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Found 1 result

  1. del550355701

    Trade Damage for Concealment on IJN Torps?

    So, first off: I am fully aware that you WG balance your game for Random Battles. The result is the concealment of the IJN Torps (I knwo there are more things but I want to ask something about the IJN Torps here). And this concealment is... garbage. Period! There are enough threads on the forum where you can see that BBs have the least problems with IJN Torps. Therefor these (supposed to be) Torpboats are a pain to play for many people. Because... the hit ratio with IJN torps, the main weapon of IJN DDs are... at least inconsistent! So, I wonder if I can trade away some of the damage from the IJN Torps and in return get better concealment for them? Lets say... Shimakaze Torps down from 21k+ damage to 17k damage and in return a concealment of 1,2 km??? It would make the players of IJN DDs, at least me, happy if I can hit more often and not feel like a burden for my team. On the other side other ships would take less damage per torpedo, so they wouldnt die a sudden death (as you stated yourself WG that your playerbase hates sudden deaths). Any chance for that? Greetings, Alice, Monster Lord