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Found 4 results

  1. Subotex

    Player's profile visual update

    Hello I was wondering if theres ever gonna be some visual update for players profile section. Its all kind off bunched up and boring. Think it could use some changes and reorganization, maybe adding all those achivs to ships instead only showing the last one who got it. Maybe some big visual change, whatever. Would like to hear your comments.
  2. Take a break from menial mental tasks. An old .gif of artillery firing, maybe useful someday for the improvement of WoWs. Most likely in visuals section. If anyone else has anything, anything related to graphics, visuals, effects, immersion, UI, and atmosphere, from technical links of WG's patented method of skyline rendering, or just youtube videos of juicy naval movie snippets, I'd be humbled if they would care to share it in here for us all to browse and immerse at our leisure, or more seriously, peruse ways to use it for the continued benefit and improvement of WoWs. Reposts or links to other threads welcome. Precise screenshots of other games' effects welcome. Drawn and animated .gifs of naval scenery welcome. Shipgirl .gif animated snippets tolerated. This thread, if successful, can serve as a repository for reference and representation of player expectations. (I couldn't find a ready thread dedicated to this aspect of the game yet. Might be my fault, but one has always wished forums to have more functionality.)
  3. Kyone_Akashi

    HSF Harekaze - nation flag on wrong camo

    I recently noticed that the "bare" appearance of the Harekaze features the anime's Yokosuka school emblem in place of a Nation Flag, persisting when one mounts the free Type 10 or any of the normal camos. The "anime" camo, however, has no Nation Flag at all. Wouldn't it make sense to give the Y467 camo the school's flag, and the default/historical appearance the flag of Japan, like with other IJN ships? Alternatively, I'm sure people would not mind if the anime camo would feature the Blue Mermaids flag, too. It is already in the game files as a free commemorative flag (so far only available in the Asia region, sadly) and this organization is, in a way, a good representation of the HSF's "nation".
  4. The_TrashMan

    Impressions, suggestions

    So far so good. Thoughts on a few visual things: 1) ships sink way too fast 2) ships sink even in shallow water or when they run on ground 3) A single aircraft representing a wing is visually unimpressive 4) The "pressure denting the water" effect for the big guns should be added.