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Found 10 results

  1. CountyKGamer

    Spamming of Commands

    Can something be done about the constant spamming of the F_key voice commands. Just been in a game where one arsehole just kept his finger on 'well done commander' all game and it drove everyone mad. Surely there must be some way to limit the repeat of commands and maybe to temp ban people who abuse the system automatically. Have had it in a few games now and it is totally ruining the experience of playing the game. For reference the user in question was :- furzkopf**
  2. CaptainNorse

    Dynamic voice setup

    Searched a bit on the forums, but could not find any similar suggestions. Am I the only one that would want wargaming to include an option for the game voice to match the nationality of the ship, when possible. Sailing a japanese destroyer, have voice messages in japanese. Switch to a german cruiser, get german voice messages. Would add to the immersion and the feel of the game, for my part at least.
  3. Edit: Sehe hier: Projekt "HELP ME" - Spieler helfen Spielern stellt sich vor
  4. thunder3oo

    ARP ships

    While I enjoyed the part of the game which has a purpose - by completing the missions for ARP Kongo and ARP Myoko (simple gameplay becomes boring after a while), I do not enjoy pink and high pitch voices. It seems that most of the time Wargaming is doing its job - is when is pushed from behind. I guess it's hard for WG to realize that most gamers are males, even more than that - many of them are +18. ... and I like to believe that even young, boys are boys and men are men, not sissy girls. Pink is a color for little kids or girls. More appropiate colors for male participants in this game who use ARP ships - could be blood red, royal blue, glowing blue, green or even white; all being colors that can be found abundantly in anime movies. But no, WG decided that pink should be the default color for ARP ships. Pink? W.T.F.? Really, now? So... we fought, we got the ships. Now what? I'm sure very few understand what is that high-pitched female voice saying... in japanese. Not only is an annoying kid voice, it's in japanese, too (a beautiful language... when is spoked by men, btw). Well, since WG put accent in one of its articles on hearing the sounds (torps, announcements, etc)... clearly we can't use them while they are in japanese. Most army people (in special smokers and guners) have hoarsed voices, not that... "I don't know what candy I want to eat next" voice. Speaking of army people, some anime characters (if i remember correctly) have hoarsed voices as well. Here's your inspiration, WG! Ok, WoW's is an arcade game, but... covering only a specific layer of players? Come on, Wargaming, you can do better than that. Put your people at work and hire some real men with real balls to get the voices done. How do you people say? "Action stations!"
  5. wolfreq

    Ingame voice?

    People are slow to answer ingame text chat, how about adding a voIP style chat as well? Similar to cs:go.
  6. Pues eso compañeros foreros, me gustaría hacerme un pack de voces personalizada a mi gusto, pero tengo entendido por parte de este foro : http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/215375-creating-my-own-world-of-tanks-voice-pack-mod/ que con el FMOD designed se puede hacer...pero... no me "fio" de un vídeo explicativo que tiene como último comentario que no sirve por el tema del cambio de sistema de archivos. No tengo problema alguno en coger e ir traduciendo paso por paso.A modo de ayudar, con algún link, estaría agradecido, aunque esté en inglés, pero que funcione y venga explicado. Saludos y Gracias de Antemano. La principal duda reside en lo denominado music template 0.9.2 , en si será o no compatible con wows o si el "susodicho sistema nuevo" lo podrá reconocer. PD: hablo desde el total desconocimiento.
  7. Nishizumi77

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    "-Added an option for selecting the Arpeggio voiceovers to be used throughout the entire game" So 0.5.8 patch brought this feature and I looked forward to it, it's a very good idea, I don't have to download voice mod to do this. But when I went to options to set I noticed only a few voices are selectable. Some already released older voices are missing like Iona, Kirishima and I noticed that this patch included all the arpeggio character sounds wich missed and even for upcoming future characters too: My question to WG is: What is the concept behind the currently selectable few ships, why only they are available and not the others too? Will they be added later? Funny because those voices are not available in the options what I'd like to use: Iona, Haguro, Ashigara Well at least Haruna is there. Anyway good job adding all these new voices for arp ships which didn't have their own voice until now
  8. desTeufelsAdmiral

    0.6.3 Kein Voice Chat möglich

    Hallo Community, ich vermag mein Voicechat nicht aktivieren. Vor dem update konnte mann mittels drücken auf "V" den voicechat aktivieren. Das geht nun nicht mehr obwohl es laut Einstellungsmenue funzen sollte. Es ist als ob die V Taste defekt wäre ;-) sie geht aber
  9. The accent is so far off the mark that you start to think it could be a sophisticated joke but, it turns out it is how other countries think we Brits speak. WG obviously used the same guy that voice-overs the Pirate accent, Big Fail! WG, please change this accent you call British, get a British actor to do the voice, Damn, even I will do it for you (FREE).
  10. Bonjour, J'ouvre un sujet dans cette section, suite à d'autres discussions : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/47607-extraction-du-capitaine/page__pid__980701#entry980701 http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/48295-arp-girls-voices/ Il semblerai que la plupart des voix pour les divers capitaines de la flotte Arpeggio soient en fait les mêmes. J'ai extrait plusieurs fichiers au hasard avec ww2ogg et revorb, pour les avoir en *.ogg et les lire avec un lecteur externe (winamp en l'occurence). Or, il se trouve que Haguro, Hiei, Iona, Kongou et Myoko utilisent toutes la même voix, celle de Iona. Haruna a sa voix correcte. Kirishima_Bear a sa voix correcte également. Kirishima , je n'ai pas vérifié. Il faudrait donc vérifier tous les fichiers audio et remettre de l'ordre dans tout ça (Entendre Kongou avec la voix de Iona, c'est vraiment ridicule xD)