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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Captains!! I create this post to present Pirates Army Youtube Channel in which you will find World of Warships videos and content related. I have been playing for two years and the Channel is not new, but I have been reading you and posting in the Spanish Community as Spanish CC. More than 200 videos with Gameplays in which I show how I play with all kind of ships, Streams for new ships (Premium or Tech Tree) and Events/Contest in which we let players get some kind of prizes, from Premium Accounts, Slots or Premium Ships for example. I try to do with the max quality I can to offer you the best experience, playing in 4K and recording in WQHD/2k/1440p Let me show any of the last videos, I hope you enjoy and thanks for your time. Youtube Channel Link - Pirates Army Youtube Channel Good Luck, Fair Winds and Following Seas Captains , I am sure we will see if still didn't.
  2. PSlack83

    Midshipman Slack Youtube

    Hello i have had a few foray into creating world of warships videos, Enjoy. My channel link is below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL1v2BFNwwQyfam1eebgZwQ?view_as=new Enjoy, lets start with Combined Arms. Any tips on improving i will gladly accept.
  3. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    Hello and welcome to my YouTube channel. My name is Ion_666, and I've been with World of Warships since the open beta, but only on YouTube since October 2018 (Ion_666). The channel was started as a way to keep old replays of games I for whatever reason enjoyed. In addition to the actual gameplay I talk about what I was thinking during the game, why I am doing certain things and potential mistakes from myself or other players in the game. I also feature games from other players (mostly from my clan, OFFS, but I'm open to showcase good games from any player). To learn more about our clan, please visit the recruitment page. Hopefully one day I'll become a CC (please help me with that?), but for now my aim is to both entertain and educate, so head on over, watch some good games and say hi if you see me in game. --- I'll start this off by posting a CW game we had against CR33D, who help us demonstrate an important lesson, that you should never assume.
  4. Hello I am thomaswp2706 or AssasinCreeper5 in game and i have recently started up my channel. I mostly focus on YTP and World of Warships content with the occasional dip into other games. I mostly do meme videos like with my World of Randomness series and YTP’s and i do occasionally livestream. I am always striving to improve my content in anyway how. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day and i will hopefully see you around. My latest video hope you like :)