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Found 5 results

  1. ganz früher ging das mal, dass es extra Stimmen für die panasiatischen Schiffe gab - aber seit mehreren Updates sprechen die nur noch Deutsch ... (ich nutze die Einstellung National+ für die Stimmen) ist mir klar, dass das für WG nicht die höchste Priorität hat, aber kommt das irgendwann mal wieder? (vor allem, weils ja schon mal GING)
  2. asunaru

    national voices bug

    hello there. i have put "national language" in audio setting to have voices in accordance whit the ship. everything running great, when i take japanese ship, i have japanese voices ; when in take german ship, i have german voice ... BUT, when i take a special captain ( or special ship WHIT special captain ), i have the "normal" voice. ex : when i take ARP takao ( whit takao captain ) or a normal amagi WHIT iona captain, i have normal japanese voices. not the captain voice. is this a bug or setting problem? thanks!
  3. Aradel12

    Arp Voices troubles. bug?

    I have noticed recently when trying to change the voice overs that most of the art voices had been removed for me. The only one not removed was the Kongo voice but i think that is because that is the only arp ship I actually have, but it I know that I defiantly had the ability to have all the possible voices which I thought we could now use since the arp event was over. But now they are removed for me so is there anyway to get them back? they must be in the files somewhere but I have no idea what to do with that stuff.
  4. Hi WG, I was wondering if you are going to implement a wider range of crew voices. At the moment, the battle feedback given by our loyal crew is, in my opinion, lackluster. In real life, the captain would usually be receiving reports from all over the ship constantly, while under fire. What part of the ship got hit, what is the range to the targeted enemy, specifications of said enemy etc. Now, I don't suggest that you turn it into one big mess when taking hits, but a more human-like reaction when a 210mm HE shell hits your small destroyer could add so much more feeling, and perhaps make you think twice about placing yourself in danger like that. There are bound to be people (and I have already seen posts where players are asking for NO voices at all) that are not going to be optimistic about this, so maybe a setting that tunes the amount of feedback? No being nothing, default the amount we currently have, and High a suitable amount of chaos. Please post any phrases or general triggers that you want to see in this post as well!
  5. tadaMonika

    Arpeggio Voices

    Hey guys, I don't really know where to post this, so I am posting this here now, f*** it. Maybe I am just really dumb, but I recently reinstalled WoWs, because I did a clean Windows installation and I just cannot select the Arpeggio voiceovers for my ships anymore. I last played on 0.5.12 and I could choose between Kirishima (Iona), Hiei, Ashigara, etc... But now, I can choose "Arpeggio" and it does not do anything whatsoever. Even with my Arpeggio ships I got the standard voice. I am really confused. Did they patch out the feature, or am I just really dumb? Thanks in advance^^'