPDATE: 19-01-2018