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Found 6 results

  1. Wachsamkeit: Vergrößert die Erfassungsreichweite der Torpedos, inklusive der Zeit, zu der das Verbrauchsmaterial "Hydroakustische Suche" aktiv ist. Das Wachsamkeit die Erfassungsreichweite der Torpedos erhöht - soweit so gut. "inklusive der Zeit, zu der das Verbrauchsmaterial "Hydroakustische Suche" aktiv ist." Übersetzungsproblem oder versteh ich das richtig, dass die Hydroakustische Suche um 25% zeitlich verlängert wird!??? Könnte ich testen für Dublonen, aber vielleicht weiß das ja jemand oder hat den Skill irgendwo in Benutzung und könnte das mal bitte überprüfen. Wäre höchst interessant, wenn die Hydroakustisch Suche zusätzlich zur Erfassungsreichweite verlängert würde!?
  2. marc_be

    Vigilance don't work

    Dear members,i have i question about commander skill vigilance.Normal you have +25% of torprange,but if i started the vigilance on my mutsuki and fubuki my torprange stay on 10km just like it was before i started the vigilance. is this commanderskill not working on DD's or japonese DD's? Or is here someone who have the same problem and know how to fix it? Many thanks.
  3. NO1Z3TR4UMA

    [Question] Omaha crew skill(s)

    Hey Fellow WoW Captains, Let's introduce myself a little bit (yeeeey my first topic on WoW), first i took a long brake from Warships (was playing more tanks and some other games), second after not playing 1 year and half maybe longer or maybe less i thought i would suck when playing again (1 week so far) but actually i had pretty good games on my Omaha so far anyway let' get to the point and explain my question. I've read (most posts were from 2016 or older) that allot of ppl use "Vigilance" skill for the 3th skill for Omaha tier 5 American cruiser. Personal i have a double feeling about that skill coz i rarely use my torpedoes and 25% bigger range its about 1 km more range if i didnt calculated wrong. Most of the time i'm lowest tier, if a tier 6- 7 comes closer i try to keep them on my maximum gun distance so i dont use torpedoes in this situation. When playing this game for 1 week, i used my torpedoes twice i know it's not allot but what do you think i should do? What is your opinion about the 3th skill on Omaha? Pls explain why, vigilance or..... ? Thanks in advance and big love on the forums but destruction in the water! *edit* You can always say what skills your captain have with a small explanation if you want :)
  4. According to the wiki Vigilance is suppose to stack with sonar. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Hydroacoustic_Search_Data I took it on my Kurfurst captain but I still got the 4.02km detection range of torpedoes according to the consumable. I dont know if the game is wrong or the wiki. Anyone know whats true?
  5. Hi all, Do you use "Vigilance" Captain skill on your ships? I used to use it much more months (actually 1+ year ago) ago but now I find myself very rarely using it on my ships... the general map / threat awareness simply made it "obsolete"... Leo "Apollo11"
  6. commander Vigilance skill reads as "adding 20% to torpedo acquisition range". beforehand it was adding to actual torpedo travelling distance, what does it do now? i have checked with a friend, torpedoes go as if the skill is not active. tested on different ships.